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Jean-Robert Bellande

Hometown: Hollywood

Country of Origin: United States UNITED STATES

Twitter-bird @BrokeLivingJRB

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Jean-Robert Bellande
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Jean-Robert Bellande Videos

Date Video Title/Caption
Apr 04, '17 Medium_bellandevid

PODCAST: Card Player's Poker Stories With Jean-Robert Bellande

Jean-Robert Bellande made an immediate impact on the poker world back in 2005 as a brash and outspoken player known for playful table talk, but in the years since he ...

Aug 02, '11 Medium_padcash100k

Poker Buzz -- Poker After Dark $100k Cash Game

Poker After Dark is back with another two-week cash game installment, this time featuring no-limit hold'em with a $100,000 minimum buy-in. Card Player TV's 'Poker Buzz' takes a look at ...

Oct 19, '10 Medium_seebsutg

Under The Gun -- Joe Sebok, Bowling Hustler? With Jean-Robert Bellande and Eric Baldwin

Jon Friedberg hosts a special episode of Under The Gun brought to you by In this show Jon sits down with Joe Sebok to discuss his twitter celebrity, how ...

Sep 03, '10 Medium_jrb3

The Scoop -- Jean-Robert Bellande Part 3

Poker pro Jean-Robert Bellande returns for the final installment of his interview on 'The Scoop,' brought to you by Full Tilt Poker. In this episode Bellande discusses his deep run ...

Aug 27, '10 Medium_jrb2

The Scoop -- Jean-Robert Bellande Part 2

Jean-Robert Bellande returns to The Scoop, brought to you by Full Tilt Poker, to discuss his current bankroll dilemmas in detail, how he always finds a way to build up ...

Aug 20, '10 Medium_scoopjrb1

The Scoop -- Jean-Robert Bellande Part 1

Poker pro Jean-Robert Bellande discusses playing heads-up pot-limit Omaha while being spotted a fifth card, the ups and downs of a poker pro in the trenches and his most feared ...

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