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Poker Hand Matchup: Shawn Buchanan vs. Thomas Winters

Swords 6 3 2 8 5

Shawn Buchanan

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 3,055,000


71.05 %

82.12 %

93.18 %


Thomas Winters

Win Pre-Flop Win Post-Flop Win Post-Turn

Starting Stack: 2,705,000

A 7

28.61 %

17.88 %

6.82 %

Posted On: Jan 02, 2013


Final table, three handed, with the blinds at 50,000 and 100,000 and a 10,000 ante, Buchanan raised to 240,000 from the small blind, Winters reraised to 700,000 from the big blind, Buchanan went all-in, Thomas called.


With large blinds and an aggressive three handed match underway, Winters picked a bad time to wake up with a weak Ace in the big blind considering Buchanan’s pair. Buchanan had made an honest raise with his Tens, but Winter’s increased the pot size and invested 25% of his stack with an honest reraise of his own. Unfortunately he was dominated and unable to get away from his hand once Buchanan set him all-in. This was a spot where he might have known he was in trouble, but having invested a substantial fraction of his stack and the knowledge that his opponent just might be making some kind of play caused him to make the losing call. Working against him was his realization that his Ace was ahead of a random hand in the small blind and that his hand value increased due to the shorthanded nature of play. Buchanan probably wouldn’t shove here with a worse hand though, so Winter’s is really praying for his opponent to have something like K-Q here. It’s rarely a mistake to fold when you are pretty sure you are behind and can still preserve a stack of 20 big blinds. The flop offered some backdoor draws for Winters but they quickly dried up as he was left desperate for an Ace on the river. The Texas livestock dealer did score his largest cash to date with his 3rd place finish as consolation, earning $483,031 for his efforts. Buchanan went on to finish runner up for $746,502.


almost 5 years ago

No offense to Card Player but these type of all in pre-flop hands are extremely boring, and not very thought provoking. In the future if you guys could post hands that involve more post flop play and therefor require more analysis; I'm sure myself and the other readers would enjoy analyzing the hands much more.

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