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Buy-In: $9,400 + $600
Prize Pool: $3,308,800
Entrants: 352

Event 1 - World Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • May 30, '08 - Jun 01, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 01, 08)


Nenad Medic Wins the 2008 $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em World Championship

The Final Countdown

Nenad Medic picked up two 600,000 pots during a run where he won eight in a row against Andy Bloch to tip the scales even further after beginning their heads-up match with a sizeable advantage. These events set up the last stand for Bloch, and Medic's eventual victory.

Andy Bloch Doubles Up - Happy Birthday!

Nenad Medic raised the pot and Andy Bloch moved all in. They turned up their hands and Bloch held Q5 against Medic's K8. The crowd rose to their feet and awaited the board that hit table QJ897. Bloch doubled up on the hand as his group of supporters serendaded him with a round of "Happy Birthday" to coincide with the pot he had won as well as his 39th birhtday.

Nenad Medic - Event No. 1 ChampionNenad Medic Wins Event No. 1 ($10,000 pot-limit hold'em World Championship)

Medic made the call on the button and Bloch raised to 300,000. Medic called the raise and the flop hit the table 854. Bloch bet 500,000 and Medic raised the pot. Bloch called all in and they turned up their hands. Bloch turned up 99 and Medic revealed 75.  The turn and river fell J5, making Medic a flush, and eliminating Bloch from the tournamet in second place ($488,048). Medic was awarded the first gold bracelet of the summer, which is also the first gold bracelet of his young career. He will also take home $794,112 in prize money.

Player Tags: Andy Bloch,   Nenad Medic

PLHE Final Table - Hour Seven - Three Way All In!


Blinds: 50,000-100,000

Players Left: 2

Chip Counts:

Nenad Medic: 4,520,000
Andy Bloch: 2,570,000


Kathy Liebert - 3rd Place ($306,064)

Kathy LiebertBig Hands and Storylines:

Kathy Liebert Eliminated in Third Place ($306,064)

Nenad Medic raised to 300,000 on the button and Kathy Liebert moved all in for 850,000. Andy Bloch then reraised the pot to 2,800,000. Medic then moved all in after that and Bloch made the call to cover both of his opponents in a three way all in. They then turned up their hands:

Liebert: 66
Bloch: 99
Medic: QQ

Board: AQ245

Medic won the hand with a set of queens and Liebert was eliminated in third place. She will take home $306,064 in prize money. There was a short break in the action after this hand to reset for the heads-up match.

Player Tags: Kathy Liebert,   Andy Bloch,   Nenad Medic

PLHE Final Table - Hour Six - Mike Sexton Eliminated


Blinds/Antes: 40,000-80,000

Players Left: 3

Chip Counts:

Andy Bloch: 2,750,000
Nenad Medic: 2,610,000
Kathy Liebert: 1,680,000


Mike Sexton - 4th Place ($248,160)

Big Hands and Storylines:

The Poker Kat's Third Live

Kathy Liebert got all of her chip into middle against Andy Bloch soon after the dinner break ended to construct a pot worth 1.2 million. Liebert hung her hopes on A7, while Bloch showed down AQ. The board rolled out 65344 and Liebert doubled up for the tird time at the final table.

Medic! Doubles Up

Mike SextonMike Sexton raised 215,000 preflop from the button and Nenad Medic raised the pot to 765,000. Sexton moved all in on top of that and Medic made the call. They turned up their hands and Sexton held pocket tens to Medic's AJ. The board rolled out A63AQ and Medic doubled up. Sexton was left dangerously low after the hand.

New Birds

Tom McEvoy, David Williams, and Vincent Procopio have popped up in different parts of the crowd to sweat the fourhanded action.

Mike Sexton Eliminated in 4th Place ($248,160)

Sexton made a pot-sized raise preflop and Liebert made the call. The flop rolled out AJ8 and Liebert checked. Sexton moved all in and Liebert made the call., They turned up their hands and Libert revealed A8 for top two-pair. Sexton showed down A6. The turn and river fell 46 and Sexton was eliminated in fourth place. He left to a round of applause, and he will take home $248,160 in prize money.

Player Tags: Kathy Liebert,   Andy Bloch,   Mike Sexton,   Nenad Medic

PLHE Final Table - Back from Dinner

The four players remaining in the $10,000 pot-limit hold'em World Championship have returned, and three more will be eliminated before the first gold bracelet of the summer is awarded.

Here is a look at the chip counts at this late stage in the event:

Andy Bloch: 3,300,000
Nenad Medic: 1,700,000
Mike Sexton: 1,600,000
Kathy Liebert: 580,000
Next post will be up at 10:15 p.m. PST.

PLHE Final Table - Hour Five - Put on the Brakes

 Note: The final four players are on dinner break until 9:15 p.m.

Blinds/Antes: 30,000-60,000

Players Left: 4

Chip Counts:

Andy Bloch: 3,600,000
Nenad Medic: 1,760,000
Mike Sexton: 1,130,000
Kathy Liebert: 850,000

Eliminations: none

Big Hands and Storylines:


The last hour of play was by far the slowest at the final table. The measured approach of the final four professionl players has taken over, and it could take a while to crown the first champion at the 2008 WSOP. Another player arrived to watch the grind and support Nenad Medic, and it was none other than Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi.

Andy BlochWhat is a Showdown doing here?

A flop of KJ7 is checked by both Andy Bloch and Mike Sexton. The 5 fell on the turn and Bloch bet 220,000. Sexton made the call and the river rolled out the 5. Bloch fired 250,000 and Sexton decided to call again. They turned up their hands and Bloch turned up K9 to take down the pot over Sexton's J10. This was the only showdown on the river during the hour that was not checked by both players on the river.

The 320,000 Chip Trade

Sexton and Nenad Medic checked a flop of Q55, and the 8 fell on the turn. Sexton bet 100,000 and Medic made the call. The river brought the 8 and Sexton fired out 280,000. Medic mucked and Sexton took down the 320,000 in the middle of the table.

The 620,000 Chip Trade

On the last hand before the dinner break, Sexton called and Medic checked a pot preflop, and the fop was dealt 763. Medic bet 80,000 and Sexton raised to 250,000. The two players then checked down the 2 on the turn and the 5 on the river. Sexton revealed two 7's in the hole and took down the 620,000 pot.

Player Tags: Kathy Liebert,   Andy Bloch,   Mike Sexton,   Nenad Medic

PLHE Final Table - Hour Four - Everyone Takes Turns Doubling Up


Blinds/Antes: Moved from 25,000-50,000 to 30,000-60,000 this hour

Players Left: 4

Chip Counts:
Andy Bloch: 3,605,000
Nenad medic: 1,475,000
Mike Sexton: 1,375,000
Kathy Liebert: 1,025,000

Big Hands and Storylines:

Nenad Medic Doubles Up

Nenad Medic got all of his chip into the middle preflop and Andy Bloch called him down after an escalating battle of raises. Bloch flipped up pocket kings and Medic showed down AK. The flopp rolled out the nuts for Medic, in the form of 762. The turn and river hit 23 and Medic doubled up on the hand to 2.3 million.

Andy Bloch Takes a Million Dollar Pot off of Nenad Medic

Andy Bloch raised to 150,000 from the button and Nenad Medic called from the small blind. The flop came AK8, and Medic checked to Bloch who bet 200,000. Medic called and the turn was the J. Both players checked. The river was the 2 and Medic fired out 450,000. Bloch thought for a few seconds before calling and turning over A-9 for top pair. Medic mucked and Bloch raked a 1.1 million pot.

Mike SextonMike Sexton Doubles Through the Chip Leader

Andy Bloch raised to 150,000 from the small blind and Mike Sexton reraised to 400,000. Bloch came over the top and raised enough to put Sexton all in. Sexton called all in for 555,000 more and turned over AJ. Bloch showed A6. The flop came KJ7, giving Sexton middle pair and reducing Bloch to catching two running sixes for the win or a running queen-ten for a chop pot with a straight to the ace. The turn brought the 4 and Bloch was drawing dead. The river was the Q and Mike Sexton doubled through the chip leader to stay alive.

Kathy Liebert Doubles Up TWICE

Andy Bloch raised to 95,000 and Kathy Liebert reraised all in for 195,000 more. Bloch called and turned over Q3 while Liebert showed A10. The board came A8469, giving Liebert top pair and the win.

A few hands later and Liebert would double up again, this time through Nenad Medic. Liebert raised to 175,000 before the flop when Medic tanked and reraised 375,000. Liebert made the all in call for 315,000 and turned over K10. Medic showed A8. The board came Q75510, giving Liebert a pair of tens for the best hand on the river. After this hand, Liebert doubles up to over 1 million in chips.



Player Tags: Kathy Liebert,   Andy Bloch,   Mike Sexton,   Nenad Medic

PLHE Final Table - Hour 3 - Chris Bell and Amit Makhija Eliminated

Note: Players take a 20-minute break and return to Level 24 with increased blinds of 25,000-50,000. Two more levels will take place before the dinner break.

Blinds/Antes: 25,000-50,000

Players Left: 5

Chip Counts:

Andy Bloch: 3,170,000
Mike Sexton: 1,445,000
Nenad Medic: 1,4050,000
Kathy Liebert: 595,000


Chris Bell - 6th place ($157,168)
Amit Makhija - 5th Place ($198,528)
Big Hands and Storylines:
Andy BlochAndy Bloch Wins a Million Dollar Pot
Andy Bloch had the button and raised to 110,000. Mike Sexton called from the small blind. The flop came 862, and Sexton checked to Bloch who bet 125,000. Sexton called and the turn brought the 7. Sexton led out for 365,000 and Bloch immediately raised the size of the pot (~1.2 million). Sexton tanked for a few minutes before folding to Bloch’s raise. Bloch raked a pot woth a million, maintaining a now commanding chip lead over the table.

Chris Bell Eliminated in 6th Place ($157,168)

Chris BellMike Sexton had the button when Chris Bell opened for 140,000. Nenad Medic raised enough to put Bell all in. Bell called the raise and was all in for 290,000. Bell turned over A3 while Medic showed JJ for the lead going to the flop. The flop came Q65, no help to Bell who was all in and facing elimination, but the turn brought the A, giving Bell top pair and the lead. The crowd gasped. Medic was reduced to catching one of the two remaining jacks, and he did, when the J hit the river! Bell was eliminated in 6th place and received $157,168 for his efforts.

Wife of an Icon

When the players returned from their break, Nolan Dalla made anannouncement to the crowd that the wife of the late poker icon, Stu Ungar, was in the crowd. He then asked Madeline Ungar to stand up and the crowd cheered their approval.

Amit MakhijaAnother Big Pot for Bloch

Over a half-dozen hands then transpired without much action before Bloch and Sexton tangled once again. Bloch raised 120,000 more from the cutoff preflop and Sexton reraised to 420,000 on the button. Blkoch popped the action up to 1,350,000 and Sexton went into the tank. He eventtually mucked, and conceded another big pot to Bloch (800,000).

Amit Makhija Eliminated in 5th Place ($198,528)

Amit Makhija got all of his chips into the middle against Andy Bloch preflop and they turrned up their hands. Both of them held an ace, but Bloch held the upper hand with a 7-kicker over Makhija's 3-kicker. The board was dealt Q964A and Makhija was eliminated in 5th place. He will take home $198,528 in prize money.





PLHE Final Table - Hour Two - Falling Like Flies

Blinds/Antes: 20,000-40,000

Players Left: 6

Chip Counts:

Andy Bloch: 2,335,000
Mike Sexton: 2,240,000
Nenad Medic: 1,175,000
Kathy Liebert: 630,000
Amti Makhija: 610,000
Chris Bell: 290,000


Mike Sowers - 8th Place ($99,264)
Patrik Antonius - 7th Place ($124,080)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Patrik AntoniusThe Poker Kat Doubles Up with Aces vs. Kings

Kathy Liebert got all of her chips into the middle preflop against Patrik Antonius, and for the third time at this final table a battle of pocket pairs would decide a player's fate. Liebert held aces against the kings of Antonius. The board brought no help to either player and Liebert doubled up through Antonius.

Antonius Triples Up

Antonius continued his topsy-turvey existence at the final table when he opened a pot for 140,000. Nenad Medic made the call from the small blind, as did Liebert in the big blind. The flop rolled out A10Q and Medic checked. Liebert bet 40,000 and Antonius made an all-in call for his final 25,000. Medic also called and the side pot was pushed to one side of the table. The 4 fell on the turn and Medic checked. Liebert moved all in and Medic mucked. It was now down to Liebert and Antonius and they turned up their cards. Liebert flipped up A4 for two pair, and Antonius showed down pocket tens for a set. The 7 fell on the river and Antonius tripled up to survive once again.Mike Sowers

Mike Sowers Eliminated in 8th Place ($99,264)

Mike Sexton opened a pot for 110,000 and Sowers made a pot-sized raise. Sexton moved all in and Sowers made the call for his final 715,000. Sexton had Sowers covered and he turned up pocket queens. Sowers showed down 94 and the board rolled out K83AJ. Sowers was eliminated in 8th place and he will take home $99,264 in prize money.

Patirk Antonius Eliminated in 7th Place ($124,080)

Antonius raised the pot (120,000) and Andy Bloch reraised the pot to 360,000. Antonius moved all in and Bloch made the call. Bloch turned up A4 and Antonius showed down K10. The board rolled out 99575 and Antonius was eliminnated in 7th place. He will take home $124,080 in prize money.


PLHE Final Table - Hour One - The Fall of Phil Laak


Blinds/Antes: 20,000-40,000

Players Left: 8


Phil Laak - 9th Place ($74,448)

Big Hands and Storylines:

Railbird Central

As the players took their seats and were introduced to the crowd, excitment filled the air for what should be one of the most star-studded final tables of the summer. Many professionals were in the crowd as well. Jennifer Tilly was supporting Phil Laak, Linda Johnson had taken a seat to root for Mike Sexton, and Noah Boeken was on hand to support fellow European star, Patrik Antonius. Also on hand were Erick Liindgren and Gavin Smith in Chris Bell's corner, and Chad Batista was there to support fellow online professional Amit Makhija. Numerous other pros dotted the crowd as well - including Theo Tran, Allen Kessler, and Steve Wong. Cards got into the air shortly after 3 p.m. and one of the strongest final tables in recent WSOP memeory was under way.  Phil Laak

Action out of the Gate

On the very first hand of play, Patrik Antonius moved all in for 230,000 from the big blind, and Phil Laak made the call from middle position. They turned up their hands and Antonius held pocket kings to Laak’s pocket jacks. The board was dealt AJ210K as the players and surrounding crowd were taken on a wild ride to start the final table. Antonius doubled up and survived, while Laak was knocked down to a short stack.

Phil Laak Eliminated in 9th Place ($74,448)

Laak got his short stack all in a few hands later when he shoved for 165,000 total from the small blind. Nenad Medic reraised to 350,000 while Laak got up from his seat and revealed his hole cards to members of the audience. Everyone else folded and Laak tossed two jacks down on the table. Medic revealed two aces and the board rolled out K6295. Laak was eliminated in 9th place and the life of the party was the first player to leave.


Shuffle Up and Deal...Well, Almost

The first final table (Event 1) of the 39th Annual WSOP is delayed a few minutes as the final nine players are now starting to take their seats.

Here are the starting chip counts...

Andy Bloch: 2,115,000
Nenad Medic: 1,200,000
Mike Sexton: 1,130,000
Mike Sowers: 675,000
Amit Makhija: 525,000
Chris Bell: 455,000
Phil Laak: 425,000
Kathy Liebert: 285,000
Patrik Antonius: 230,000

As a reminder, the first post will be at 4:00 p.m. local time with all of the begining action.

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