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Buy-In: $15,000 + $300
Prize Pool: $12,882,600
Entrants: 842

EPT Grand Final Main Event

  • Apr 12, '08 - Apr 17, '08


Updates on Day 5 (Apr 17, 08)


Hand 274: Glen Chorny Wins the EPT Grand Final

Glen Chorny WinsOn the second hand of heads-up action, Denes Kalo pushes all in from the button and Glen Chorny calls, having him covered. Chorny turns over A 5, and Kalo shows K Q. The flop came A Q 6, improving both players, but putting Chorny further in the lead with top pair. The turn was the 6, which reduces the outs Kalo has to survive. The river brings the 10, and Chorny is the winner of the 2008 European Poker Tour Grand Final. Chorny has earned the EPT Grand Final trophy and the $3,193,822 first-place prize.

Denes Kalo receives $1,864,116 for his second-place finish tonight.

Player Tags: Denes Kalo,   Glen Chorny

Heads-Up Chip Chounts

Here are the chip counts heading in to heads up:

Glen Chorny: 11,200,000

Denes Karlo: 1,400,000


Player Tags: Glen Chorny

Break Time

The players are on 5-minute break.


Hand 272: Maxime Villemure Eliminated 3rd ($1,130,487)

Maxime VillemureVillemure calls in the small blind, and Chorny checks his option. The two check down to the turn of A 10 4 J, Villemure bets 220,000, and Chorny calls. The river is the 9, Villemure bets 520,000, Chorny raises all in, and Villemure calls all in. Villemure tables the Q 8 for a queen-high straight. Chorny turns over K Q for a better straight. Villemure leaves the table in third place, earning $1,130,487.


Player Tags: Glen Chorny,   Maxime Villemure

Hand 270: Glen Chorny

On a flop of J 7 7, to which all three players limped, Chorny and Kalo check to Villemure, who bets 250,000. Kalo check-raises to 580,000, and Villemure folds. Kalo shows 10-8 for a bluff with a gutshot-straight draw.

Player Tags: Denes Kalo,   Maxime Villemure

Updated Chip Counts

Glenn Chorny: 7,802,000

Maxime Villemure: 3,478,000

Denes Kalo: 1,345,000




Technical Difficulties

Due to Internet difficulties, hand-for-hand coverage will cease, but all hands with major action will be posted.


Hand 263: Chop

On a board of K887 Villemure bets 275,000 and Chorny calls. The river brings the 7, both players check and they both flip up K-9.

Player Tags: Glen Chorny,   Maxime Villemure

Hand 261: Maxime Villemure

Villemure opens the action and everyone folds.

Player Tags: Maxime Villemure

Hand 262: Glen Chorny

On a flop of KQ5 Chorny bets and everyone folds.

Player Tags: Glen Chorny
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