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Buy-In: $2,000
Prize Pool: $1,073,800
Entrants: 590

Event 18 - Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jul 11, '06 - Jul 12, '06


Updates on Final Day (Jul 12, 06)


Kesselman Doubles Up Through Viox

From the cut-off position Chris Viox raises to $42,000, Eric Kesselman calls from the small blind and Hyon Kim folds in the big blind.  The flop comes Adiamond10diamond3diamond, Kesselman checks, Viox bets $30,000, Kesselman calls.  The turn is the 5diamond, Kesselman bets $50,000 and Viox calls.  The river is the Aheart.  Kesselman fires out $70,000 and Viox raises enough to put Kesselman all-in.  Kesselman thinks about it for a few seconds before making the call and turning over KdiamondJdiamond for the flush.  Viox says nice hand and mucks his cards.  Viox now sits at $108,000 and Kesselman stack is $440,000.

No Flop

The pot has been raised the last 8 hands, and the table has been folding around to the raiser.

Level Increase

The level has increased to 17 blinds are now $8,000-$16,000.

Ross Doubles Through Viox

Chris Viox ($440,000) raises to $32,000 from early position and Kevin Ross ($94,000) re-raises all-in for $62,000 more and Viox calls. Viox shows 4heart4spade and Ross turns over AheartJdiamond.  The flop comes down AdiamondKheart9diamondand Ross takes the lead witha  pair of Aces.  The turn is a Kclub and river is a Qclub and Ross has doubled up.  Ross is now sitting with $200,000 and Viox is left with $340,000.


Holmes Eliminated in 7th

Eric Kesselman raises $36,000, and Dustin Holmes re-raises all-in for $92,000.  Kesselman makes the call and flips over 9diamond8diamond, while Holmes has AclubQspade.  The flop comes Kdiamond10diamond4spade, giving Holmes more outs with a straight draw, but it cant be the Jdiamond since it would give Kesselman his flush.  The turn is the 6club, helping niether player leaving Holmes in the lead with Ace high.  The river brings the 4diamond for Kesselman's flush eliminating Holmes in 7th place.  Holmes takes home $42,952.

Ross Doubles Through Sagle

Kevin Ross ($73,000) raises the pot to $42,000 and Jason Sagle ($276,000) re-raises to $76,000 total to put Ross all-in and Ross calls.  Sagle shows Adiamond9diamond and Ross turns over AspadeJheart.  The flop comes down Jdiamond9heart5diamond, Ross flops top pair but Sagle flops a flush draw.  the turn is a 2heart and river an Aheart.  Ross doubles up to $158,000 and Sagle is knocked down to $200,000.


Play Tightens

Since returning from dinner break play has been extremely tight, in the first six hands a flop hasn't been dealt.  Pre-flop raises have taken down the blinds.

Play Resumes

Players are returning from their dinner break and cards will be in the air shortly.  The level will remain at 16 for 40 more minutes, blinds are $6,000-$12,000.


Players Take a 90 minute Dinner Break

The final table of the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold'em event is currently on a 90-minute dinner break. 

Hyon Kim Doubles Up

Chris Viox raises to 25k and is reraised by Eric Kesselman to 114k.  Hyon Kim calls all-in for his last 50k.  Viox folds and Kesselman shows AclubQspade against Kim's Kheart10heart.  The flop comes Qclub5diamond4diamond and Kesselman pairs his Queen.  The turn brings the Jclub which gives Kim an overcard and an openended straight draw.  The river is the Kdiamond which doubles Kim up to 130k, and knocks Kesselman down to 131k.  Viox folded Adiamond10diamond which would have been the nuts and eliminated two players. 
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