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Poker Hand Matchup: Daniel Miles vs. Matthew Leecy

Swords K 6 3 4 J

Daniel Miles

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 141,000


63.34 %

80.3 %

90.91 %


Matthew Leecy

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 510,000

Q 8

36.33 %

19.7 %

9.09 %

Posted On: Aug 20, 2014


Preflop, with the blinds at 6,000 and 12,000 and a 2,000 ante, Leecy raised to 27,000 in the hijack seat, Marius Pospiech (1.4 million) called on the button, Miles went all-in from the big blind, Leecy went all-in, and Pospiech folded.


There was 215,000 in the pot when the preflop action returned to Leecy, as he faced another 112,000 to call Miles’ all-in. These 2:1 pot odds were tempting, but there were two problems. The first was his chip position, which could slip from 481,000 to 369,00 by calling, or from 40 big blinds down to a less comfortable 30. Leecy’s second problem was that he had a very capable opponent behind him on the button with a mound. Players are well aware these days when their opponents in the blinds are in the shove zone, and late position stacks are increasingly acting accordingly, smooth calling or limping with monsters in late position hoping to trap squeezers. Leecy was not only risking a comfortable chip position to go after Miles with a weak hand, but he was also sticking his neck out for Pospiech with this aggressive isolation play. Miles dodged Leecy’s outs, securing a double up which carried him into 127th for $52,141. Leecy busted in 205th for $44,728, while Pospiech finished in 84th for $72,369.

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