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Buy-In: $10,000 + $200
Prize Pool: $1,775,100
Entrants: 183

No-Limit Hold'em Championship Event

  • Mar 16, '08 - Mar 19, '08


Updates on Final Day (Mar 19, 08)


Chris Moore Wins the Wynn Classic

Chris MooreChris Moore looks down at his cards and puts Ryan Young all in. Young looks at one card and says he has to call. Moore responds that he's only looked at one as well. Young spreads his cards and sees A5, at the same time, Moore spreads his cards to find KK.

The board runs out K10762 and Moore makes a set of kings to win the Wynn Classic and $692,286.

Moore took third place in the inaugural Wynn Classic a year ago.

Young takes second place, earning $355,020.




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Chris Moore Doubles Through Ryan Young

MooreRyan Young raises on the button to 50,000 and Chris Moore calls. The flop comes J85 and Young bets 100,000. Moore check raises to 400,000 and Young moves all in. Moore instantly calls showing J5, and Young turns over AJ.

Young will need help to take the tournament right now, but the turn and river 94 giving Moore a flush and the 3.2 million pot. Young is left with just 400,000.








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Heads-Up Play Begins

Heads UpHere are the chip stacks at the start of heads-up play:


Ryan Young: 2,100,000

Chris Moore: 1,470,000








Player Tags: Ryan Young,   Chris Moore

Blake Cahail Eliminated in 3rd Place ($177,510)

Blake CahailRyan Young raises to 60,000 preflop and Chris Moore makes the call from the small blind. Blake Cahail reraises all in from the big blind and Young makes the call. Moore folds and the two players open up their hands:

Young: JJ
Cahail: Q10

Board: A7538

Cahail is eliminated on the hand in third place, and he will take home $177,510 in prize money.



Player Tags: Ryan Young,   Chris Moore,   Blake Cahail

Not Much Happening

The three players are pretty much trading chips back and forth right now. The blinds are pretty low compared to their stacks, and it might take a major cooler to get out of here.


Chris Moore Takes Down a Big Preflop Pot

Chris MooreBlake Cahail riases to 55,000 on the button and Ryan Young reraises to 200,000 from the small blind. Chris Moore moves all in from the big blind and Cahail quickly gets out of the way. Young remarks, "This is so sick," before folding pocket sevens face up. Moore obliges by showing his pocket nines.

Player Tags: Ryan Young,   Chris Moore,   Blake Cahail

Level 19

The blinds are now 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante. Three players remain and we will play until a champion is crowned.


Dinner Break

Players are now on a 75-minute dinner break.


Three-Horse Race

BlakeAll three players remaining now have a lot of chips at their disposal. This three-handed race is anyone's to win, but it could take a while.

Here are the chip counts:

Ryan Young: 1,563,000
Chris Moore: 1,115,000
Blair Cahail: 993,000Young and Moore








Ardavan Yazdi Eliminated in 4th Place ($95,855)

Ardavan YazdiChris Moore raises to 55,000 on the button and Ardavan Yazdi moves all in for his last 279,000 in the small blind. Blake Cahail asks for a count and then moves all in from the big blind to isolate.

Moore exits the hand and Yazdi sighs as he turned over 33. Cahail shows QQ and the board comes JJ276 and Yazdi is eliminated in fourth place.







Player Tags: Chris Moore,   Ardavan Yazdi,   Blake Cahail
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