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Buy-In: $10,000 + $200
Prize Pool: $1,775,100
Entrants: 183

No-Limit Hold'em Championship Event

  • Mar 16, '08 - Mar 19, '08


Updates on Final Day (Mar 19, 08)


Jace Markgraf Eliminated in 5th Place ($71,004)

JaceJace Markgraf moves all in for 273,000 and Ryan Young thinks for a moment before making the call. They then open up their hands:

Young: KQ
Markgraf: Q8

Board: A105109

Markgraf is eliminated on the hand, and he will take home $71,004 in prize money.






Player Tags: Ryan Young,   Jace Markgraf

Larry Wright Eliminated in 6th Place ($53,253)

Larry WrightArdavan Yazdi calls on the button and Larry Wright raises all in for 165,000 on top of the blind from the small blind. Blake Cahail reraises all in over the top of him from the big blind and Yazdi gets out of the way. The two opponents then open up their hands:

Cahail: 88
Wright: KQ

Board: A107AA

Cahail fades multiple outs for Wright and wins the hand. Wright is eliminated in sixth place, and he will take home $53,253 in prize money.






Player Tags: Larry Wright,   Ardavan Yazdi,   Blake Cahail

Larry Wright's Frustration

WrightLarry Wright has become quite frustrated with his current situation. Every time he is in the blinds either Ryan Young, Blake Cahail, or Chris Moore raises things up. "I folded 375,000 in chips away - that strategy has not worked," said Wright as the table shared a laugh. He checked his cards and then folded once again before saying, "But i'm not going to change that strategy." Wright now has just over 200,000  left to his name and he could be all in for his tournamen t life soon.




Player Tags: Larry Wright

Ricky Chow Eliminated in 7th Place ($44,378)

Ricky ChowRicky Chow raises to 60,000 preflop and Ryan Young moves all in. Chow goes into the tank and counts up his chips. He realizes that a call will put him all in, and eventually decides to toss his chips into the middle. The two players then open up their hands:

Chow: JJ
Young: 1010

Board: Q10223

Chow is eliminated in seventh place, and he will take home $44,378 in prize money.





Player Tags: Ryan Young,   Ricky Chow

Ryan Young Doubles Through Jace Markgraff

Ryan Young raises all in for his last 168,000 under the gun and it is folded around to Jace Markgraf in the big blind who looks down and announces call. Markgraf shows AK and Young turns over 33. The board comes 98256 and Young's pair of threes holds to double up to 345,000. Markgraf takes a hit down to 405,000.

Player Tags: Ryan Young,   Jace Markgraf

No Action For Ricky Chow

Ricky Chow limps under the gun and Ardavan Yazdi calls on the button. Alemu Tesema completes from the small blind and Larry Wright checks his option.

Everyone checks the 55494 board until the river, where Chow bets 46,000. Wright thinks it over for awhile before mucking, and Chow turns over 54 for a flopped full house.


Alemu Tesema Eliminated in 8th Place ($35,502)

Alemu TesemaAlemu Tesema moves all in for his final 55,000 preflop and Blake Cahail makes the call. They then open up their hands:

Tesema: J9
Cahail: 103

Board: K105102

Tesema is eliminated on the hand in eighth place and he will take home $35,502 in prize money.



Player Tags: Alemu Tesema,   Blake Cahail

Chip Count Update

The chip counts tabe has been fully updated. Here are the chip counts:

Ardavan Yazdi: 572,000
Alemu Tesema: 73,000
Larry Wright: 395,000
Ricky Chow: 547,000
Blake Cahail: 285,000
Jace Markgraf: 590,000
Ryan Young: 325,000
Chris Moore: 1,150,000

The average chip stack is currently 467,500.

Player Tags: Chris Moore,   Ardavan Yazdi

Blake Cahail Doubles Through Ricky Chow

Blake CahailRicky Chow raises to 35,000 in the hijack and Blake Cahail reraises all in for 89,000 more from the cutoff. Chow calls showing A10 and has a slight lead on Cahail's KQ. The board comes K5532 and Cahail doubles up to almost 260,000.









Player Tags: Ricky Chow,   Blake Cahail

Moore vs. Chow Preflop

Ricky ChowChris MooreCharles Moore raises 45,000 from middle position and Ricky Chow reraises to 135,000. Moore thinks for a second and then folds. Just another  preflop showdown between these two players.





Player Tags: Chris Moore,   Ricky Chow
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