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Poker Hand Matchup: Tim Adams vs. Patrik Antonius

Swords Q J 7 8 5

Timothy Adams

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 850,000


58.82 %

62.22 %

77.27 %


Patrik Antonius

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 923,000


40.67 %

37.78 %

22.73 %

Posted On: Oct 24, 2013


Preflop, with the blinds at 10,000 and 20,000 and a 3,000 ante, Adams raised to 40,000 from under the gun, Antonius called on the button, and Mike McDonald (1.7 million) called in the big blind. On the flop McDonald checked, Adams bet 90,000, Antonius called, and McDonald folded. On the turn Adams checked, Antonius bet 150,000, and Adams called. On the river Adams checked, Antonius bet 500,000, and Adams called.


Antonius flopped an open ended straight draw, squaring off against Adams’ top-pair top-kicker. Adams made a nice check on the turn, the sequence gave the appearance that his flop bet had just been a continuation-bluff from a motivated preflop raiser. Antonius was offered a free card for his draw, but Adams’ line in the hand led Antonius to believe a bet could successfully buy the pot. Up until this point Antonius’ investment in the hand was nominal, but this turn bet put a bigger pot out there and gave him a greater incentive to make a play on the river. Adams headed to the river with a very promising showdown hand primed to bluff catch, executing a great out of position line with a one-pair holding. Antonius missed his straight on the river and had 640,000, or 32 big blinds, behind. A bet here risked compromising his chip position, but in spite of Adams’ call on the turn Antonius elected to redouble his efforts. Adam’s didn’t like it, but he ultimately came up with the call nearly doubling up on the hand. Antonius lost 84% of his stack on the hand, and was left with just 7 big blinds. Adams went on to finish in 6th, for £175,200.

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