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Buy-In: $2,300 + $200
Prize Pool: $892,400
Entrants: 388

Event 10 - Omaha / Seven Card Stud High-Low

  • Jun 05, '08 - Jun 07, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 07, 08)


$2,500 E.O. - Farzad Rouhani Wins Event No. 10 Bracelet

Farzad RouhaniFarzad Rouhani Wins Bracelet by Defeating Tom Chambers

Although both players fought a fierce battle throughout all three days of play, Farzad Rouhani eventually got the best of Tom Chambers while heads-up during the Omaha eight-or-better round.  Rouhani dominated the final table, eliminating the majority of the players.

In the final hand, Rouhani called on the button and Chambers raised his option.  Rouhani called, and the flop came 733.  Chamber's bet was raised by Rouhani, and the two were able to get it all in on the flop.  Chambers turned over AT92, which was behind Rouhani's 9832.  The turn brought the A, but the 3 on the river made four-of-a-kind for Rouhani and guaranteed him a win.

Farzad Rouhani's first place prize includes $232,911 and a coveted gold bracelet.  This is Rouhani's first win at the World Series of Poker, after being defeated heads-up by Justin Scott in a $2,000 no-limit hold'em event at the 2006 WSOP.  Tom Chambers will take home $142,784 for his second place finish.

Player Tags: Farzad Rouhani,   Tom Chambers

$2,500 E.O. - Down to Heads Up

Players Left: 2

Chip Counts:

Farzad Rouhani – 1,600,000              
Tom Chambers – 150,000                         

Eliminations: Greg Pappas (5th Place), Yueqi Zhu (4th Place), John Cernuto (3rd Place)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Greg PappasGreg Pappas Eliminated in 5th Place ($48,190) - Omaha 8/b

Greg Pappas is all in against Tom Chambers on a board of 1097210. Pappas has a straight but he is beaten by the KQ94 for a flush of Chambers. Pappas is eliminated in fifth place.

After Pappas was eliminated, Rouhani began to steamroll the other three players, at one point having both Yueqi Zhu and Miami John Cernuto on the ropes.

Yueqi Zhu Yueqi Zhu Eliminated in 4th Place ($63,807)

Yueqi Zhu was short stacked and needed to make a move with A5Q9, but unforunately ran into the AA3K of Farzad Rouhani. The Aces held up and a low never materialized for Zhu, who finished in fourth place.

John CernutoMiami John Cernuto Eliminated in 3rd Place ($86,117)

On a board of J1075, Miami John Cernuto is all in holding 10753 for two pair. He's up against Farzad Rouhani's AQ95. The river is the K and Rouhani makes his flush to eliminate Cernuto in fourth place.

NOTE: The players then took a brief break before beginning heads-up play.





$2,500 E.O. - John Racener Out

Players Left: 5

Chip Counts:

Farzad Rouhani – 910,000      
John Cernuto – 265,000          
Tom Chambers – 360,000       
Greg Pappas – 125,000                  
Yueqi Zhu – 70,000  

Eliminations: None
Big Hands and Storylines:

John RacenerJohn Racener Eliminated in 6th Place ($37,481)

John Racener bets until he is all in against Farzad Rouhani. Racener draws to 9653(KK3) , but his kings up couldn't beat Rouhani as he drew the nut flush with 3A2Q10. Racener was eliminated in sixth place.

Changing Gears and Directions

Farzad Rouhani is continuing to play aggressively, and it has worked out as he increases his chip lead over the rest of the table.  Meanwhile, Yueqi Zhu has taken a few hits along the way and is neare the felt.



Player Tags: Farzad Rouhani,   Yueqi Zhu,   John Racener

$2,500 E.O. - Mizrachi and Mowczan Hit the Rail

Players Left: 6

Chip Counts:

Farzad Rouhani – 650,000        
John Cernuto – 175,000          
Tom Chambers – 345,000       
Greg Pappas – 250,000          
John Racener – 170,000          
Yueqi Zhu – 395,000  

Eliminations: Michael Mizrachi (8th Place), Daniel Mowczan (7th Place),
Big Hands and Storylines:

Michael MizrachiMichael Mizrachi Eliminated in 8th Place ($24,095) - Stud 8/b

Michael Mizrachi was all in holding 72Q3(A2J) against Yueqi Zhu who held 4A910(66Q). Despite holding numerous low draws and pair draws, Mizrachi airballs seventh street and is eliminated by Zhu's lowly pair of sixes.

Daniel MowczanDaniel Mowczan Eliminated in 7th Place ($28,557) - Omaha 8/b

John Racener, Daniel Mowczan and Tom Chambers saw a flop of QJ7. Chambers bet, Mowczan called all in and Racener called. The turn was the J and both players checked. The river was the 10 and Racener bet. Chambers folded and Racener revealed AK62 for a broadway straight to take the pot and eliminate Mowczan in seventh place.

NOTE: The players then went on a 20-minute break before returning to increased blinds.



$2,500 E.O. - Doubling Up

Players Left: 8

Chip Counts:

Farzad Rouhani – 735,000      
Michael Mizrachi – 190,000    
John Cernuto – 260,000          
Tom Chambers – 205,000       
Greg Pappas – 80,000          
John Racener – 65,000          
Yueqi Zhu – 175,000  
Daniel Mowczan – 95,000
Eliminations: None

Big Hands and Storylines:

Yueqi Zhu Doubles Up - Stud 8/b

Yuequi Zhu gets all of his chips in the middle holding 26A4(35J) against Miami John Cernuto's 5543A56. Cernuto's trip fives and 6-low aren't enough to beat Zhu's wheel. Shu scoops the pot and doubles up to 295,000.

John CernutoMiami John Cernuto Doubles Up - Omaha 8/b

John Racener raised preflop and Miami John Cernuto made the call. The flop came QQ3 and Racener bet once more. Cernuto raised and Racener called. Both players checked the 6 on the turn and the river was the 3. Racener bet and Cernuto raised. Racener made the call, but mucked when Cernuto showed him A263. Racener flashed a Queen and is now down to 70,000.

Daniel Mowczan Doubles Up - Omaha 8/b

Daniel Mowczan is all in against Greg Pappas. Mowczan shows AJ93 and is up against Pappas' A44K. The board runs out K52A4 and Mowczan makes the wheel on the river to double up with a scoop.

Player Tags: John Cernuto,   Yueqi Zhu,   John Racener

$2,500 E.O. - Controversy to Start the Day

Players Left: 8

Chip Counts:


Farzad Rouhani – 625,000      
Michael Mizrachi – 265,000    
John Cernuto – 260,000          
Tom Chambers – 205,000       
Greg Pappas – 170,000          
John Racener – 140,000          
Yueqi Zhu – 130,000  
Daniel Mowczan – 115,000

Eliminations: None
Big Hands and Storylines:

Michael MizrachiControversy Over Structure and Level Changes

Despite the fact that for the past two days, the players have been alternating eight hands of Omaha 8/b with Stud 8/b, today's final table was accidently scheduled for 30 minutes of each game before the tournament director was told otherwise and the issue was resolved. The next issue came up when the players disputed the amount of the initial bring-in, claiming it was too high for the structure posted. The tournament director insisted it was correct, and play continued without issue.

Michael Mizrachi Gets 3/4 of the Pot- Omaha 8/b

On a board of Q64Q5, Michael Mizachi check raised Farzad Rouhani and got a call. Mizrachi turned over A592 which was good for 3/4 of the pot when all Rouhani could produce was the nut low as he showed A2K4.

Greg Pappas Fading Fast

Pappas is now down to 170,000 after spreading half of his stack around the table to Mizrachi, Rouhani and Yeuqi Zhu.



$2,500 E.O. - Shuffle Up and Deal!

The players are now seated and after a lenghty introduction, the cards are in the air. The first game of the night will be Omaha 8/b. Shuffle up and deal!


$2,500 E.O. - Final Table Set to Begin at 4 P.M.

We're just 30 minutes away from the start of the $2,500 Omaha/ Stud eight-or-better event final table.

Here are the stacks heading in to the final table:

Seat 1- Yueqi Zhu - 87,000
Seat 2- Tom Chambers - 235,000
Seat 3- Greg Pappas - 304,000
Seat 4- Michael Mizrachi - 231,000
Seat 5- Daniel Mowczan - 122,000
Seat 6- John Racener - 180,000
Seat 7- John Cernuto - 285,000
Seat 8- Farzad Rouhani - 513,000 will have all your live updates, chip counts and photos from the floor.

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