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CPPT VI - The Bicycle Casino

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Quantum $500K GTD


Brandon Zuidema Takes Out Another Player

The button shipped in the rest of his 14,200 stack and the action fell on Brandon Zuidema in the big blind. Zuidema could thought it over for a bit, working out the math, before eventually ...

Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $908,100
Entrants: 158
Rebuys: 472

Event 26 - Pot Limit Omaha w/ Rebuys

  • Jul 17, '06 - Jul 18, '06


Updates on Pot LimitOmaha Final Day (Jul 18, 06)


Eric Froehlich Wins The $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha w/Rebuys Event ($299,675)

Sherkhan Farnood bets out $36,000 from the button and Eric Froehlich calls. The flop comes 10club7heart5club. Farnood bets the pot and Froehlich immediately re-raises the pot. Farnood re-raises all-in and Froehlich calls. Froehlich shows Qdiamond7diamond7heart6spade and Farnood is holding KheartKdiamond6club3heart. The turn is the Jdiamond and the river is the Jheart eliminating Sherkhan Farnnod in second place, earning him $165,274. Eric Froehlich wins his second World Series of Poker bracelet and takes home $299,675.

Froehlich Mucks

Sherkhan Farnood calls from the button and Eric Froehlich checks. The flop comes AheartQheartJdiamond. Both players check the the turn is the Qspade. Both players check again and the river is the 6club. Both players check yet again. Sharkhan Farnood shows A-K-7-3 and Eric Froehlich mucks his hand.

Blinds Swap

On the previous five hands the player on the button has folded to the big blind. 

Froehlich Continues to Force Folds

From the button, Sherkhan Farnood bets out $36,000. Eric Froehlich calls. The flop comes 8spade6spade2spade. Both players check. The turn is the 9diamond. Farnood checks and Froehlich bets $72,000. Farnood folds and Froehlich takes the pot.

Froehlich Takes Pot Off Farnood

Sherkhan Farnood bets $36,000 and Eric Froehlich calls. The flop comes Qheart9club7heart. Farnood bets the pot ($72,000) and Froehlich re-raises to $288,000. Farnood folds and now has $270,000. Froehlich sits with $645,000.

Froehlich Forces a Fold

Eric Froehlich raises to $36,000 before the flop and Sherkhan Farnood calls. The flop comes Qdiamond5heart2heart. Farnood bets out $72,000 and Froehlich re-raises to $284,000. Farnood thinks for a few minutes and makes what he calls "a big lay down." Froehlich now has $555,000 and Farnood has $368,000.

Heads Up Play Continues

Eric Froehlich and Sherkhan Farnood exchange blinds as heads up play continues.

Chau Giang Eliminated in 3rd Place ($90,810)

On a flop of Aheart5spade4diamond, Chau Giang bets $32,000.  Eric Froehlich re-raises the pot, putting Giang all-in.  Giang makes the call with Adiamond8heart4club2heart.  Froehlich shows 10club7heart6spade4spade for a straight draw.  The 3club on the turn gives Froehlich his straight, and leaves Giang drawing to an Ace or a 4 for a full house.  The river is the 8diamond, and Chau Giang finishes in 3rd place.

Froehlich Doubles Through Chau Giang

Eric Froehlich raises the pot ($42,000) from the button.  Chau Giang calls from the big blind.  The flop comes Aclub10diamond5heart.  Giang bets the pot, and Froehlich re-raises all-in.  Giang calls and shows QheartJclub10spade8club.  Froehlich shows KheartQdiamondJdiamond9diamond.  The turn is the Jspade and the river is the Qclub.  Froehlich wins with the nut straight over Giang's two pair.  Giang is down to $88,000.

"Efro" Takes a Hit

On a flop of AclubKdiamond8club, Chau Giang checks, Eric Froehlich bets the pot ($32,000), Giang re-raises the pot ($64,000), and "Efro" folds.  Giang is up to $270,000 while Froehlich is down to $175,000.
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