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Buy-In: $1,365 + $135
Prize Pool: $520,065
Entrants: 381

Event 35 - Seven Card Stud

  • Jun 18, '08 - Jun 20, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 20, 08)


$1,500 Stud - Michael Rocco Wins Event No. 35

Michael RoccoMichael Rocco Wins Event No. 35 ($135,753)

After grinding Al Barbieri down to his last few pink chips, all it took was a pair of kings to send him to the rail in second place. After realizing his pair had held, Rocco bursted into celebration, screaming with joy. As tears streamed down his face, he spoke about his victory for his five-year-old son. In a time where some bracelet winners take the prestige for granted, it was nice to see a man unafraid to show the world how much the win truly meant to him.

Barbieri earned $83,210 for his runner-up finish.



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$1,500 Stud - Rocco Chipping Up

Michael Rocco Keeps Chipping Away

Al Barbieri made aces up but was smart enough to just  call a river bet from Michael Rocco. Rocco turned over the wheel and scooped a nice sized pot to increase his chip lead.

Rocco was up to 900,000 after the hand while Barbieri took a hit down to 250,000.

Updated Chip Counts

Michael Rocco - 930,000
Al Barbieri - 210,000


NOTE: Players then took a 20-minute break.

Player Tags: Al Barbieri,   Michael Rocco

$1,500 Stud - Trading Chips Back and Forth

Rocco Takes the Chip Lead

Since coming back from the dinner break, Al Barbieri has been going backwards. Meanwhile, Michael Rocco's small ball approach to heads up stud has given him slightly less than a 2-1 chip lead.

His biggest hand came down when he made trip queens and got Barbieri to call him down.

NOTE: The player are now on a quick 10-minute break.

Player Tags: Al Barbieri,   Michael Rocco

$1,500 Stud - Back From Break

The players have returned from their dinner break and heads up play can officially begin.

Shuffle up and deal.


$1,500 Stud - Barbieri Taking Control

Players left: 2 of 381

Chip Leaders:

Michael Rocco - 345,000
Al Barbieri - 800,000

Eliminations: Levon Torosyan (3rd Place)

Big Hands and Story Lines:

Al Barbieri Takes Over

Three handed play has been nice to Barbieri, who has been slowly chipping up and has a big lead over his opponents. On a recent hand with Levon Torosyan, Barbieri was showing four to the flush on board against Torosyan's four to a broadway straight. Torosyan was forced to fold once again and Barbieri chipped up some more. After the hand, Barbieri held nearly 4/5 of the total chips in play.

Levon TorosyanLevon Torosyan Eliminated in Third Place ($50,186)

After being crippled down to his last 6,000 in chips when his pair of deuces failed to push out Michael Rocco's pair of jacks, Levon Torosyan was eliminated shortly afterwards by Rocco's trip queens. He was eliminated in third place.

NOTE: The player then took a quick 30-minute dinner break before beginning heads up play.





$1,500 Stud - Rapid Bustouts

Players left: 3 of 381

Chip Leaders:

Michael Rocco - 290,000
Al Barbieri - 695,000
Levon Torosyan - 240,000

Eliminations: Giacomo D'Agostino (5th Place), Max Troy (4th Place)

Big Hands and Story Lines:

Max TroyGiacomo D'Agostino Eliminated in Fifth Place ($28,083)

With just two big bets left in his stack, Giacomo D'Agostino invested it all with split tens against Michael Rocco's aces in the hole. Rocco hit another ace on sixth street to leave D'Agostino drawing dead and busted him in fifth place.

Max Troy Eliminated in Fourth Place ($37,184)

Max Troy was all in on fourth street holding a pair of aces and a straight draw, but he was in big trouble against Levon Torosyan's trip fours. Troy bricked out and Torosyan rivered a full house. Troy was eliminated in fourth place.


$1,500 Stud - Two Hit the Rail

Players left: 5 of 381

Chip Leaders:

Michael Rocco - 310,000
Al Barbieri - 295,000
Giacomo D'Agostino - 95,000
Levon Torosyan - 240,000
Max Troy - 160,000

Eliminations: Jeffrey Siegal (8th Place), Andre Boyer (7th Place), Danny Kalpakis (6th Place)

Big Hands and Story Lines:

Jeffrey SiegalDanny Kalpakis Doubles Up

Kalpakis got it all in once again on fifth street with a straight draw and a pair of jacks against Giacomo D'Agostino's pair of kings. D'Agostino failed to improve but Kalpakis came from behind to catch a ten for two pair. Kalpakis doubled to 64,000 in chips.

Andre BoyerJeffrey Siegal Eliminated in Eighth Place ($14,041)

Jeffrey Siegal was all in holding aces up and looking to double up. Unfortunately for him, Max Troy was rolled up with sevens to bust him in eighth place.

Andre Boyer Eliminated in Seventh Place ($16,642)

Andre Boyer battled a short stack for awhile, but finally succumbed to Al Barbieri and his trip fours. Bracelet winner Boyer was eliminated in seventh place.

Danny KalpakisDanny Kalpakis Eliminated in Sixth Place ($21,842)

Kalpakis has finally been eliminated after numerous double ups throughout the final table. This time he had the best hand with a pair of sixes, but Barbieri hit trip deuces on fifth street to end his day in sixth place.

NOTE: The players then took a 20-minute break.





$1,500 Stud - Slow Going

Players left: 8 of 381

Chip Leaders:

Michael Rocco - 350,000
Al Barbieri - 315,500
Jeff Siegal - 82,000
Giacomo D'Agostino - 185,000
Levon Torosyan - 155,000
Max Troy - 43,000
Andre Boyer - 61,000
Danny Kalpakis - 35,000


Big Hands and Story Lines:

Michael Rocco's Two Pair No Good

The chip leader coming into the day has been going backwards to start out this final table. After bringing it in with a 5 showing, Rocco stuck around to make fives up on seventh street. Unfortunately for him, Al Barbieri made jacks up to scoop a decent sized pot.

Danny Kalpakis Doubles Up

Kalpakis got his last 22,000 all in on third street with a pair of split queens against Levon Torosyan's split pair of aces. Torosyan never improved and Kalpakis caught a third queen along with a pair of jacks as his full house doubled him up to 50,000 in chips.

Max Troy Doubles Up

Troy was all in on sixth street holding just a pair of sixes against Al Barbieri's ace high. Barbieri squeezed out seventh street to see he made a pair of kings, but Troy's squeeze revealed another ten to make two pair and double up.


$1,500 Stud Final Table - Shuffle Up and Deal

The final eight are done with player introductions and are ready to begin. There are 40 minutes left in the current level. Shuffle up and deal!


$1,500 Stud Final Table

Al BarbieriWe're less than an hour away from the start of the $1,500 7-Card Stud final table. After a long two days of play, the final eight players are getting ready to battle down to a champion and most importanly, a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Here are the chip counts and seating assigments heading into the final table:

Seat 1 - Levon Torosyan - 114,500
Seat 2 - Al "Sugar Bear" Barbieri - 252,500
Seat 3 - Max Troy - 88,500
Seat 4 - Michael Rocco - 255,000
Seat 5 - Giacomo D'Agostino - 123,000
Seat 6 - Andre Boyer - 106,000
Seat 7 - Jeffrey Siegal - 150,000
Seat 8 - Danny Kalpakis - 55,000

Stay tuned to Card Player as we bring you all the action, live updates, photos and chip counts from the floor.

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