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Buy-In: $1,365 + $135
Prize Pool: $973,245
Entrants: 713

Event 3 - Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 02, '08 - Jun 04, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 04, 08)


Pot-Limit Hold'em - Singer Wins It

David SingerAfter a 3-hour long heads-up battle with Jacobo Fernandez, David Singer has claimed the title in the $1,500 pot-limit hold'em event.

First, Singer doubled up when, from the button, Fernandez min-raised to 80,000 and Singer popped it to 240,000 total. Fernandez then moved Singer all-in for 800,000. Singer called and his AK was racing against Fernandez's 55. The board came KA1084 and Singer had won a 1.7 million chip race, putting Fernandez on his back foot for the first time in many hours of play.

The final dagger came on the very next hand: 7536 read the board when Singer put out a bet of 50,000. Fernandez wasted no time in raising to 180,000, but was clearly unhappy when Singer moved all-in for all of Fernandez's remaining chips. After a long period of deliberation, Fernandez called, revealing his 73. His suspiscions were confirmed, however, when Singer turned over Q4 for a straight. The river was the J and David Singer threw his fist into the air in celebration.

Jacobo Fernandez earns $136,643 for his runner up finish, and David Singer takes home $214,131 along with his coveted first bracelet.

Player Tags: David Singer,   Jacobo Fernandez

Pot-Limit Hold'em - Jacobo Fernandez Takes The Lead

Blinds: 15,000 - 30,000

Players Left: 2

Chip Leaders:

Jacobo Fernandez - 1,400,000

David Singer - 750,000

Eliminations: None


Once again, without a major confrontation or big showdown, the players began the level swapping the chip lead back and forth. Towards the end of the round, two major reraises from Fernandez were enough to give him his current 2-1 chip lead.

This match could end at any time, but it looks like both players are going to let the cards decide it.

Player Tags: David Singer,   Jacobo Fernandez

Pot-Limit Hold'em - Not Much Happening

Blinds: 12,000 - 24,000

Players Left: 2

Chip Leaders:

Jacobo Fernandez - 1,200,000

David Singer - 950,000

Eliminations: None


It's been a back and forth battle with neither player giving up much. Fernandez has taken the lead, but it's only a 10 big blind swing.


Both players are playing very close to the vest and hardly any hands have been shown down. Most pots have been minimal and the average preflop raise has been just over a minraise. Despite the tempting odds, both players are patiently waiting for the right moment. If anybody remembers David Singer's heads up match with Kido Pham at Caesar's Palace last October, you know we could be in for a long night.

Player Tags: David Singer,   Jacobo Fernandez

Pot-Limit Hold'em - Back From Dinner Break

The remaining two players are now back from the dinner break. The blinds are now 12,000 - 24,000, giving each player roughly 40 big blinds.

Shuffle up and deal.


Pot-Limit Hold'em - Dinner Break

After a quick double up shortly before the break, David Singer is now leading Jacobo Fernandez. Here are the current chip counts:

David Singer - 1,150,000

Jacobo Fernandez - 1,000,000

The players are now on a 90-minute dinner break until 9:15.

Player Tags: David Singer,   Jacobo Fernandez

Pot-Limit Hold'em - Heads-Up Play Begins

Blinds: 10,000 - 20,000

Players Left: 2

Chip Leaders:

Jacobo Fernandez - 1,500,000
David Singer - 700,000

Eliminations: Greg Alston (3rd Place)

After knocking out Greg Alston in third, Jacobo Fernandez went on a tear to take a big lead in his heads up battle with David Singer.

Big Hands:

Greg AlstonGreg Alston Eliminated in Third Place ($82,725)

Greg Alston raised to 34,000 and Jacobo Fernandez put him all in for his last 100,000 or so . Alston made the call and showed down pocket jacks, which was well ahead of Fernandez and his pocket eights. Unfortunately for Alston, the board came K7689 and he was eliminated in third place, earning $82,725.

Jacobo Fernandez Dominates Early Heads Up Play

In a span of just a few hands, Jacobo Fernandez came over the top of five David Singer bets, each time succesfully getting Singer to lay his hand down. These hands cost Singer nearly 75 percent of his stack, and on the next hand, he got it all in.

David Singer Doubles Up - Fades 14 Outs

On a flop of Q72, Singer once again led for 25,000, and once again, Fernandez came over the top, this time to 100,000. After a brief deliberation, Singer moved all in and Fernandez quickly called with 83 for a flush draw. Singer showed down K2 and was a bit surprised to be in the lead. The turn and river came 99 and Singer dodged a few bullets to double up to just over 600,000.


Pot-Limit Hold'em - Action Packed Level As We Lose Four

Blinds: 8,000 - 16,000

Players Left: 3

Chip Leaders:

David Singer - 905,000
Jacobo Fernandez - 885,000
Greg Alston - 360,000

Eliminations: Zachary King (7th Place), Joe Tehan (6th Place), Russ Harriman (5th Place), Robert Lipkin (4th Place)


The short stacks finally succumbed in level 18 as Zach King, Russ Harriman, Robert Lipkin and Joe Tehan hit the rail.

Big Hands:

Zach KingZachary King Eliminated in Seventh Place ($34,063)

With just over 80,000 in his stack, Zachary King was forced to make his move against Greg Alston. Unfortunately for the young online pro, his A8 ran into the AA of Alston. King failed to catch any miracles as the board came down K1099J to eliminate him in seventh place.
Joe TehanRuss Harriman Sucks Out on Joe Tehan

Joe Tehan has been taking abuse all day, and it continued even further when Russ Harriman shoved from the button. Tehan snap called from the small blind showing AJ and was pleased to see Harriman's 98. But the board came J106Q4 and Harriman hit a straight to double up to around 105,000.

Joe Tehan Eliminated in Sixth Place ($43,796)

Joe Tehan got the rest of his short stack in with J10 against the pocket nines of David Singer. The flop of AQ2 gave him some extra outs, but the turn and river came 87 to brick out, sending Tehan to the rail in a disappointed sixth place. Tehan earns $43,796 for his efforts.

Russ HarrimanRuss Harriman Eliminated in Fifth Place ($55,474)

Harriman had been hovering around the 100,000 chip mark for quite some time before picking up pocket queens. The small all-in amount made it too easy for Greg Alston and he made the call with AJ. The board rolled out A3255 and Harriman made his exit $55,474 richer.

Not too bad for his second career cash.

Robert LipkinRobert Lipkin Eliminated in Fourth Place ($67,640)

After being relatively quiet the entire day, Robert Lipkin decided to make a move at the wrong time and his 75 ran into the pocket jacks of David Singer. The board didn't even come close to Lipkin's hand and he was eliminated in fourth place, leaving the remaining three players to battle for the bracelet.






Pot-Limit Hold'em - Jacobo Fernandez Tops 1 Million

Blinds: 6,000-12,000

Players Left: 7

Chip Leaders:

Jacobo Fernandez - 1,100,000
David Singer - 350,000
Gregory Alston - 270,000
Robby Lipkin - 237,000
Joe Tehan - 200,000
Zachary King - 70,000
Russell Harriman - 65,000

Eliminations: Al Barbieri (8th Place)


Al Barbieri took a bad beat against Greg Alston and was forced to get the rest of his chips in on the short stack. Singer busted him and Barbieri was eliminated in eighth place.

Jacobo Fernandez has continued to defend his blinds at will and pick up big pot uncontested. With constant pressure, he has put a great deal of distance between himself and second place.

Big Hands:

Al BarbieriGreg Alston Sucks Out To Double Up

Al Barbieri raised in late position and Greg Alston reraised out of the blinds. Barbieri put his opponent all in and Alston reluctantly made the call, showing pocket jacks. Barbieri confirmed his suspicions by turning over pocket queens. Things were looking good on a eight-high flop for Barbieri, but a jack on the turn gave new life to a very happy Alston. Barbieri wasn't exactly feeling the same way and after the hand, sat at just under 50,000.

Al Barbieri Can't Catch Up, Eliminated in Eighth Place ($26,764)

Al Barbieri got the rest of his stack in with K6 against David Singer's AQ. The board rolled out A92410 and Sugar Bear was busted in eighth place, earning $26,764.

Jacobo FernandezTehan Takes Some From King

Zach King raised to 29,000 under the gun and got a call from Joe Tehan in the blinds. The flop came J65 and King continued with a bet of 37,000. Tehan called and the turn was the 10. This time around, Tehan bet 45,000 and King thought for a bit before calling. The river was the K and Tehan bet almost enough to put King all in. King thought for a long while, then decided to fold and save his remaining 84,000.

Jacobo Fernandez Tops 1 Million in Chips
Tehan didn't hold on to his chips for long, after giving roughly roughly 200,000 over to Jacobo Fernandez and his turned full house. This was one of the first hands that Fernandez had shown down, even though he is already up to 1.1 million in chips.


Pot-Limit Hold'em - David Singer Doubles Up

Blinds: 5,000 - 10,000

Players Left: 8

Chip Leaders:

Jacobo Fernandez - 428,000
Joe Tehan – 302,000
Al Barbieri - 300,000
David Singer - 280,000
Robby Lipkin - 245,000
Gregory Alston - 180,000
Zachary King - 175,000
Russell Harriman - 90,000

Eliminations: Glen Bean (9th Place)


David Singer doubled up twice to end the first level of the day, then got involved in a big pot with Greg Alston.

Zachary Clark doubled up through Russ Harriman to stay alive.

Big Hands:

David SingerDavid Singer Doubles Up.... Twice

On a flop of Q53 Greg Alston put David Singer all in for just under 70,000 and Singer made the call, showing AQ. Alston turned over JJ and failed to catch his two-outer when the turn and river came 103. That pot brought Singer up to 162,000, which he used for his next double up a few hands later.

Singer raised it up to 22,000 under the gun and got a call from Al Barbieri on the button. The flop came down Q32 and Singer bet 40,000. Barbieri called and the 8 hit the turn. This time Singer moved all in for about 100,000 and Barbieri called, turning over KQ, which was behind to Singer's pocket aces. The A on the river didn't change anything and Singer doubled up once again to about 325,000.

Singer Gives Some Back

Singer vaulted into second place with his two double ups, but gave some of it back on a hand with Greg Alston. Alston raised to 27,000 preflop and Singer made the call in the big blind. The flop came A94 and both players checked. The turn was the J and Singer led for another 27,000. Alston moved all in for another 113,000 and Singer took a few moments before letting his hand go.

Glen BeanZachary "CKingUSC" CKing Doubles Up

With a rail that included online notables Vivek "psyduck" Rajkumar, Shaun Deeb and Chris "cdbr3799" Dombrowksi, Zachary Clark had been getting anxious to get his chips in the middle. A situation finally presented itself after a series of preflop raises with Russ Harriman and King's pocket jacks held up against Harriman's pocket nines to keep him in contention with 170,000.

Glen "Miss Pretty" Bean Eliminated in Ninth Place ($19,646)

Glen Bean hung around on the short stack for quite some time before being forced to get it in with J-8 against Zachary Kings's A-Q. Bean caught an eight on the flop to give him some hope, but an ace on the river sent him packing. Bean earned $19,646 for his efforts.



Pot-Limit Hold'em - Joe Tehan Falters

Blinds: 4,000 - 8,000

Players Left: 9

Chip Leaders:

Jacobo Fernandez - 428,000
Al Barbieri - 380,000
Robby Lipkin - 305,000
Joe Tehan - 260,000
Russell Harriman - 242,000
Gregory Alston - 179,000
Zachary King - 139,000
David Singer - 83,000
Glen Bean - 75,000

Eliminations: None


Joe Tehan has fallen from the chip leader position after losing several early confrontations, most notably with Al "SugarBear" Barbieri.

Big Hands:

Joe Tehan Falters Early

Play has been relatively cautious, but on hand no. 5, Joe Tehan raised to 20,000 and Greg Alston made the call on the button. The flop came J97 and Tehan checked. Alston bet 26,000 and Tehan made the call. The turn was the 6 and Tehan checked once again. This time, Alston fired out 41,000 and Tehan was forced to muck his hand.

Al BarbieriJacobo Fernandez Defends His Blinds

It seems like blinds will be tough to steal from new chip leader Jacobo Fernandez. Each time someone has raised him, he has come over the top to shut it down.

Al Barbieri Wins a Monster Pot

In the first real showdown of the day, Al Barbieri limped in early position and Joe Tehan reraised to 28,000 from the small blind. Barbieri decided to call and both players saw a flop of KQ6. Tehan checked, and Barbieri bet 40,000. Tehan then check raised to 102,000 and Barbieri just called. The turn put three diamonds on the board when it came the 4 and Tehan decided to check. Barbieri instantly went all in for 153,000, and Tehan frustratedly mucked his cards. Barbieri showed pocket aces with the A as he took the pot.

After the hand, Barbieri was up to around 425,000 and Tehan was down to 265,000.

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