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Buy-In: $5,000 + $180
Prize Pool: $868,150
Entrants: 179

No-Limit Hold'em Event 13

  • Apr 15, '08


Updates on Day 2 (Apr 16, 08)


Michael Binger Wins Event No. 13

Michael BingerBruno Fitoussi is all in with 44 against Michael Binger's 75. The board comes A1055J and Binger's pair of fives is enough to give him the title and $337,220.

Bruno FitoussiFitoussi finishes in second earnining $185,385.










Michael Binger Doubles, Bruno Fitoussi Crippled

On a flop of A76, Bruno Fitoussi bets 100,000 and Michael Binger moves all in. Fitoussi instantly calls, showing 76 and Binger turns over A2.

Of course, the 2 hits the turn, giving the lead to Binger. The river is the 10 and Binger takes a commanding lead, leaving Fitoussi with just 60,000.


On the very next hand, Fitoussi doubles up when his 9-4 offsuit makes a pair of nines against Binger's pocket fives.


What Is Going On Here?

After chipping down, Bruno Fitoussi is all in with K10 against the K2. Binger has the chip lead and will take it down if he can suck out. Fitoussi is hoping his hand holds to square things back up once again.

The flop comes K76 and changes nothing. But the 2 on the turn sends a shock wave through not only Binger and Fitoussi, but also the fans still watching from the rail. 

We are just one safe card away from going home here folks.... but the river is the 7. Fitoussi counterfeits Binger's two pair and both players are even once again.



In a bold effort to further shatter my hopes and dreams, both players have agreed to an impromptu break.


Absolutely Nothing Going On

I wish I had something to report, but I don't. We're still at the same point we were two hours ago. Both players are pretty much square.


Bruno Fitoussi Doubles Up

Bruno Fitoussi doubles up with the the nut flush.

Bruno Fitoussi - 590,000

Michael Binger - 1,200,000


Michael Binger Doubles Up on the River

On a flop of K96, Bruno Fitoussi bets 100,000 and Michael Binger raises all in for his last 600,000. Fitoussi calls, showing KQ but is up against a strong draw from Binger of J10.

The turn is a blank, bringing the 6, but the river is the 7 giving the pot and the chip lead to Binger.


Fitoussi Squares It Up

On the river, Fitoussi fires in a bet of 200,000 and Michael Binger makes the call. Fitoussi turns over K-3 which made trip threes on the turn and Binger frustratedly ships over two stacks to Fitoussi.

After the hand, both players are virtually even in chips. Each sitting on around 880,000.


Blinds Up

Play continues without a break.  Blinds are now up to 15,000-30,000 with a 5,000 ante.


Binger Takes The Lead

Michael Binger has slowly regained control of this match and now holds a 2-1 chip lead.

Michael Binger - 1,250,000

Bruno Fitoussi - 540,000

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