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Buy-In: $2,000
Prize Pool: $1,219,400
Entrants: 670

Event 8 - Omaha 8 or Better

  • Jul 03, '06 - Jul 05, '06


Updates on Final Day (Jul 05, 06)


Jack Zwerner Wins the $2,000 Omaha High-Low 8/OB Event ($341,426)

After battling all in after all in and surviving each time.  Rusty Mandap finally lost all of his chips when his AspadeAclub10diamond3spade failed to hold up against the Aheart8diamond7club4heart on a board of 6heart5club3heart7heart2diamond

Rusty Mandap finishes the tournament in second place and earns $176,813.

Jack Zwerner wins the gold bracelet and earns $341,426.

Rusty Mandap Doubles Up...Twice

After being down to his last $20,000, Rusty Mandap has doubled up on two consecutive hands and now has $80,000 in chips.

Updated Chip Count

The updated chip count is:

Jack Zwerner    $1,200,000

Rusty Mandap  $140,000


Jack Zwerner Takes Command

Through a series of small pot, Jack Zwerner has whittled Rusty Mandap stack to around $100,000.

Updated Chip Count

The updated chip count is:

Jack Zwerner:   $1,000,000

Rusty Mandap:  $340,000


Heads-Up Play Begins

Heads-up play between Rusty Mandap and Jack Zwerner is now underway.

T.J. Cloutier has come onstage to do some play by play announcing.

Updated Chip Count

The updated chip count is:

Jack Zwerner   $800,000

Rusty Mandap  $540,000


Jeff Madsen Eliminated 3rd ($97,552)

All three players limp in preflop and the flop comes Kspade10diamond8spade.  Jeff Madsen bets and both Jack Zwerner and Rusty Mandap call.  The turn is the 3spade and Rusty bets the $30,000.  Madsen moves all in for an additional $15,000 and both Zwerner and Mandap make the call.  The river is the 4diamond and both players check it down.  Zwerner shows JspadeJheart8heart5spade for a flush and Mandap turns over 7diamond6heart4spade2spade for the low.  Madsen mucks his hand and finishes the tournament in 3rd place.

Updated Chip Counts

The updated chip counts are:

Jack Zwerner   $770,000

Rusty Mandap  $470,000

Jeff Madsen     $100,000


Jeff Madsen Doubles Up Again

Jeff Madsen is all in preflop again, this time against Jack Zwerner.  Madsen shows AheartQheart10diamond3heart and Zwerner turns over Adiamond9club9diamond4diamond.  The board comes AdiamondKheart10clubQclubAclub and Madsen has doubled up to just over $100,000.
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