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Poker Pro Phil Laak Hospitalized After ATV Accident

Antonio Esfandiari States That Laak Broke Seven Bones


Phil LaakProfessional poker player Phil Laak was hospitalized on Thursday after an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) accident.

Laak, Antonio Esfandiari, Brian Rast, Alec Torelli, David Wells, and three others (named Lee, Tony and Dave) all geared up for a camping trip in Oregon, according to Esfandiari.

The details are unclear, but it appears that Laak lost control of his ATV, sustaining major injuries including broken bones and lacerations to his right eye.

Card Player spoke to Esfandiari, who was bedside with Laak in the hospital, on Friday about his current condition.

“We were following Dave and Tony on the ATVs and we were keeping up very well,” explained Esfandiari. “We went over a sand dune, but there was a drop hidden behind it. It could have happened to either of us, honestly. Phil tried to jump off in mid-air, but he ended up landing on his bike. His elbow is broken and his wrist is all jacked up. His eye is also really messed up. Had it been one millimeter off, he’d probably be blind.”

Despite the horrific accident, Laak is apparently in good spirits. “He is handling it all very well,” said Esfandiari. “He was even cracking jokes with the police and paramedics who were on the scene. He wants to fly home tonight [Friday], but they aren’t sure if they will let him. We might have to drive.”

Laak’s Twitter page chronicled the following.

“In Victoria, 23 min flt to Vancouver where I will catch a flt to Oregon for rafting trip w the boys.”

“Hmmmm…. My crew. Going rafting…”

“Atv accident, massive arm injury and lacerations to eye in oregon. Life is good”

“Stitches forthcoming. Could have been worse I’m lucky to be in one piece”

Everyone at Card Player would like to wish Phil the best of luck with a speedy recovery.

Photo courtesy of Phil Laak