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Buy-In: $2,000
Prize Pool: $1,073,800
Entrants: 590

Event 18 - Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jul 11, '06 - Jul 12, '06


Updates on Final Day (Jul 12, 06)


Eric Kesselman Wins $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Event

On the first hand of heads up play Kesselman raises to $60,000 and Kim re-raises the pot $120,000 more.  Kesselman re-raises the pot and Kim goes all-in.  Kesselman makes the call and has Kim covered by $100,000.  Kesselman shows Adiamond10spade and dominates Kim's Aspade9club.  The flop comes down QclubJdiamond2club and Kim is still behind needing running clubs, a 9, or running striaght cards to stay alive.  The turn is a 8club giving Kim the flush draw and a straight draw.  Any club or 10 will keep Kim alive. The river is a 7diamond and Kesselman wins the $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'Em event #18 taking home $311,403 and the bracelet. Kim will walk away with $164,291 for his 2nd place finish.

Viox Eliminated in 3rd

Hyon Kim raises to $60,000, Chris Viox re-raises to $100,000 and Kim says "Lets gamble", before pushing all-in having Viox covered.  Viox makes the call and flips over Kclub10heart and Kim has pocket 6's.  The board comes Qheart5diamond2diamond9diamond9spade and Kim's pocket 6's holds eliminating Viox in 3rd place.  He takes home $85,905.

Play Resumes

Players are back from break and cards are in the air blinds are up to $10,000-$20,000.

Short Break

The 3 remaining players are on a 10 minute break.

Kings vs. Aces

Kevin Ross from the small blind raises to $40,000, Eric Kesselman re-raises to $100,000 total and Ross pushes all-in.  Kesselman has Ross covered and calls without even thinking.  Kessleman flips over AdiamondAspade and Ross has KheartKdiamond.  The flop comes Jdiamond5heart2heart, not giving Ross much help.  However, the turn is the 9heart, which gives Ross a heart draw along with the two remaining Kings in the deck.  The turn is the 6spade not helping Ross and he is eliminated in 4th place taking home $75,166.

Kim and Ross Chop

Kevin Ross raises to $55,000 from the cut-off and Hyon Kim re-raises all-in for $160,000 total and Ross calls.  Kim shows Aspade10club and Ross shows 6club6spade, and it's a race situation.  The flop is Qheart9heart2heart and the 6's are in the lead.  The turn is a 2heart putting 4 hearts on the board.  The river is a 8heart putting a flush on the board chopping the pot.  Ross is at $216,000 and Kim is at $170,000.

Viox Doubles Through Kesselman

Chris Viox raises to $42,000 and Eric Kesselman re-raises enough to push Viox all-in.  Viox calls and flips over 10spade10diamond, Kesselman has AdiamondKheart.  The board comes QdiamondJclub6diamond5spade3heart and Viox 10's hold.  Viox now has $228,000 and Kesselman has $560,000.


Jason Sagle Eliminated

Eric Kesselman raises to $40,000 from the button and Jason Sagle calls from the big blind.  Sagle checks blind and the flop comes down 10club9club9heart Kesselman bets out $55,000 and Sagle moves all-in for $150,000 total and Kesselman calls. Sagle shows 5spade5heart and Kesselman turns over 6club6spade.  The turn is a 7diamond and river is a Qheart.  Sagle is eliminated in 5th place earning $64,428 for his efforts.  Kesselman is now a huge chip lead with $712,000.

Jason Sagle

From late position Jason Sagle raises to $55,000, Eric Kesselman re-raises to $120,000.  Jason Sagle thinks for a long time before Kesselman calls a clock on him.  The floor gives Sagle 1 minute to make his decision and he mucks his cards.  Kesselman shows AspadeAdiamond.


Jim McManuns Eliminated

Hyon Kim ($90,000) raises to $42,000 from mid-position and McManus moves all-in for $75,000 total from the button and Kim calls.  Kim shows Adiamond10diamond and McManus shows KclubQclub.  The flop comes down Aclub4spade2spade and Kim bolts into the lead with a pair of Aces.  The turn is a 5diamond and McManus can only chop the pot with a 3 for the wheel.  The river is a Jheart and McManus is eliminated in 6th place taking home $53,690 for his efforts.  Kim is now sitting with $195,000.
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