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Poker Hand Matchup: Manuel Ruivo vs. William Kassouf

Swords A T 4 3

Manuel Ruivo

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 83,501,081

J 7

64.33 %

84.04 %

81.82 %


William Kassouf

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 36,400,000

9 5

34.31 %

15.05 %

18.18 %

Posted On: Jan 04, 2021


Preflop, with four players remaining and blinds of 400,000-800,000 and an ante of 100,000, Manuel Ruivo raised to 1,648,000 from under the gun. William Kassouf called from the big blind. On the flop Kassouf checked, and Ruivo bet 1,200,000. Kassouf check-raised to 4,652,000. Ruivo called. On the turn Kassouf bet 10,000,000, and Ruivo folded.


William Kassouf became notorious for his motor-mouthed table talk during the 2016 WSOP main event. The British player ultimately finished 17th in that tournament for $338,288, but he was involved in many contentious and controversial hands that featured heavily in that year’s ESPN television coverage before he was eliminated. Arguably the most well-known moment from his run came when he ran an all-in bluff with 9-6 offsuit and drew a fold from Stacy Matuson’s pocket queens, which were an overpair to the board. Kassouf was penalized for his incessant table talk during the hand, but not before he unveiled his now infamous catchphrase: “Nine high, like a boss!” Kassouf very likely had that infamous hand in mind when he looked down at 9-5 offsuit with three players remaining at this live-streamed online final table. Manuel Ruivo opened as the first to act with J-7 suited and it folded around to Kassouf in the big blind. Kassouf thought it over before making the call. Ruivo, who won the 2018 MILLIONS Online main event for $2.3 million, picked up a flush draw on the flop. Kassouf checked and Ruivo made a small continuation bet of 1,200,000 into the pot of 4,096,000. Kassouf unleashed a check-raise to 4,652,000, with nine high and no draws to speak of. Kassouf should not only check-raise with his strong hands in this situation, but he likely will have plenty of semi-bluffs that would be better suited to use than the pure air he held in this particular instance. Ruivo made the call with his flush draw and the turn brought the 3´. The pot now sat at 13,400,000, with Kassouf having 30,000,000 behind. He fired another barrel, making it 10,000,000 to call. Ruivo folded his unimproved draw relatively quickly, and Kassouf’s bluff got through.

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