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Buy-In: $2,760 + $240
Prize Pool: $1,976,160
Entrants: 716

Event 29 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 15, '08 - Jun 17, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 17, 08)


$3K NL Hold'em - John Phan Wins

Johnny NeckarJohn Phan Doubles Up With Miracle River Card

After getting chipped down and facing a 2-1 chip deficit, John Phan got it all in against Johnny Neckar. Neckar held KJ, but was dominated preflop by Phan's AJ. Unfortunately for Phan, the flop came with a king, and he was now looking for one of the three remaining aces to stay alive. The turn was a brick and the river was the....A! Phan doubled up to 2.7 million and has a 2-1 chip lead.

John PhanJohn Phan Wins Event No. 29 ($434,789)

John Phan raised to 200,000 and Johnny Neckar announces all in. Phan calls and Neckar shows QJ. Phan has A9 and the board brings an ace to end the tournament and give him his first career bracelet. Neckar finished in second place and earned $277,452.







$3K NL Hold'em - Dinner Time

Both players have now decided to take a 90-minute dinner break. They'll be back at 9:15 P.M.


$3K NL Hold'em - Rapid Bustouts

Blinds: 12,000/24,000 with 3,000 ante

Chip Leaders:

John Phan: 2,271,000

  Johnny Neckar: 2,025,000

Players Left: 2 of 716


Storylines/Big Hands:

Stewart NewmanStewart Newman Eliminated in Sixth Place ($88,927)

Stewart Newman was all in holding a dominating K-Q to John Phan's K-J, but a jack on the flop reversed the situation. The turn and river were bricks and Newman was eliminated in sixth place.

David SingerDavid Singer Eliminated in Fifth Place ($112,641)

John Phan raised under the gun and David Singer made the call in the big blind. The flop came AK3 and Phan bet 54,000. Singer moved all in and Phan instantly called, turning over K3. Singer was in trouble QJ and his miracle ten failed to come on either the turn or river. Singer was eliminated in fifth place.

Matt VengrinAlex Bolotin Eliminated in Fourth Place ($137,343)

Alex Bolotin moved all in from under the gun and John Phan instantly made the call. Bolotin revealed pocket nines and Phan had AK. Phan flopped not just the ace, but also the king and Bolotin was eliminated in fourth place.

Matt VengrinMatt Vengrin Eliminated in Third Place ($167,973)

Matt Vengrin's run as the chip leader came to an end when he moved in with A-9 against Johnny Neckar's A-Q. The board improved  neither player and Vengrin was sent home in third place.

Heads Up Play Begins

John Phan: 2,271,000
Johnny Neckar: 2,025,000

NOTE: Aftert that whirlwind of a level, the remaining two players take a break before heads up play begins.


$3K NL Hold'em - Womanless Final Table

Blinds: 10,000/20,000 with 3,000 ante

Chip Leaders:

Matt Vengrin – 1,700,000
John Phan – 800,000
Johnny Neckar – 700,000
David Singer – 460,000
Alex Bolotin – 320,000
Stewart Newman – 300,000

Players Left: 6 of 716

Eliminations: Thuyen Doan (7th Place)

Storylines/Big Hands:
John Phan Doubles Through Johnny Neckar
John Phan was all in with A-Q against Johnny Neckar's pocket sevens. The flop gave Phan a broadway straight and he doubled up to 800,000.

Thuyen DoanThuyen Doan Eliminated in Seventh Place ($69,165)

A short stacked Thuyen Doan was all in with pocket sixes against the AJ of John Phan. The board rolled out J53A4 and Doan was eliminated in seventh place.

Johnny Neckar Doubles Through Matt Vengrin

Johnny Neckar was all in with pocket eights against the A-9 of Matt Vengrin. The board bricked out and Neckar doubled up to nearly 700,000.

NOTE: The players then took a 20-minute break.



$3K NL Hold'em - Two Down

Blinds: 10,000/20,000 with 3,000 ante

Players Left: 7 of 716

Eliminations: Sebastian Segovia (9th Place), Tony Dunst (8th Place)

Storylines/Big Hands:

Sebastian SegoviaSebastian Segovia Eliminated in Ninth Place ($39,523)

Sebastian Segovia raised to 49,000 in middle position and John Phan reraised to 150,000 to isolate. All of a sudden, Matt Vengrin reraised to 500,000, and Segovia called. The raise induced a fold from Phan. Segovia showed down AK and Vengrin was slightly ahead with QQ. The board ran out 7644Q and Segovia was eliminated in ninth place. Vengrin adds a nice pot to his chip lead.

Tony DunstTony "MuckTheNuts" Dunst Eliminated in Eighth Place ($54,344)

Tony Dunst moved all in for his last 133,000 and Matt Vengrin made the call in the big blind. Dunst showed KK and was up against 98. Dunst held a big lead, but the board came 1087J10 to send him to the rail in eighth place. After the hand, Vengrin was up to 1.5 million in chips.

John Phan Bleeding Chips

Meanwhile, John Phan has been forced to lay down big hands a few times now. The end result is a stack about half as large as he held coming in.

NOTE: The players then took a small break while they were relocated to a new table in the green section of the room. There was a problem with the lighting and now they have a visual of a tournament clock.


$3K NL Hold'em - Final Table

The final table of event no. 29, $3,000 no-limit hold'em is about to begin. The players are taking their seats as introductions are made. Here are the chip counts and seating assignments heading into today's play:

Seat 1: Sebastian Segovia - 128,500
Seat 2: Alex Bolotin - 534,000
Seat 3: David Singer - 334,000
Seat 4: Thuy Doan  - 369,500
Seat 5: John Phan - 396,500
Seat 6: Matt Vengrin  - 1,007,500
Seat 7: Stewart Newman  - 398,000
Seat 8: Johnny Neckar - 796,000
Seat 9: Tony Dunst  - 333,000

Leading the way is online player Matt "plattsburgh" Vengrin. He is joined by notable Alex Bolotin, David Singer, John "The Razor" Phan and Tony "muckthenuts" Dunst.

Shuffle up and deal.

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