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Amanda Musumeci

Hometown: Philadelphia

Country of Origin: United States UNITED STATES

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Amanda Musumeci
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Amanda Musumeci Blogs

Date Title
Aug 06, '14

Come Play With Me(and win a seat to WPT)!

Aug 04, '14

Scammer(subjective) Alert: BEWARE OF KIM SHANNON

Jul 30, '14

Euro-Trip Part 3- Spain To Praque...Closing Thoughts on a Mind-Blowing Trip

Jul 20, '14

Euro-Trip Part 2- Belgium to Spain

Mar 06, '14

Euro-Trip Part 1- Amsterdam to Belgium

Dec 31, '13

A Euro Trip Preface.... a Journey Into my Spiritual Life

Dec 30, '13

My Amazing South African Experience

Oct 10, '13

An Amazing Birthday Adventure & One Year Blog Anniversary!

Aug 10, '13

Chips And Cheddah!!

Jul 31, '13

Crazy Summer and Lots More Fun to Come!!!

Jun 18, '13

Half Truths in the Media. Who Woulda Thunk It

Apr 12, '13

From Flush Draws to Family Drama... Part 1- The Glitz

Dec 15, '12

Some Time Off the Grind, and New Opportunities A'Comin! **If you've ever wanted to train with me, READ THIS**

Nov 29, '12

Thanks For Before... but Now I Need You Guys Again!!! Help!

Nov 28, '12

Whewww! That Was a Jam-Packed November!!! Tales from the road...

Nov 05, '12

Dusting off From Hurricane Sandy, and Back to Lookin for Trouble ;)

Oct 27, '12

Hurricane Hitting our House!!!

Oct 25, '12

The Voice in My Head Leads to a Ring on My Finger!!! OMG WEEEEEE!

Oct 19, '12

Didn't See Lions. But LOOK .. it's a RANTelope!!

Oct 12, '12

Looking Forward to an African Safari Experience!!

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