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Buy-In: $1,000
Prize Pool: $1,026,480
Entrants: 1128

Event 15 - Ladies No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jul 09, '06 - Jul 10, '06


Updates on Final Day (Jul 10, 06)


Jones Hits River Again For the Bracelet

Mary Jones raises $50,000 on the button and Shanee Barton re-raises all-in for her last $140,000.  Jones calls and turns over Qheart6heart, Barton has Aspade4club.  The flop comes Jheart9diamond3diamond and Barton is still in the lead with her Ace.  The turn is the 3heart giving Jones a flush draw or a Queen or a 6.  Barton goes to the river still in the lead but the river spikes the 6club pairing Jone's 6 and awarding her the bracelet and $236,094.  Shanee Barton goes home in second place with $123,178.

River is Kind To Jones Again

Shanee Barton on the button raises to $66,000 and Mary Jones re-raises to $150,000.  Barton calls and the flop comes 9spade7heart2heart.  Jones bets $200,000 and Barton moves all-in for an extra $710,000 more.  Jones calls and flips over Aspade10diamond and Barton has Kdiamond9diamond.  Barton has flopped a pair of 9's and Jones missed the flop completely.  The turn is the 2spade for no help to Jones, but the river is the 10club giving Jones a pair of 10's and crippling Barton.  Jones now has over $1,500,000, while Barton is down to $140,000.

Jones Takes One Down

Mary Jones on the button raises $46,000 and Shanee Barton calls.  The flop KheartKdiamond10spade, Barton checks and Jones fires out $50,000 causing Barton to fold.

Through 1,126 Players

Shanee Barton and Mary Jones are the final two left playing out of a field of 1,128 players.

Coloring Up

The tournament director is coloring up some of the ladies yellow and black $1,000 chips to make it easier for the 2 remaining players to bet.  Play will resume shortly.

Rail Still Going Strong

A lady from the rail just yelled "Everyone is missing a lot of good action with this event not being televised." The tourament director asks for a round of aplause for all the ladies that participated and the two remaining players.


Split Pot

Shanee Barton on the button raises to $40,000 and Mary Jones calls.  The flop comes Qspade10heart8heart, Jones bets $200,000 and Barton calls.  The turn brings the 8club and Jones is all-in.  Barton calls and Jones asks her "Do you have pocket 8's?", since Barton has had some monsters the last few hands.  Barton says no, and flips over 8spade9diamond, while Jones has Jdiamond9spade for the straight.  The river is the Jheart, splitting the pot between both players.


On the first hand heads-up, Mary Jones raises $60,000 on the button and Shanee Barton re-raises all-in.  Barton calls and flips over a pair of 8's while Jones shows Jclub10heart.  The flop comes AheartKdiamond8club for Barton's set of 8's, but Jones has some outs.  The turn is a blank with the 4heart and Jones needs one of the 4 queens in the deck to give her the straight and to stay alive.  The river brings the Qdiamond giving Jones her straight and keeps her alive.

Beatrice Takes Home 3rd

Shanee Barton from the button raises to $70,000 and Beatrice Stranzinger re-raises all-in for her last $170,000.  Barton calls and flips over QclubJclub, while Stranzinger Aheart5spade.  The board comes Kspade6club3clubQheart7spade.  Barton pairs her queens and eliminates Beatrice Stranzinger in 3rd place.

Back From Break

Shanee Barton, Mary Jones, and Beatrice Stranzinger have returned from their short break with their chip stacks looking as follows:

Barton- $1,195,000



Blinds have been increased to $6,000-$12,000 with a $2,000 ante.

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