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Buy-In: $1,365 + $135
Prize Pool: $3,693,690
Entrants: 2706

Event 27 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 14, '08 - Jun 16, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 16, 08)


Vitaly Lunkin Wins Event No. 27 ($628,417)

Vitaly LunkinLunkin's Hopes Get Crushed by a Flush

Brett Kimes raised to 620,000 preflop and Vitaly Lunkin made the call. The flop was dealt 965 and Kimes fired a million-chip bullet into the pot. Lunkin reraised all in for 2,876,000. Kimes made the call and he turned up 87. Lunkin flipped over A6 for the lead, but the turn and river were dealt 3Q to put a flush on the table. The pot was chopped and Kimes dodged a major bullet thanks to the fifth diamond.

Vitaly Lunkin Wins Event No. 27 ($628,417)

Lunkin raised to 600,000 preflop and Kimes made the call. The flop hit the table J42 and both players checked. The turn brought the 8 and Lunkin opened the action for a million. Kimes raised all in and Lunkin made the call. Kimes was committed for his tournament life with 108, while Lunkin had him covered with AJ in the hole. The river card was the K and Lunkin clinched the gold bracelet as well as $628,417 for the victory. Kimes was awarded $387,837 for his second-place finish.


$1,500 NLHE - Final Table - Down to Heads Up

Blinds/Antes: 60,000-120,000 with a 15,000 ante

Players Remaining: 3 of 2,706

Chip Counts:

Brett Kimes: 4,700,000
Vitaly Lunkin: 3,500,000

Average Stack: 2,706,000


3rd Place: Bobby Firestone ($277,026)

Big Hands/Storylines:

Bobby FirestoneBobby Firestone Eliminated in Third Place ($277,026)

The flop read 1096 when Vitaly Lunkin checked his option and Bobby Firestone bet 200,000. Lunkin reraised all in and Firestone made the all-in call. Their cards:

Lunkin: J8
Firestone: 103

Turn and River: 57

Firestone was eliminated in third place, and he took home $277,026 in prize money.


$1,500 NLHE - Final Table - Three Strikes

Blinds/Antes: 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 3 of 2,706

Chip Counts:

Vitaly Lunkin: 3,470,000
Bobby Firestone: 3,180,000
Brett Kimes: 1,550,000

Average Stack: 2,706,000


6th Place: Richard Alm ($149,594)
5th Place: Trevor Donaldson ($190,225)
4th Place: Kenneth Terrell ($232,702)

Big Hands/Storylines:

Richard Alm Eliminated in Sixth Place ($149,594)

Richard Alm moved all in preflop and Bobby Fireston made the call. Their cards:

Alm: A8
Firestone: 77

Board: 1064JK

Alm was eliminated on the hand, and he took home $149,594 in prize money.

Trevor Donaldson Trevor Donaldson Eliminated in Fifth Place ($190,225)

Brett Kimes raised to 160,000 preflop and Trevor Donaldson reraised all in. Firestone reraised all in over the top of everyone and Kimes got out of the way. The final two players then turned up their hands:

Firestone: KK
Donaldson: AK

Board: 109346

Donaldson was eliminated in fifth place, and he took home $190,225 in prize money.

Kenneth Terrell Eliminated in Fourth Place ($232,702)

Vitaly Lunkin raised to 200,000 and Kenneth Terrell reraised to 1,000,000. Lunkin made the call and they turned up their hands:

Lunkin: JJ
Terrell: AJ

Board: Q64K2

Terrell was eliminated in fourth place, and he took home $232,702 in prize money.


Back from Dinner

The players are back in their seats and action has begun again.


Tournament Announcement

The players went on dinner break for one hour.


$1,500 NLHE - Final Table - Two More Gone

Blinds/Antes: 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 6 of 2,706

Chip Counts:

Vitaly Lunkin: 2,500,000
Bobby Firestone: 2,140,000
Trevor Donaldson: 1,050,000
Kenneth Terrell: 950,000
Brett Kimes: 885,000
Richard Alm: 575,000

Average Stack: 1,353,000


8th Place: Robert Brown ($84,594)
7th Place: Barry Schultz ($112,657)

Big Hands/Storylines:

Robert BrownRobert Brown Eliminated in Eighth Place ($84,594)

Robert Brown moved all in preflop for 250,000 and Trevor Donaldson made the call. Their cards:

Brown: QJ
Donaldson: AQ

Board: K537K

Brown was eliminated in eighth place, and he took home $84,594 in prize money.

Barry Schultz Eliminated in Seventh Place ($112,657)

Barry Schultz raised to 150,000 and Bobby Firestone reraised all in for over a million. Schultz made the call and the two players turned up their hands:

Schultz: 44
Firestone: A2

Board: J85AJ

Schultz was eliminated on the hand in sevent place, and he took home $112,657 in prize money.


Player Tags: Barry Schultz,   Robert Brown

$1,500 NLHE - Final Table - Two Eliminations

Blinds/Antes: 20,000-40,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 8 of 2,706

Chip Counts:

Vitaly Lunkin: 1,900,000
Brett Kimes: 1,700,000
Bobby Firestone: 1,300,000
Kenneth Terrell: 1,030,000
Barry Schultz: 835,000
Trevor Donaldson: 600,000
Robert Brown: 350,000
Richard Alm: 350,000


10th Place: Tony Gargano ($36,567)
9th Place: Philip Yeh ($57,990)

Big Hands/Storylines:

Note: The level began with a players heading to a 20-minute break.

Anthony Gargano

Tony Gargano Eliminated in 10th Place ($36,567)

Tony Gargano open shoved all in preflop and Vitaly Lunkin made the call. Their cards.

Gargano: Q2
Lunkin: AJ

Board: A9834

Gargano was eliminated on the hand in 10th place, and he took home $36,567 in prize money. The official final table was now set for action.

Philip Yeh Eliminated in Ninth Place ($57,990)

Philip Yeh open shoved all in preflop and once again Lunkin made the call. Their cards:

Yeh: A9
Lunkin: AJ

Board: QJ755

Yeh was eliminated in ninth place, and he took home $57,990 in prize money. These two hands put Lunkin in first chip position heading into eight-handed play.



Event 27 - $1,500 NLHE - Top Ten

12,000-24,000 (3000 Ante)

Players Remaining
: 10

Chip Counts:
Brett Kimes: 1,500,000
Philip Yeh: 1,360,000
Barry Schultz: 1,340,000
Vitaly Lunkin: 1,030,000
Bobby Firestone: 920,000
Kenneth Terrell: 650,000
Richard Alm: 500,000
Jeffrey Brown: 310,000
Tony Gargano: 285,000
Trevor Donaldson: 265,000


13th: Carl Jerome - $29,180
12th: Bashar Rahami - $36,567
11th: Jordan Smith - $ 36,567

Notable Hands:

Carl Jerome completed from the small blind, and Barry Schultz checked his option. Both players checked the flop of AQ2, and the turn of 10. When the river brought the J, Jerome decided to lead out for 125,000. Schultz promptly raised enough to put him all in, and Jerome reluctantly made the call, showing Q2 for a flopped two pair. Jerome played his hand a little too slowly, however, allowing Schultz to complete a straight with his king on the river. Jerome was eliminated in 13th place.

Bashar Rahami was all in preflop holding 66 against the QQ of Brett Kimes. Rahami called loudly for a six on every street, which never came as the board ran out  AKJ57.  Rahami was sent home in 12th place.

Jordan Smith was all in preflop with A5 against Bobby Firestone, who held 88. Smith was unable to coax an ace from the deck, with the dealer laying out Q6649. Smith finished in 11th place.

Following Smith's elimination, players took a brief break to redraw for seating at the final table.


Event 27 - $1,500 NLHE - Final Table Approaches

Blinds: 10,000-20,000 (3000 Ante)

Players Remaining: 14

Chip Leaders:

Philip Yeh: 1,500,000
Vitaly Lunkin: 912,000
Barry Schultz: 858,000
Jordan Smith: 820,000
Tony Gargano: 740,000
Kenneth Terrell: 700,000
Richard Alm: 600,000
Trevor Donaldson: 470,000
Jeffrey Brown: 320,000
Robert Brown: 300,000


17th: Deric Fitzgerald - $21,792
16th: Frank Simpson - $21,792
15th: Deb Blair - $29,180

Notable Hands:

Deric Fitzgerald open shoved all in. Brett Kimes made an isolation reraise behind him, effectively folding the remaining players at the table, before tabling 8-8. He was in a classic race situation against Kimes' A-J, but maintained his slight lead as the flop ran out 762K4, eliminating Fitzgerald from the tournament in 17th place.

Deb Blair, the last woman remaining in the field, was eliminated after calling all in preflop with K-3 against two opponents, Philip Yeh and Richard Alm, who continued to build a side pot on a board of A8664. Yeh won both the main pot and his side pot with Alm, showing AK against Alm's AQ and furthering his chip lead on the rest of the field. Blair was eliminated in 15th place, earning just over $29,000 for her performance.


Event 30 - $10k World Championship Limit Hold 'Em - Play Resumes

Players are at their seats and the cards are in the air at event No. 30, $10,000 Limit Hold. Play will continue today until the final table has been reached.

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