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Poker Hand Matchup: Jason Koon vs. Aram Zobian

Swords A 7 4 K 8

Aram Zobian

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 4,855,440

A 5

55.18 %

92.83 %

72.73 %

Jason Koon

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 7,488,055


44.33 %

7.17 %

27.27 %


Posted On: Sep 16, 2020


Preflop, with nine players remaining and blinds of 100,000-200,000 and an ante of 25,000, Aram Zobian raised to 440,000 from middle position. Jason Koon called from the button. On the flop Zobian checked. Koon bet 351,250. Zobian called. On the turn Zobian checked. Koon checked. On the river Zobian checked. Koon bet 2,696,750. Zobian folded.


This hand features a clash between chip leader Jason Koon and 2018 WSOP main event sixth-place finisher Aram Zobian, who sat with just over 24 big blinds when the cards were dealt. Zobian opened off of his somewhat precarious stack with A-5 suited, which likely appeared fairly strong given that Bruno Botteon currently sat with less than nine big blinds. Koon called with Q-J suited in position and the flop came down A-7-4 rainbow. Zobian flopped top pair with a weak kicker and some backdoor draws. He started out post-flop play with a pot-control approach. He checked and Koon decided to take a stab with his lowly queen high and possible backdoor draws, likely hoping to leverage the stack dynamic pressure Zobian might be feeling. Zobian called and the turn gave Koon both a flush and gutshot straight draw. Zobian checked again. Koon checked behind, perhaps deciding that a semi-bluff bet wasn’t likely enough to draw a fold given Zobian’s approach so far. The river brought the 8´ to complete Koon’s flush and Zobian checked a third time. Koon went for the overbet sizing on the river, firing just shy of 2.7 million into the pot of roughly 2.1 million. Zobian was in a tough spot with his bluff-catching top pair, as his hand likely felt somewhat face up as a one-pair type hand. Koon was certainly capable of using a different draw that missed to represent the flush with as an overbet on this river, perhaps with a hand like 6-5 suited. Zobian ultimately made the correct fold and preserved his remaining 20 big blinds. He went on to finish fifth in this tournament for $529,005, the second-largest score of his career.

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