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Buy-In: $10,000
Prize Pool: $940,900
Entrants: 97

No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jul 18, '05 - Jul 21, '05


Updates on Final Day (Jul 21, 05)


Amnon Filippi Wins the 2005 Bellagio Challenge Cup ($364,200)

Quinn Do raises preflop, and Filippi calls. The flop comes 8h-3h-3d, Quinn Do bets $100,000, and Amnon Filippi calls. The turn card is the Js, Do bets $200,000, and Filiipi thinks for a few moments before raising all in. Quinn Do says, "So I guess this is it." But he continues thinking for a while, apparently not too happy with the hole he's dug himself on this hand. If he folds, he wouldn't have many chips left, and it looks like he's gonna take a stand.

He calls.

Filippi shows 5c-3c. He flopped trip threes, and unless Do called immediately, Filippi knew he'd be a favorite to win the hand, and the tournament. But Quinn Do isn't drawing dead. He shows Ah-Kh, which gives him the heart flush draw with one card to come. So it all comes down to this. Any heart, except the jack (which would give Filippi a full house), and Quinn Do will take a commanding lead in the tournament. Any other card, and Amnon Filippi will win it all right here.

The river card is the 6s.

Quinn Do is eliminated in second place, earning $228,850. Amnon Filippi takes first, winning a beautiful crystal winner's cup and $364,200.

Quinn Put to a Decision

After a flop of Jd-9c-8s, Amnon Filippi bets $100,000, Quinn Do reraises to $220,000, and Filippi reraises all in. Quinn Do stops to consider his hand, caught between somewhere and nowhere. Quinn thinks for a while, then says, "I have a good hand." To which, Filippi replies, "Then call." Quinn says something else, and Filippi light-heartedly asks, "Do you have a ten?" Quinn never responds, but soon after, he folds his cards.

Blinds at $15,000-$30,000 ($4,000 Ante)

The final two players are seated and ready for their heads-up battle for the 2005 Bellagio Challenge Cup. The blinds are still at $15,000-$30,000, with a $4,000 ante. It's time to shuffle up and deal!

Heads-Up Play Resumes at 12 Noon

Play will resume heads-up between Amnon Filippi and Quinn Do today at 12 noon. They are battling for the Bellagio Challenge Cup, and a first prize of $364,200. Stay tuned to for complete coverage of their climactic battle. Here are the chip counts:

Amnon Filippi - $1,166,000
Quinn Do - $775,000