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Poker Hand Matchup: Jonathan Jaffe vs. Michiel Brummelhuis

Swords K T 4 3 9

Jonathan Jaffe

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 2,540,000

Q 7

15.63 %

68.28 %

84.09 %


Michiel Brummelhuis

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 2,341,000


83.96 %

31.72 %

15.91 %

Posted On: Sep 12, 2013


Preflop, with the blinds at 12,000 and 24,000 and a 4,000 ante, Jaffe raised to 52,000 from early position, Brummelhuis called in middle position, and Eli Heath called in the big blind. On the flop Heath checked, Jaffe bet 89,000, Brummelhuis called, and Heath folded. On the turn Jaffe bet 200,000, and Brummelhuis called. On the river Jaffe bet 830,000, and Brummelhuis called.


Brummelhuis set a bit of a trap preflop, under representing his hand with the smooth call of Jaffe’s raise. The risk of just calling here is that subsequent opponents are lured in with improved pot odds, creating a daisy chain of calls and a risky multiway pot. Brummelhuis may have hoped someone behind him would squeeze preflop so he could spring a four-bet, but no one obliged and Heath came along from the big blind. Jaffe’s preflop aggression with his marginal holding paid off handsomely as he flopped the second nut flush. Brummelhuis did quite well here to simply call on each street, any raises could have resulted in Brummelhuis ultimately all-in. With an overpair and the nut flush redraw, some players would submit a raise without hesitation, but Brummelhuis practiced pot control and his chip position remained solid as a result. Jaffe punished him on the river with a large bet, and now Brummelhuis had to worry if QJ had gotten there on the come. Brummelhuis had hidden his hand strength from his opponent on each street, and he still had plenty of chips to work with so he made the call. Brummelhuis lost half of his stack on the hand, but he currently sits in 7th among the remaining “November Nine.” Jaffe’s run ended in 42nd for $185,694.

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