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Poker Hand Matchup: Balakrishna Patur vs. Matthew Iles

Swords K 7 3 A J

Balakrishna Patur

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 27,387,500

A 5

34.3 %

26.46 %

18.18 %


Matthew Iles

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 80,400,000

7 7

65.31 %

73.54 %

81.82 %

Posted On: Jan 19, 2021


Preflop, with eight players remaining and blinds of 350,000-700,000 with an ante of 87,500, Balakrishna Patur raised to 1,500,000 from the lojack. Matthew Iles called from the big blind. On the flop Iles checked, and Patur bet 1,800,000. Iles called. On the turn Iles checked, and Patur checked. On the river Iles bet 5,700,000. Patur raised all-in for 24,000,000, and Iles folded.


The 2020 WPT Online Poker Open $3,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event drew a total of 395 entries, creating a prize pool of $1,264,000 in the first-ever WPT Main Tour online event held exclusively in New Jersey. Early action at the final table saw a pair of accomplished American tournament grinders sitting atop the leaderboard in Soheb Porbandarwala and Matthew Iles. In this hand Iles demonstrated the discipline and situational awareness that has helped him cash for millions in online tournaments. The hand began with one of the shorter-stacked players, Balakrishna Patur, raising from the lojack. Iles defended his big blind with a pocket pair and flopped middle set. Iles checked and Patur continuation bet with a flopped nut flush draw. Iles check-called and the turn gave Patur top pair to go along with his draw. Iles checked again and Patur decided to check behind. The river completed the flush and Iles bet out for 5,700,000 into the pot of 7,600,000, perhaps looking to target calls from top-pair type hands that Patur checked back with on the turn. Patur raised all-in for 24 million in position, putting Iles to a decision for a sizable chunk of his remaining chips. Iles went into the tank. While fourth set was a strong hand in a vacuum, Iles could have nearly regarded it as a bluff-catcher given the runout and betting action in this hand. Would Patur have checked behind with the lower set of threes on the turn, or with other value hands that are behind a set of sevens like two pair? If he did, would he now raise all-in after a scare card that completed both the flush draw and a gutshot for the Broadway straight? Iles ultimately decided to fold, correctly laying down his hand after losing the lead on fifth street. As a result, he preserved his stack to remain in second place on the leaderboard. Patur chipped up, but remained in sixth position as eight-handed action continued.

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