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Buy-In: $0
Prize Pool: $200,000
Entrants: 315

No-Limit Hold'em Invitational

  • Feb 21, '06 - Feb 24, '06


Updates on Final Day (Feb 24, 06)


Barry Greenstein Wins the WPT Invitational ($100,000)

Barry Greenstein raises to $90,000 from the button. Blair Rodman moves all in and Greenstein calls immediately. Rodman shows Ac-10c but Greenstein flips over As-Kc and Rodman will need help. The flop comes Ks-10s-7h and both player flop a pair. The turn is the 4s and the river is the 2h.

Barry Greenstein wins the WPT L.A. Poker Classic Invitational and a $25,000 entry into the WPT Championship.

Blair Rodman finishes in 2nd place for $50,000.

Trading Blinds and Antes

The last few hands, Blair Rodman and Barry Greenstein have just been trading the blinds and antes back and forth.

Updated Chip Counts

The updated counts were just announced by Linda Johnson:

Barry Greenstein $2,000,000 1 1
Blair Rodman $900,000 1 2

Two Pots for Each Player

After the first four hands of heads up play, both Blair Rodman and Barry Greenstein have each won two pots.


Money Presentation

The money presentation is complete and heads up play is starting.

Chip Counts

The chip counts going into heads up play are:

Barry Greenstein $2,168,000 1 1
Blair Rodman $1,002,000 1 2

Quick Break

There is a quick break while tournament officials prepare for the money presentation.

Allen Kessler Eliminated 3rd ($20,000)

Allen Kessler has the button and raises to $105,000. Barry Greenstein reraises to $550,000. Rodman folds and Kessler calls all in for his last $413,000. Greenstein shows Jh-Jd and Kessler flips over Ah-7h. The flop comes Ks-Qs-Js and again Greenstein has flopped a set. The turn is the 7c and Kessler needs a ten on the river to stay alive. The river is the 6s and Allen Kessler has been eliminated.

Jesse Jones Eliminated 4th ($15,000)

Blair Rodman has the button and Barry Greenstein raises to $90,000. Jesse Jones moves all in and Greenstein immediately calls. Greenstein shows 9h-9d and Jones flips over Qc-Jh. The board bomes 10d-9s-2h and Jones has an open ended straight but Greenstein has flopped a set. The turn is the Kd giving Jones his straight and Greenstein now needs the board to pair.

However, the river brings the case nine, giving Greenstein quads. Jesse Jones has been eliminated from the tournament.

Blind Increase

The blinds have been increased to $15,000-$30,000 with a $3,000 ante.
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