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Buy-In: $1,820 + $180
Prize Pool: $1,101,100
Entrants: 605

Event 38 - Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 20, '08 - Jun 22, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 22, 08)


$2,000 PLH Final Table - Davidi Kitai Wins Event No. 38

Davidi KitaiDavidi Kitai Wins Event No. 38 ($244,546)

It took a long four hours of heads up play before a champion could be crowned, but finally, on the 287th hand of play, Chris Bell committed his last four big blinds with AJ against Davidi Kitai's AQ. The board came ten-high, and Kitai won event no. 38, $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em.

Chris Bell finished in second place, earning $155,806 for his runner-up effort.





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$2,000 PLH Final Table - Break Time

David Kitai Takes the Lead

Without playing a single big pot or an all in confrontation, David Kitai has taken the lead by having the majority of nearly 90 small ball hands go his way. As a result, the players have swapped their chip counts and Kitai has nearly a 2-1 chip lead.

NOTE: The players then took a 20-minute break.


$2,000 PLH Final Table - Heads Up Play Begins

Blinds: 12,000/24,000

Chip Leaders:

Chris Bell – 1,425,000
David Kitai - 1,000,000

Eliminations: Jan Von Halle (4th Place), Keith Greer (3th Place)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Jan Von HalleJan Von Halle Eliminated in Fourth Place ($77,077)

David Kitai raised to 75,000 on the button and Jan Von Halle called in the big blind. The flop came A76 and both players checked. The turn was the Q and Von Halle bet the pot. Kitai put him all in and Von Halle made the call with A10. Kitai showed A4 and the river was the 8 eliminating Von Halle in fourth place.

Keith GreerKeith Greer Eliminated in Third Place ($94,695)

Chris Bell raised to 80,000 and Keith Greer raised the pot. Bell thought it over and moved all in, having Greer covered. Greer made the call with JJ, but was crushed by Bell's QQ. The board ran out K9833 and Greer was eliminated in third place.

Heads Up Begins After a Brief Break

Chris Bell - 1,425,000
David Kitai - 1,000,000

Player Tags: Chris Bell,   Von Halle,   Keith Greer

$2,000 PLH Final Table - Three More Down

Blinds: 10,000/20,000

Chip Leaders:

Jan Von Halle – 420,000
Chris Bell – 730,000
Keith Greer – 620,000
David Kitai - 680,000

Eliminations: Ayaz Mahmood (7th Place), Robert Cheung (6th Place), Lee Watkinson (5th Place)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Ayaz Mahmood Eliminated in Seventh Place ($39,089)

On a flop of QJ3, Ayaz Mahmood moved all in for his last 69,000. Chris Bell called, and showed Q-4 for top pair. Mahmood could only produce J-9, and when the turn and river bricked out, he was sent home in seventh place.

Robert CheungRobert Cheung Eliminated in Sixth Place ($50,100)

Chris Bell raised to 60,000 and Robert Cheung reraised the pot to 210,000. Bell thought it over, and then put Cheung all in for his last 39,000. Cheung showed 99 and Bell was racing with AK. The board came Q7510J and Bell rivered a Broadway straight to send Cheung to the rail in sixth place.

Lee WatkinsonLee Watkinson Eliminated in Fifth Place ($63,313)

Lee Watkinson and Chris Bell got it all in preflop. Watkinson held A4 but was dominated by Bell's A6. The board came QJ829 to give Bell the nut flush and Watkinson was eliminated in fifth place.







$2,000 PLH Final Table - Two Gone

Blinds: 8,000/16,000

Chip Leaders:

Jan Von Halle – 585,000
Chris Bell – 434,000
Robert Cheung – 409,000
Ayaz Mahmood – 299,000
Lee Watkinson – 283,000
Keith Greer – 405,000
David Kitai - 206,000

Eliminations: Michael Greco (9th Place), Ben Roberts (8th Place)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Ben Roberts Doubles Up

Short stacked and desperate, Ben Roberts got his last 34,000 in against Michael Greco in the big blind. Roberts revealed A8 and was up against Greco's 42. The board ran out AJQ58 and Roberts was given new life.

Michael GrecoMichael Greco Eliminated in Ninth Place ($22,573)

Michael Greco raised to 40,000 and Chris Bell reraised to 100,000. It was folded back around to Greco who moved all in and Bell quickly called. Greco showed pocket kings and Bell predictably turned over pocket aces. The board came 1075108 and Greco was eliminated in ninth place.

Ben Roberts Eliminated in Eighth Place ($30,831)

Robert Cheung raised to 39,000 and Ben Roberts moved all in for his last 52,000. Cheung called with KJ and needed to hit against Roberts and his pocket sevens. The board came 855J2 and Roberts was sent home in eighth place.

Keith Greer Doubles Up

Keith Greer raised to 56,000 and Chris Bell made the call. The flop came 852 and Greer checked. Bell bet enough to put him all in and Greer instantly called with pocket aces. Bell could only produce pocket jacks, and the board failed to produce any miracle two-outers. Greer doubled up to over 400,000.


$2,000 PLH Final Table

After a nearly 30-minute delay, the $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em event final table has finally begun. Shuffle up and deal.


$2,000 PLH Final Table

We're just 15 minutes away from the start of the $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em final table.

Here are the chip counts and seating assignments heading into the action:

Seat 1: David Kitai - 274,000
Seat 2: Ben Roberts - 82,000
Seat 3: Ayaz Mahmood - 314,000
Seat 4: Michael Greco - 120,000
Seat 5: Chris Bell - 260,000
Seat 6: Jan Von Halle - 485,000
Seat 7: Robert Cheung - 352,000
Seat 8: Keith Greer - 238,000
Seat 9: Lee Watkinson - 357,000

Stay tuned to Card Player as we bring you all the action, updates, chip counts and photos from the floor of the Amazon Room here at the Rio.

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