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Buy-In: $9,400 + $600
Prize Pool: $2,209,000
Entrants: 235

Event 37 - World Championship Omaha High-Low Split 8 or Better

  • Jun 19, '08 - Jun 21, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 21, 08)


David Benyamine Wins Event No. 37 ($535,687)

Toto LeonidasToto Leonidas Eliminated in 4th place ($171,197)

After Jason Gray doubled through Toto Leonidas the hand before, Leonidas found himself all in for 40,000 in the big blind. He was called by both David Benyamine and Jason Gray. Gray and Benyamine checked down the river where Gray fired out a bet and Benyamine called. Gray mucked his hand.

Leonidas: AJ52
Benyamine: K975
Board: KQ6109

Benyamine turned over the king-high flush, taking both the side and main pots, and eliminating Tot Leonidas in 4th place ($71,792).

Jason Gray Eliminated in 3rd Place ($209,855)Jason Gray

Action folded around to Jason Gray who raised from the button, David Benyamine made the call out of the small blind. The flop came KJ8, and Benyamine bet out (enough to put Gray all in), Gray called all in.

Benyamine: J10109
Gray: AQ32

Benyamine had the best hand going to the turn with a pair of jacks, an open-ended straight draw, and the nut straight redraw. Gray flopped the nut flush draw and a gut-shot nut straight draw. The turn was the 2, no help to either player and the J hit the river, giving Benyamine trip jacks. With no low hand possible, Benyamine scooped the pot, eliminating Jason Gray in 3rd place ($209,855).

And Then There Were Two...

Here is a look at the chip counts going into heads-up play.

David Benyamine: 3,665,000
Greg Jamison: 1,035,000

David BenyamineDavid Benyamine Wins Event No. 37 ($535,687)

David Benyamine raised from the button and Greg Jamison reraised all in, Benyamine called.

Jamison: KQ62
Benyamine: Q10103
Board: J109J3

Benyamine flopped middle set while Jamison flopped the nut straight to the king. Witht the low hand not even being an issue, Benyamine needed the board to pair which it did when the jack hit the turn. Benyamine made a full house (tens full of jacks) on the turn and Jamison was darwing dead on the river. David Benyamine wins event no. 37 ($535,687) and his first WSOP bracelet while Greg Jamison has to settle for 2nd place and $331,350.


$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Mike Matusow Eliminated in 5th Place ($138,062)

Blinds: 25,000-50,000
Stakes: 50,000-100,000

Players Left: 4

Chip Counts:

David Benyamine: 1,550,000
Jason Gray: 1,450,000
Greg Jamison: 850,000
Toto Leonidas: 600,000


Mike Matusow Eliminated in 5th Place ($138,062) 

Big Hands:

Mike MatusowMike Matusow Eliminated in 5th Place ($138,062) 

After a bit of a rollercoaster ride this past hour, Mike Matusow finally met his demise when he got it all in against Toto Leonidas on a flop of AK8.

Matusow: AQ63
Leonidas: AK76

Matusow flopped top pair with a queen while Leonidas had the best of it with top pair, top kicker. The turn was the J, giving Matusow  a few more outs, but the 8 on the river meant that Mike Matusow was not going to get his second bracelet of this series here tonight. Mike Matusow would have to settle for 5th place and $138,062.

Player Tags: Toto Leonidas,   Mike Matusow

$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - David Chiu 8th, Ram Vaswani 7th, Eugene Katchalov 6th

Blinds: 20,000-40,000
Stakes: 40,000-80,000

Players Left: 5

Chip Counts:
Jason Gray: 1,750,000
Greg Jamison: 1,040,000
David Benyamine: 880,000
Toto Leonidas: 630,000
Mike Matusow: 400,000

David Chiu Eliminated in 8th Place ($71,792)
Ram Vaswani Eliminated in 7th Place ($88,360)
Eugene Katchalov Eliminated in 6th place ($110,450)

Big Hands:

David ChiuDavid Chiu Eliminated in 8th Place ($71,792)

Greg Jamison raised before the flop and a short stacked David Chiu called all in.

Jamison: AKK10
Chiu: 5543
Board: J1078Q

David Chiu really never had a decent shot at winning this pot after the flop. Jamison had the over pair (kings) and on the turn both players picked up a flush draw, Jamison's better. Without a five or a six on the river, Chiu couldn't win the high pot, and a queen meant that he couldn't win the low pot either. David Chiu was eliminated in 8th place, earning $71,792.

Ram Vaswani Eliminated in 7th Place ($88,360)Ram Vaswani

Fresh off of eliminating David Chiu just moments before, Greg Jamison came in for a raise when his soon to be next victim, Ram Vaswani reraised. Jamison threw one more raise in there, enough to put Vaswani all in. Vaswani called and both players turned over their cards.

Jamison: A872
Vaswani: QQ66
Board: A8274

If nothing else, Vaswani techincally had the best hand when the money went in, but an ace on the flop meant that he would be drawing very slim to the river. With no low hand possible, Vaswani needed a queen to hit the board or he would be eliminated. No queen on the turn or river and Ram Vaswani was our 7th place finsisher, earning $88,360 for his efforts.

Eugene Katchalov Eliminated in 6th place ($110,450) Eugene Katchalov

Euegene Katchalov got it all in against Greg Jamison on a flop of 872.

Katchalov: AK92
Jamison: AK52

The turn and river brought bricks, Katchalov and Jamison split the high pot and Jamison locked up the low with A-5. Katchalov got quartered this hand.

The very next hand and Eugene Katchalov got it all in against Jason Gray.

Katchalov: 9876
Gray: AJ32
Board: 643QJ

Katchalov flopped top pair with a gut-shot and an 8-7 low, but the jack on the river gave Gray two pair (high) and a 6-4 low. Gray scooped the pot while Eugene Katchalov was eliminated in 6th place ($110,450).


$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Jason Gray Maintains The Chip Lead

Blinds: 20,000-40,000
Stakes: 40,000-80,000

Players Left: 8

Chip Counts:
Jason Gray: 1,300,000
David Benyamine: 1,000,000
Greg Jamison: 750,000
Toto Leonidas: 600,000
Ram Vaswani: 450,000
Mike Matusow: 300,000
David Chiu: 170,000
Eugene Katchalov: 125,000

Big Hands:

Down But Not Out, The Mike Matusow StoryMike Matusow

In the final hand before the dinner break, Mike Matusow let the table know just how foolish they had been for allowing him to double up to 600,000 in chips, a dangerous amount of firepower for such a worthy adversary. Maybe Matusow didn't consume enough carbs at dinner, because in the last hour or so since the break, Matusow has broken stride and fallen off tremendously. He lost half of his stack early to Eugene Katchalov's full house, bringing him down to about 300,000 in chips.

From there he got involved in what would be a heads-up pot with David Benyamine. Matusow flopped two pair and the nut low, while Benyamine rivered a better two pair and the same low. Ouch! Matusow got quartered and lost more than a third of his remaining stack in that hand, now down to 175,000 in chips.

Just as things seemd to be slipping away from Matusow, he served a nice hot dish of revenge to David Benyamine just a few hands later. In a three-way pot with David Benyamine, David Chiu and himself, Matusow got it all in on the turn, forcing David Chiu out of the pot, leaving him with just 75,000 in chips behind. Benyamine called the all in bet and this time Mike Matusow took his turn quartering David Benyamine out of the pot. After this hand, Benyamine was down to 800,000 in chips, Chiu is left with just 75,000 and Matusow climbed back up to 325,000.

David Chiu Doubles Through Toto LeonidasDavid Chiu

After getting raised out of a big pot with Mike Matusow and David Benyamine, and down to less than 100,000 in chips, a now short stacked David Chiu got it all in against one of the chip leaders, Toto Leonidas.

Chiu: AK108
Leonidas: A983
Board: AQQ63

Chiu started with the best hand, and ended with the best hand, a rare occurance at an Omaha 8/b final table. Chiu flopped top two pair as did Leonidas, Chiu of course haveing the top kicker. With no low hand and bricks on the turn and river, David Chiu's A-K was good enough to take the pot and duble him up to just under 200,000 in chips.


$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Players Return From Dinner

The remaining eight players have just returned from dinner, so be sure to check back with for hourly updates straight from the tournament floor.


$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Tony Ma Eliminated in 9th place ($55,225)

Note: The remaining seven players have just begun a sixty-minute dinner break and will return at roughly 9:00 pm local time to resume play in Level 22 with increased blinds of 15,000-30,000 and stakes of 30,000-60,000.

Stakes: 30,000-60,000

Players Left: 8

Tony Ma Eliminated in 9th Place ($55,225)

Big Hands:

Tony MaTony Ma Eliminated in 9th Place ($55,225)

A severley short stacked Tony Ma got it all in on the turn on a board of 10743. Toto Leonidas looked him up.

Ma: 8543
Leonidas: A982

Ma flopped a flush and Leonidas flopped a better flush. The river was the A and Ma became very excited, thinking that Leonidas' low hand was counterfeited, but it wasn't. Leonidas scooped the pot with a better  high and a better low hand than Tony Ma, who was eliminated in 9th place ($555,225).

Ram Vaswani Triples Up

On a board of Q1053, David benyamine bet out, Ram Vaswani raised, and David Chiu reraised. Banyamine called, Vaswani reraised all in, and both Chiu and Benyamine called to see the river (9). Benyamine and Chiu checked the side pot, and Vaswani turned over K1052 for two pair. Vaswani scooped the pot with the high hand, tripling up to over 500,000 chips after the hand.

Mike Matusow Chips Up

After nearly quadroupling up earlier in the level against David Benyamine, David Chiu and Eugene Katchalov, Matusow then took a bog pot off of Toto Leonidas to bring hom from the short stack all the way up to 350,000. In one of the last few hands before the dinner break, Matusow scooped a big pot off of Benyamine, chipping up to nearly 600,000 and finding some much needed momentum. Matusow kept telling the table not to let him duoble up even once or they'd be sorry. It looks as if Matusow was right.


$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Berry Johnston Eliminated in 10th Place ($38,657)

Blinds: 13,000-25,000
Stakes: 25,000-50,000

Players Left: 9

Chip Counts:
David Benyamine: 1,020,000
David Chiu: 730,000
Toto Leonidas: 720,000
Jason Gray: 590,000
Greg Jamison: 470,000
Eugene Katchalov: 310,000
Tony Ma: 300,000
Mike Matusow: 195,000
Ram Vaswani: 175,000

Berry Johnston Eliminated in 10th Place ($38,657)

Big Hands:

Berry Johnston Eliminated in 10th Place ($38,657)Berry Johnston

Ram Vaswani raised in late position and Berry Johnston called all in for his last 19,000.

Johnston: AKQ8
Vaswani: 4432

Board: 665A3

Vaswani flopped an open-ended straight draw and hit the wheel on the turn. Berry Johnston was drawing slim on the river, failing to improve, and as a result he was eliminated in 10th place ($38,657).

Player Tags: Ram Vaswani,   Berry Johnston

$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Hour Three - Final Table, Finally Set

Stakes: 20,000-40,000

Players Left: 10

Chip Counts:

David Chiu: 840,000
David Benyamine: 660,000
Toto Leonidas: 650,000
Mike Matusow: 490,000
Jason Gray: 440,000
Ram Vaswani: 395,000
Greg Jamison: 320,000
Eugene Katchalov: 315,000
Tony Ma: 240,000
Berry Johnston: 120,000


Danny Dang Eliminated in 13th Place ($33,135)
Chau Giang Eliminated in 12th place ($38,657)
Shun Uchida Eliminated in 11th Place ($ 38,657)

Big Hands:

Chau GiangDanny Dang Eliminated in 13th Place ($33,135)

A short stacked Danny Dang had got it all in on the turn on a board of K324. Mike Matusow made the call and turned over A553 for the wheel before Dang could even turn his cards over. Dang was drawing dead to the river and was eliminated in 13th place, earning $33,135.

Chau Giang Eliminated in 12th Place ($38,657)

Down to his last 70,000 in chips, on a board of AQ96, Chau Giang got it all inon the turn against Toto Leonidas. Giang showed 10542 for a made flush and a low draw while Leonidas turned over AQ87 for a higher flush. The river was the J, no low hand possible, and Chau Giang was eliminated in 12th place, earning $38,657. After this hand, Toto Leonidas took the chip lead with almost 700,000 in chips.

Shun Uchida Eliminated in 11th Place ($38,657)Shun Uchida

Action folded around to Shun Uchida who raised from the button and David Benyamine reraised from the small blind. Uchida reraised again and Benyamine called. The flop came 988, and Benyamine bet enough to put Uchida all in. Uchida called al in and both players turned over their hands.

Benyamine: KK44
Uchida: AQ72

Benyamine had the best of it with a pair of pocket kings and Uchida needed some help. The turn was the 2, giving Uchida both a high and a low draw. The river the 7, giving Uchida three small pairs and no low hand. Benyamine raked the pot and Shun Uchida was eliminated in 11th place, earning $38,657.

Final Table, Finally Set

With the elimination of Shun Uchida in 11th place, the remaining ten players would redraw for their new seats at the final table. Here's how it went...

Seat 1: Tony Ma
Seat 2: Jason Gray
Seat 3: Ram Vaswani
Seat 4: Toto Leonidas
Seat 5: Berry Johnston
Seat 6: David Chiu
Seat 7: Mike Matusow
Seat 8: David Benyamine
Seat 9: Greg Jamison
Seat 10: Eugene Katchalov


$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Hour Two

Blinds: 8,000-15,000
Stakes: 15,000-30,000

Players Left: 13

Chip Leaders:
David Benyamine: 556,000
Toto Leonidas: 525,000
Tony Ma: 510,000
Chau Giang: 450,000
Mike Matusow: 420,000
Jason Gray: 410,000
David Chiu: 340,000
Greg Jamison: 300,000
Ram Vaswani: 270,000
Danny Dang: 260,000

Brent Carter Eliminated in 16th Place ($27,612)
Stuart Patterson Eliminated in 15th Place ($33,135)
Pat Pezzin Eliminated in 14th place ($33,135)

Big Hands:

Brent CarterBrent Carter Eliminated in 16th Place ($27,612)

On a flop of A93, Brent carter got it all in with AQ88 against Jason Gray's 9772. carter had the best hand when the money got in with top pair, but Gray had middle pair and a low draw. The turn was the 3 and the river was the 9. Gray made trip nines on the river and that was enough to send Brent Carter home in 16th place ($27,612).

Pat Pezzin Eliminated in 14th place ($33,135)Pat Pezzin

Short stacked and all in before the flop, Pat Pezzin held KK102 against Shun Uchida's AQ82. The board came J44JA. Pezzin had the best hand going to the flop with pocket kings, but Uchida spiked an ace on the river, trumping Pat Pezzin's kings and sending him home in 14th place 9$33,135).


$10,000 Omaha 8/b World Championship - Hour One

Blinds: 6,000-12,000
Stakes: 12,000-24,000

Players Left: 16

Chip Leaders:
Chau Giang: 480,000
Ram Vaswani: 452,000
Mike Matusow: 442,000
Jason Gray: 400,000
Toto Leonidas: 400,000
Tony Ma: 398,000
David Chiu: 380,000
David Benyamine: 300,000
Gerg Jamison: 254,000
Berry Johnston: 218,000


Ray Dehkharghani Eliminated in 18th Place ($27,612)
William McMahan Eliminated in  17th Place ($27,612)

Big Hands:

Ray Dehkharghani Eliminated in 18th Place ($27,612)Ray Denhkarghani

Tony Ma raised from early position and Ray Dehkhargani reraised from middle position. Ma called and the flop came 1065. Ma checked to Dehkhargani who bet, Ma raised (check-raise), and Dehkhargani called all in. 

Tony Ma: AK84
Dehkhargani: AA75

Ma flopped an inside straight draw and an 8-4 low draw while Dehkhargani flopped the best hand with pocket aces for the overpair and a 7-A low. The turn was the Q, no help to either player, but the river was the 7, giving Ma the straight (high) and counterfeiting Dehkhargani's low hand. Ma scooped the pot while Dehkhargani was eliminated in 18th place ($27,612).

William McMahan Eliminated in  17th Place ($27,612)

Tony Ma raised from the small blind and William McMahan called from the big blind. The flop came 987, and Ma bet out, McMahan called. The turn was the K, and once again Ma bet out and McMahan called. The river was the 2, and Ma bet out (the bet being enough to put McMahan all in), McMahan called. McMahan turned over AJ82 for two pair (high) no low, while Ma showed 10653 for the flopped straight (high) and an 8-7-6-5-3 low. Ma scooped another pot and eliminated another player, this time it was William McMahan in 17th place ($27,612).

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