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Buy-In: $4,700 + $300
Prize Pool: $1,226,700
Entrants: 261

Event 33 - World Championship Seven Card Stud High-Low Split 8 or Better

  • Jun 17, '08 - Jun 19, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 19, 08)


Sebastian Ruthenberg Wins Event No. 33 ($328,756)

Ruthenberg Takes a Hit

A series of bets and raises built another large pot between Sebastian Ruthenberg and Chris Ferguson when their full hands were revealed:

Ferguson: (A-Q) 8QK8 (5)
Ruthenberg: (A-Q) 7739 (9)

Ferguson won another large hand and Ruthenberg was knocked all the way down to 400,000.

Ruthenberg on a Rush

Ruthenberg took his 400,000 and doubled up not once, but twice to take his stack to 800,000 during the next 20 minutes.

Penultimate Hand of the Match

Another pot was grown to gargantuan levels beween the two players before they revealed their hands after seventh street:

Ruthenberg: (A-2) A663 (9)
Ferguson: (7-8) 21055 (10)

Sebastian RuthenbergRuthenberg took down the massive pot with aces up and completly turned the tables of the heads-up match around. He now held 1.85 million to Ferguson's 760,000.

Sebastian Ruthenberg Wins Event No. 33 ($328,756)

Chris Ferguson committed the last of his chips on fifth street after a series of bets and raises. Their cards:

Ruthenberg: (6-2) 74Q4x (3)
Ferguson: (A-9) 5A4Jx (muck)

Ferguson was eliminated in second place, and he took home $202,406 in prize money. Ruthenberg won the tournament, his first bracelet, and $328,756 in prize money.


WC 7 STUD 8OB - Final Table - End Game a Long One

Ante/Bring-in/Completion: 15,000 - 20,000 - 60,000 with 60,000-120,000 limits

Players Left: 2 of 261

Chip Counts:

Chris Ferguson: 1,735,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg: 875,000



Big Hands and Storylines:

Chris FergusonBiggest Pot of the Tournament

Chris Ferguson and Sebastian Ruthenberg bet, raised, and reraised a pot to where 1.4 million sat on the table on seventh street. Their cards:

Ferguson: 558K exposed
Ruthenberg: (A6)A28A(5)

Ferguson mucked the 5 to show he had made a set with the case 5, but it was Ruthenberg who took down the pot, and a massive chip lead. Ferguson was down to 825,000 after the hand.

Digging Deep for Bracelet No. 6

Chris Ferguson has been chipping away at Ruthenberg relentlessly. Jesus is picking up all of the small pots and avoiding any large confrontations with his opponent. While it is not too much fun to watch it is highly effective. Ferguson has just about closed the gap in chip counts after being in a dire position a little while ago. Thanks to the high limits, all of those small pots have swung the chip lead back to Ferguson's favor.


WC 7 STUD 8OB - Final Table - Bob Lauria Eliminated in 3rd Place


Ante/Bring-in/Completion: 5,000 - 15,000 - 40,000 with 40,000-80,000 limits

Players Left: 2 of 261

Chip Counts:

Sebastian Ruthenberg: 1,925,000
Chris Ferguson: 825,000


3rd Place: Bob Lauria ($125,737)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Sebastian Ruthenberg Scoops and Takes the Lead

After a long period of chopped pots and very little to no action transpiring between the final three players, Sebastian Ruthenberg brought it in and Bob Lauria called him down in a hand of some consequence. Their cards:

Ruthenberg: (42)24510(J)
Lauria: 65J9...mucked on the end

Ruthenberg took down the hand, and although both players checked it down on every street after third it is the largest amount of chips that have changed hands between players in some time. The large German contingent sweating Ruthenberg let out a loud cheer after the hand.

Bob Lauria Almost Out and Comes Back to Life

Bob Lauria lost two big pots to Chris Ferguson (which gave Jesus back the chip lead) and he was in a perilous position with only 50,000 remaining. He moved all of that into the middle on third street against Ferguson. Their cards:

Lauria: (74)A739(K)
Ferguson: (A6)106J8(4)

Lauria doubled up on the hand but he is still close to elimination with only 100,000. He doubled up again a few hands later with quad sixes against Ruthenberg, and took his stack back to 245,000.

Bob Lauria Eliminated in Third Place ($125,737)

Bob Lauria finally hit the rail when his three 8's ran into the full house of Chris Ferguson. Lauria was eliminated in third place, and he took home $125,737 in prize money. Ferguson was up to 1.6 million heading into the heads-up match.


WC 7 STUD 8OB - Final Table - Three Eliminations

Ante/Bring-in/Completion: 7,000 - 10,000 - 30,000 with 30,000-60,000 limits

Players Left: 3 of 261

Chip Counts:

Chris Ferguson: 1,487,000
Bob Lauria: 900,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg: 270,000


Alessio Isaia: 6th Place ($58,268)
Annie Duke: 5th Place ($73,602)
Marcel Luske: 4th Place ($95,069)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Alessio Isaia Eliminated in Sixth Place ($58,268)

Alessio Isaia was busted out of the tournament by Sebastian Ruthenberg when Isaia got all of his chips into the middle on fifteh street and Ruthenberg spiked a ace on sixt street. The ace gave Ruthenberg a pair of aces and a 7-5 low, which scooped the high and the low pot when Isaia did not improve.

Annie Duke Annie Duke Eliminated in Fifth Place ($73,602)

Annie Duke got the last of her chips into the middle on third street and both Chris Ferguson and Ruthenberg made the call. Ferguson then bet Ruthenberg out of the pot on fourtth street before he and Duke rolled over their cards:

Ferguson: (KK)J739(J)
Duke: (1010)5289(A)

Ferguson won the high with kings up and Duke failed to qualify low. She was eliminated in fifth place, and took home $73,602 in prize money.
Marcel Luske Eliminated in Fourth Place ($95,069)

Marcel Luske moved all in for the seventh time at the final table on sixth street against Bob Lauria with following cards exposed for each player:

Lauria: (A2)387Q...
Luske: (A5)10J59...

Each player was then dealt there seventh street card facedown and each took a moment before turning over their holdings. Lauria showed down the 7 for a pair of sevens. Luske turned up the 8 and he was eliminated in fourth place, taking home $95,069 in prize money.


WC 7 STUD 8OB - Final Table - Steve Sung Eliminated in 7th

Ante/Bring-in/Completion: 5,000 - 7,000 - 30,000 with 30,000-60,000 limits

Players Left: 6 of 261

Chip Counts:

Chris Ferguson: 783,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg: 655,000
Marcel Luske: 430,000
Bob Lauria: 165,000
Alessio Isaia: 131,000
Annie Duke: 120,000


Steve SungSteve Sung: 7th Place ($46,001)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Steve Sung Eliminated in Seventh Place ($46,001)

Steve Sung and Annie Duk got involved in some heavy betting on every single street with the following cards exposed:

Duke: 6K24
Sung: 767K

At the end of the action Sung was all in and Duke flipped over AK3 to scoop the high and the low. Sung mucked his hand and was eliminated in seventh place ($46,001).

Player Tags: Steve Sung

WC 7 STUD 8OB - Final Table - The Doubling Dutchman and Beveridge Out

Ante/Bring-in/Completion: 3,000 - 5,000 - 15,000 with 15,000-30,000 limits

Players Left: 7 of 261

Chip Counts:

Chris Ferguson: 763,000
Annie Duke: 590,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg: 560,000
Marcel Luske: 334,000
Bob Lauria: 135,000
Steve Sung: 188,000
Alessio Isaia: 117,000


Bob Beveridge: 8th Place ($36,801)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Marcel LuskeThe Doubling Dutchman

Marcel Luske got all of his chips into the middle early and often here at the final table. First, scooped a pot with aces and fives against Chris Ferguson to double up when Ferguson did not qualify low. Second, Luske took the low half against Ferguson in a subsequent pot with a 6-5 low to survive, and third, Lusek scooped anothet pot with a full house when Sebastain Ruthenberg failed to qualify low. Luske now holds over 300,000.

Bob Beveridge Eliminated in Eighth Place ($36,801)

Bob Beveridge got the last of his chips into the middle against Marcel Luske after multiple raises on the first round of betting, and they turned up their hands:

Luske: (A2)5576(8)
Beveridge: (AK)6948(5)

Luske scooped the high and the low and Beveridge was eliminated in eighth place, taking home $38,081 in prize money.


Shuffle Up and Deal at 5 p.m.

The final table of the $5,000 seven-card stud eight-or-better world championship will get a late start today thanks to an early morning finish on day 2. Cards will get into the air at 5 p.m. and the final eight players will play down to a champion, which will most likey take until sometime in the early hours of tomorrow. Here are  the starting stacks and seating chart:Annie Duke

Seat 1: Bob Lauria -- 44,000
Seat 2: Marcel Luske -- 308,000
Seat 3: Steve Sung -- 207,000
Seat 4: Annie Duke -- 277,000
Seat 5: Alessio Isaia -- 398,000
Seat 6: Sebastian Ruthenberg -- 663,000
Seat 7: Chris Ferguson -- 434,000
Seat 8: Beb Beveridge -- 280,000


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