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Buy-In: $40,000

Poker Bowl Finale

  • Oct 23, '07


Updates on Day 1 (Oct 23, 07)


Team Cincinnati Wins the US Poker Bowl ($600,000)

On the first hand of heads up play Vinny Napolitano open shoves with AK. Allen Kessler looks at KJ and says, "I have to call." The board runs AA8J8 shipping Napolitano the pot, the tournament and his team $600,000. Allen Kessler finishes in second place, and collects $100,000 for team St. Louis.

Heads Up

We are down to heads up play here are the players and their approximate chip counts:
Vinny Napolitano, Cincinnati — $225,000
Allen Kessler, St. Louis — $85,000

Play will resume shortly.

Scotty Nguyen Eliminated 3rd ($100,000)

A short stacked Scotty Nguyen moves all in with 63 and is called by Vinny Napolitano with A7. The board runs 98769, Napolitano's hand holds eliminating Nguyen and team Detroit.

John Kim Eliminated 4th ($100,000)

John Kim moves all in for $43,000 with 44, and is called by Vinny Napolitano with A6. One of team Cincinnati's members yells, "We haven't seen the ace of diamonds on the flop for a long time, right here baby!" Team Cincinnati's calls were answered when the door card was the A, and the rest of the board fell 85A5. Kim is eliminated in fourth place, netting $100,000 for team St. Louis. Allen Kessler is still alive for St. Louis as we enter three handed play.

Vinny Napolitano Doubles

Napolitano moves all in with 99 and is called by Scotty Nguyen with 55. The board runs 107389 and Napolitano doubles.

Rick Fuller Eliminated 5th ($100,000)

Scotty Nguyen moves all in in front of his short stacked teammate, Rick Fuller. Fuller gets his chips in against Nguyen with 103, while Nguyen tables AQ. Nguyen is openly rooting for his teammate, happy to provide him with a chance to more then triple up. The board comes 1073K2, eliminating Fuller but keeping the chips within the team. Team Detroit banks $100,000 for the elimination, and now has its hopes resting on the shoulders of one of the best players in the game.

Teams Remaining

Team Detroit still has 2 representitives, Scotty Nguyen and Rick Fuller. Team St. Louis also has 2 players remaining, Jon Kim and Allen Kessler. Vinny Napolitano is the remaining player from team Cincinnati.

Brandon Adams Eliminated 6th

Brandon Adams moves all in with Q9 and is called by Scotty Nguyen with K10. The board runs 864J4, Adams doesn't improve and is eliminated. This also eliminates team Hollywood from the tournament, and bursts the money bubble. The next 4 players eliminated will receive $100,000 and the winner $600,000.

Joe Hill Eliminated 7th

Joe Hill moves all in for $36,000 and is called by Rick Fuller with his last $25,700. Hill tables KK, and has Fuller's A10 in a bad spot. Things change quickly when the board runs A43JA, and Fuller doubles, crippling Hill. He is eliminated shortly thereafter.


Players are on a 10 minute break.
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