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Martin Kozlov Wins 2010 ANZPT Melbourne Title

Overcomes 5-1 deficit to defeat James ‘ANDY McLEOD’ Obst heads-up


Martin Kozlov has won the 2010 ANZPT Melbourne main event titleMartin Kozlov overcame significant deficits and dangerous competition on his way to claiming the 2010 ANZPT Melbourne main event title.

In its seventh stop of season 2, the PokerStars-sponsored Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour hosted 310 main event entrants in the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne, Australia. The AU$2,700 buy-in created a prize pool of $775,000 with 36 players getting paid.

With 37 players remaining the tournament, Kozlov sat with the second shortest chip stack and was a long way from a tournament win. But when play reached the final nine, the 23-year-old Melbourne-pro was still hanging on as the short stack. He looked to be heading for the rail early at the final table when his pocket queens ran into the pocket aces of 2010 World Championship of Online Poker Player of the Series winner James ‘ANDY McLEOD’ Obst, but a third queen hit the felt and Kozlov stayed alive.

Through aggressive play and a little bit of luck, he eventually found himself heads-up with Obst for the tournament title. Obst held a 5-1 chip advantage, but Kozlov again overcame the deficit before him and claimed the ANZPT Melbourne title and AU$195,700.

The final stop of the ANZPT season will be in Darwin, Australia from October 25-30.

Here’s a look at the final table seating and starting chip stacks:

Seat 1: Martin Kozlov – 153,000
Seat 2: James Obst – 1,063,000
Seat 3: Daniel Laidlaw – 278,000
Seat 4: Kristina Jeney – 1,130,000
Seat 5: Amanda De Cesare – 492,000
Seat 6: Ben Savage – 798,000
Seat 7: David Chilcott – 662,000
Seat 8: Ted Nguyen – 768,000
Seat 9: Raj Ramakrishnan – 783,000

Here are the elimination hands:

Laidlaw Eliminated in 9th Place (AU$16,275)

After three hours of play, the final table lost its first player when Daniel Laidlaw fell to David Chilcott.

Martin Kozlov raised to 50,000 from early position, and Laidlaw reraised all-in for his last 125,000. Chilcott moved all-in over the top for 600,000 and Kozlov folded.

Laidlaw showed AClub Suit2Club Suit and was trailing Chilcott’s ADiamond SuitKHeart Suit. The board ran out 9Heart Suit7Diamond Suit4Heart Suit8Heart Suit6Diamond Suit and Laidlaw was eliminated in 9th place, earning AU$16,275.

Ramakrishnan finished in 8th place at ANZPT MelbourneRamakrishnan Falls to Kings in 8th Place (AU$22,090)

During the next level of play Raj Ramakrishnan open-shoved for 384,000 and was instantly called by James Obst, who showed KHeart SuitKClub Suit. Ramakrishnan showed KDiamond SuitQDiamond Suit and was still in trouble as the flop came AHeart SuitQClub Suit6Spade Suit. The JHeart Suit turn put out a straight draw, but the 6Heart Suit river sent Ramakrishnan to the rail in 8th place, good for AU$22,090.

Nguyen’s Top Pair No Good, Out in 7th (AU$27,900)

Around 20 minutes later there was another elimination. Chilcott called from the small blind and Ted Nguyen checked his option from the big blind. On a flop of QClub Suit9Spade Suit7Spade Suit Chilcott bet 30,000 and Nguyen moved all in for 310,000. Chilcott called and showed 9Diamond Suit7Club Suit for two pair, leading Nguyen’s QSpade Suit5Club Suit.

The turn brought the 6Diamond Suit, and the 4Spade Suit river was not enough to save Nguyen, who made AU$27,900 for his 7th place finish.

Jeney’s Small Pocket Pair Sends Her To Rail in 6th Place (AU$34,875)

Next to go was the final table’s original chip leader, Kristina Jeney. After Obst raised to 80,000 preflop, Jeney moved all in for 770,000 from the small blind. Obst called and showed 8Spade Suit8Club Suit. Jeney turned over 3Diamond Suit3Club Suit and was in trouble. The flop was no help, coming QDiamond Suit9Diamond Suit4Heart Suit, but the 7Diamond Suit turn gave Jeney a flush draw. However, the 10Heart Suit completed the board and Jeney was eliminated in 6th place for AU$34,875.

Obst Continues His Roll, KOs Savage in 5th Place (AU$42,625)

Just before dinner break, Obst was back in the action when he open-shoved from the button and was insta-called by Ben Savage from the big blind. Obst showed ADiamond Suit4Diamond Suit and Savage held a leading 9Club Suit9Spade Suit.

Through the turn, the board showed KHeart SuitQClub Suit7Spade Suit6Spade Suit and it appeared Savage was going to double up. However, the ASpade Suit fell on the river to pair Obst’s ace, and Savage was eliminated in 5th place, good for AU$42,625.

De Cesare Picks Bad Spot, Out in 4th Place (AU$53,855)

The first hand following dinner break was Amanda De Cesare’s last. Obst raised to 100,000 from the button and De Cesare moved all in from the small blind for 445,000. Obst called and showed KSpade SuitJSpade Suit. De Cesare held KClub Suit8Club Suit. The board ran 9Club Suit6Heart Suit4Diamond Suit5Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit and De Cesare was gone in 4th place, earning $53,855. The pot put Obst at the 4 million mark in chips, and the final table was down to three-way action between Obst, Kozlov and the short-stacked Chilcott.

Cruel River Busts Chilcott in 3rd Place (AU$68,900)

Obst kept his streak going when he again raised to 100,000 from the button and called when Chilcott put his last 500,000 in. Obst showed KClub SuitJDiamond Suit against Chilcott’s ASpade Suit2Spade Suit.

Chilcott hit the flop of QSpade Suit9Club Suit2Heart Suit, but Obst added a straight draw to his outs. The 2Club Suit turn gave Chilcott trips and narrowed Obst’s outs to only a straight, which he got when the 10Heart Suit fell on the river. Chilcott was out in 3rd place, for AU$68,950, and Obst found himself in a great position, heads up against Kozlov with a 5,145,000-1,055,000 chip advantage.

James ‘ANDY McLEOD’ Obst finished runner-upKozlov Comes From Behind to Beat Obst and win the ANZPT Melbourne Title (AU$195,700)

But the 5-1 chip lead chip lead wasn’t enough. After clawing his way back into contention, Kozlov actually found himself with a slight chip lead. That’s when the following hand came up:

Kozlov raised to 125,000 from the button and Obst reraised to 350,000. Kozlov raised yet again to 850,000 and Obst moved all in. Kozlov made the call and they showed their hands.

Kozlov: 9Diamond Suit9Club Suit
Obst: AClub SuitKClub Suit

The board ran JDiamond Suit5Diamond Suit3Heart Suit6Club Suit4Club Suit and Kozlov completed his comeback to win the 2010 ANZPT Melbourne main event title and AU$195,700. Obst fell just short of winning, but still took AU$124,000 for his runner-up finish.

Here’s a look at the final table results:

1. Martin Kozlov — AU$195,700
2. James Obst — AU$124,000
3. David Chilcott — AU$68,900
4. Amanda De Cesare — AU$53,855
5. Ben Savage — AU$42,625
6. Kristina Jeney — AU$34,875
7. Ted Nguyen — AU$27,900
8. Raj Ramakrishnan — AU$22,090
9. Daniel Laidlaw — AU$16,275