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Buy-In: $1,365 + $135
Prize Pool: $1,123,395
Entrants: 823

Event 53 - Limit Hold'em Shootout

  • Jul 01, '08 - Jul 02, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jul 02, 08)


Limit Hold'em Shootout - Matt Graham Wins Event No. 53

Jean-Robert BellandeFinal day action started at 2 p.m. with 72 remaining players and ran all the way until 7:15 a.m. when the champion was crowned. Playing in his second WSOP, young Matt Graham of New Orleans, LA. completed an impressive comeback heads up against Jean-Robert Bellande to take down his first WSOP bracelet.

At one point Matt Graham was down to just 300,000 in chips to Jean-Robert Bellande's 2,400,000. But Graham kept a level head and said he never lost any confidence as he made an incredible comeback to beat Bellande and claim his first WSOP bracelet along with the $278,180 first-place prize. Bellande narrowly missed his first WSOP title, earning $173,564 for his efforts.
Here's how the final hand went down:

Jean-Robert Bellande was all in preflop holding 97 against Matt Graham's AJ. The board ran K43KQ, missing both players but leaving Graham's ace-high as the best hand. 


Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table - 17+ Hours

Players took a 10 minute break.

Chip Counts:
Matt Graham: 1,725,000
Jean-Robert Bellande: 975,000

Jean-Robert Bellande

Graham Starts to Distance Himself

Jean-Robert Bellande check-called Matt Graham on every street of a 95568 board, only to have Graham show 86 for a better two pair than Belland's A-8. Down to 300,000 in chips at one point, Graham has battled back and now holds a 1,725,000 to 975,000 chip advantage over Bellande.

Graham Grinding Away, Takes Chip Lead

.A large pot was brewed when the pot was three-bet preflop and on the flop of A104. Bellande just called Graham's bets on the 2 turn and 4 river and Graham showed AK to scoop the pot and take back over the chip lead.



Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table - Bellande And Graham Heads Up

Blinds: 15,000-30,000

Jean-Robert Bellande and Matt Graham are heads up for the title.


3rd Place - Joe De Niro ($107,845)
4th Place - Brandon Wong ($69,088)


De Niro Rivered, Out in Third Place ($107,845)

Joe De Niro got all in on a flop of J108 and was called by Jean-Robert Bellande. Bellande showed A9 for the but flush draw, but he was trailing De Niro's J9 for top pair and open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 10 and didn't help either player, but when the A fell on the river Bellande made top pair to eliminate De Niro in third.

Bottom Pair Won't Do, Brandon Wong Gone in Fourth Place ($69,088)

Brandon Wong got all in preflop against Matt Graham and Joe De Niro. The flop came 1082 and Graham bet, making De Niro fold. Wong showed A2 for bottom pair and was against Graham's 89 for middle pair. The turn was the 5 and the K didn't improve Wong on the river, and he was eliminated in fourth place.


Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table - Bellande Takes Huge Chip Lead

Blinds: 15,000-30,000

Players Left:
4 of 823

Chip Counts:
Jean-Robert Bellande: 1,700,000
Joe De Niro: 650,000
Matt Graham: 355,000
Brandon Wong: 90,000

5th Place - Danny Wong ($33,701)

Danny WongHands:

Wong Falls to Full House, Out in Fifth Place ($33,701)

Danny Wong bet a flop of A65 and was called by Jean-Robert Bellande. The turn brought another 6. The river was the 6 and Bellande bet out, which was enough to put Wong all in. Wong called, but mucked when he saw Bellande's A8 for a full house.

Bellande Hits Straight, Takes Large Pot

After three-betting preflop, Jean Robert-Bellande bet every street on a Q5410K board and was called down by Joe De Niro. Bellande showed that he had nothing until the river, where he completed a straight with his J9. He scooped a large pot that put him around 1,700,000 in chips. De Niro's stack dropped to 650,000.



Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table - Final Table Eliminations Commence

Blinds: 10,000-20,000

Players Left:
5 of 823

Chip Counts:
Joe De Niro: 875,000
Danny Wong: 525,000
Jean-Robert Bellande: 520,000
Brandon Wong: 350,000
Matt Graham: 320,000

6th Place - Spencer Lawrence ($20,221)
7th Place - John Kranyak ($13,480)
8th Place - Andrew Prock ($10,335)
9th Place - Michael Kachan ($7,526)

Spencer LawrenceHands:

Lawrence Doesn't Connect, Eliminated in Sixth Place ($20,221)

Spencer Lawrence got all of his chips in the middle preflop against Jean-Robert Bellande and showed K10. Bellande was the favorite, holding A9. The flop came 963, giving Bellande a pair. Lawrence still had two overs he could connect with, but the 2 came on the turn and the Q river card eliminated Lawrence in sixth place.

Kranyak Has Lower Kicker, Gone in Seventh Place ($13,480)John Kranyak

Preflopp action was raised until capped by John Kranyak and Joe De Niro. When 943 fell on the flop Kranyak bet and was called by De Niro. The A came on the turn, inducing action. Betting was capped again, getting Kranyak all in. He had connected with the ace on the turn and showed AJ. However, De Niro showed AQ for a pair of aces with a queen kicker. The Q dropped on the river to give De Niro two pair and the juicy pot, sending Kranyak to the rail in seventh place.

Prock Gets Outdrawn, Busts in Eighth Place ($10,335)

Andrew Prock got all in preflop and held AQ, a favored hand over Joe De Niro's AJ. The flop changed things fast, coming AJ3 to give De Niro two pair - aces and jacks. The K fell on the turn, giving Prock more outs. But the river 8wasn't one of them and Prock was eliminated in eight place.

Kachan First To Go, Out in Ninth Place ($7,526)

Michael Kachan put in a raise preflop and was called by Brandon Wong, Danny Wong, Jean-Robert Bellande and Spencer Lawrence. The flop brought A76 and Danny Wong led out. Lawrence got out of the way, and Kachan raised all in. Brandon Wong folded and Bellande put in yet another raise. Danny Wong called, and when the 4 fell on the turn both he and Bellande checked. The Q fell on the river and Wong bet. Bellande folded and Wong showed AK. Kachan couldn't beat Wong's pair of aces and was the first player eliminated from the final table.


Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table - Good Round For Kranyak

Players are on a 20 minute break.


Players Left:
9 of 823

Chip Counts:

John Kranyak: 650,000
Jean-Robert Bellande: 420,000
Spencer Lawrence: 365,000
Joe De Niro: 325,000
Brandon Wong: 270,000
Andrew Prock: 230,000
Matt Graham: 170,000
Danny Wong: 160,000
Mike Kachan: 120,000

Matt GrahamHands:

Graham Hits Straight, Takes Pot

Matt Graham bet every street on a board of KJ9810 and was called down by Spencer Lawrence. Graham showed he rivered the broadway straight with AQ in his hand and took the pot.

Good Round For Kranyak

John Kranyak has climbed up the leaderboard by winning several big hands throughout the level.
In one big 3-way Kranyak raised after Jean-Robert Bellande bet a flop of K106 and Bellande and Brandon Wong called. Kranyak bet the K turn and was called again by both opponents. The 9 on the river was a scare card and all players checked. Kranyak showed K7 for trip kings, Bellande mucked and Wong showed A10. Kranyak took a big pot and ended the level with around 650,000 in chips.


Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table - Bellande On Fire

Blinds: 4,000-8,000

Players Left:
9 of 823

Chip Counts:

Jean-Robert Bellande: 475,000
Joe De Niro: 420,000
John Kranyak: 400,000
Andrew Prock: 390,000
Brandon Wong: 280,000
Spencer Lawrence: 260,000
Matt Graham: 217,000
Danny Wong: 105,000
Mike Kachan: 80,000

Hands:Jean-Robert Bellande

Bellande Picks Up Aces...

The round was good for Jean-Robert Bellande, and he has taken the chip lead with 475,000 in chips.
After three-betting the flop, Bellande bet every street on a 1095J6 board and was called each time by Brandon Wong. Bellande showed AA and Wong mucked, giving Bellande the nice pot.

... And The Nut Low?...

Several hands later Bellande three-bet Wong again and bet every street on a board of 864AQ. Wong called and Bellande showed A2 for the winner. Wong asked Bellande about betting the flop there and Bellande told him, "I had the nut low."

And The Flush

On a board of K748J Bellande was called by Andrew Prock and showed A10 for a flush, taking the pot.


Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table - Hour 2

Players are now on a 20 minute break.


Chip Counts:

John Kranyak: 480,000
Danny Wong: 335,000
Jean-Robert Bellande: 325,000
Brandon Wong: 320,000
Andrew Prock: 300,000
Matt Graham: 290,000
Spencer Lawrence: 253,000
Joe De Niro: 222,000
Mike Kachan: 139,000


Kranyak's Flops Set To Beat AcesJohn Kranyak

Raising the pot until capped preflop, John Kranyak bet a flop of KJ8, was called by Joe De Niro, Michael Kachan raised and Kranyak re-raised. De Niro and Kachan called and again called when Kranyak led out on the 5 turn. When the J came on the river Kranyak bet again and De Niro folded, but Kachan made the call. Kranayk rolled over 88 for a flopped set of 8s and Kachan showed pocket aces before mucking.

De Niro Ready For Action

Joe De Niro has been active, playing many hands. A few hands after taking a big pot from John Kranyak, De Niro called a raise by Matt Graham. De Niro led out and bet every street of a Q108QA board and was called down by Graham. De Niro showed Q9 for trips and Graham mucked his hand.

Bellande Takes a Nice Pot

John-Robert Bellande bet and was called by John Kranyak on every street of a J635A board. Bellande showed A6 for two pair and Kranyak mucked.


Limit Hold'em Shootout - Final Table Starts At Last

Blinds: 2,000-4,000

Starting Chip Stacks:

Chip Counts:

Jean-Robert Bellande: 420,000
Danny Wong: 325,000
Andrew Prock: 320,000
Brandon Wong: 310,000
John Kranyak: 290,000
Joe Deniro: 285,000
Matt Graham: 280,000
Spencer Lawrence: 270,000
Mike Kachan: 222,000

John-Robert BellandeHands:

The Jean-Robert Show

Jean-Robert Bellande has won a handful of early pots early in the final table to take the chip lead. In one pot Bellande bet with the board showing 8729 and his opponents mucked.
In another hand, Bellande bet and was called by Danny Wong with the board showing 96387. Bellande showed Q10 for the rivered straight to take the pot and jump to around 420,000 in chips.
Bellande has also expressed his disappointment in the final table location. He said he thought the final table would be played in the Milwaukee's Best Light final table stadium, but instead it is outside the stadium at a normal table.


Player Tags: Jean-Robert Bellande,   Danny Wong

Limit Hold'em Shootout - Level 20 - Final Table Set, Will Start at 10 p.m.

Final Table play will start at 10 p.m.

Final Table Players Are:
Andrew Prock
Brandon Wong
Danny Wong
Jean-Robert Bellande
Joe DeNiro
John Kranyak
Mike Kachan
Spencer Lawrence
Matt Graham

Here are highlights from the last round:

3,000 - 6,000

Stefan Rapp, Mikael Norinder, Duane Graff Jr.

Matt GrahamHands:

Graham Advances to Final Table

Raising back and forth, Matt Graham got Duane Graff Jr. all in and showed AK. Graff showed J5. The board can AQ992 and a thrilled Graham is heading to the final table.

Rapp Eliminated

Stefan Rapp was all in against Duane Graff Jr. preflop. Rapp showed K8 and saw that one of his outs was taken, as Graff Jr. held 88. The board ran 10934, giving Rapp a flush draw for more outs. But the 4 hit on the river and he was eliminated, leaving Graff Jr. heads up with only 32,000 against Matt Graham's 238,000.

Lawrence Puts Norinder Away

Mikael Norinder was all in on the turn with the board showing 10936. He showed KJ for a gutshot straight draw, but was trailing Spencer Lawrence's K3 for a pair of threes. The river was the 2 and Lawrence advanced to the final table.

Norinder Can't Catch a Break

Short-stacked with 60,000 versus the 240,000 on Spencer Lawrence, Mikael Norinder picked up AA and after the betting was concluded on a board of K3245 Lawrence showed he had nothing but ace-high and had hit the miracle river to chop the pot. And the players are back where they started before the hand.

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