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World Poker Tour -- Bellagio Cup Day 3

The Field Grows by a Third Since Last Year and the Top Prize is $875,150


Phil Ivey is in the Top 10 in ChipsDay 3 at the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup VI $10,000 main event saw the field grow to a final number of 353 players when registration closed at 1:30 p.m. The field increased by 31.7 percent year-over-year, although the first-place prize fell below $1 million ($875,150) because the buy-in was reduced to $10,000 after costing $15,000 the year before.

There are 31 players that have advanced to day 4. Eric Panayiotou increased his chip lead to 1,335,000 near the end of the night in dramatic fashion. He eliminated both Men Nguyen (10-10) and David Baker (A-J) on a K-7-5-J-K board thanks to his possession of the third and fourth kings in the deck in his hand. He is the only player in the tournament that holds a million in chips and he is joined in the top 10 by big-name professionals Cory Carroll (639,000), Phil Ivey (568,000) pictured above right, and Justin Smith (531,000).

Other notables that are still in the hunt include Maria Ho, Jeffrey Lisandro, Zach Hyman, Joe Hachem, Vadim Trincher, and Jonathan Plens.

Check back at Card Player for daily summaries of the event, which will run until a champion is crowned at the final table on Friday, July 16. The field will return tomorrow to the Bellagio Poker Room at noon and play all the way down to the final six. Thursday will be an off day before the final table.

Tournament Statistics:

Payout Structure:

1: $875,150
2: $594,755
3: $363,650
4: $237,902
5: $169,930
6: $118,950
7: $84,965
8: $67,972
9: $54,378
10: $40,783
11-15: $33,986
16-20: $27,189
21-30: $20,392
31-40: $16,993
41-50: $13,594

Day 3 Chip Leaders:

Eric Panayiotou: 1,335,000
Ravi Raghavan: 959,000
Moritz Kranich: 953,000
John Caridad: 838,000
Paola Martin – 760,000
Manfred Sierke: 646,000
Cory Carroll: 639,000
Phil Ivey: 568,000
Eric Afriat: 560,000
Justin Smith: 531,000

Notable Day 3 Eliminations: Erik Seidel, Eugene Katchalov, Daniel Alaei, James Mackey, Jimmy Fricke, Florian Langmann, Chad Brown, Chau Giang, Greg Mueller, Gioi Luong, Ali Eslami, Alec Torelli, Allen Kessler, Daniel Negreanu, Danny Wong, David Bach, Dan Heimiller, Chris Ferguson, Cornel Cimpan, John Hennigan, Sam Stein, Eric Liu, Sandra Naujoks, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak, Steve Sung, Scott Seiver, Tom Dwan, Shaun Deeb, Steven Van Zadelhoff, Kathy Liebert, Lex Veldhuis, Justin Young, and Max Pescatori

Notables Day 3 Cashes:

50: Eric Froehlich — $13,594
49: Jared Jaffee — $13,594
47: Pamela Brunson — $13,594
45: Joe Elpayaa — $13,594
41: Todd Brunson — $13,594
39: Jordan Morgan — $16,993
38: Dave Ulliot — $16,993
35: Annette Obrestad — $16,993
34: Men Nguyen — $16,993
33: David Baker — $16,993

Hand of the Day:

Annette Obrestad Eliminated in 35th Place ($16,993)

Corey Hochman limped under the gun preflop and Annette Obrestad also limped from the button. The small blind completed and Paola Martin checked her option from the big blind.

The flop was dealt 6Diamond Suit 5Heart Suit 4Heart Suit and Hochman opened the action with a 40,000 bet. Obrestad raised all in for 175,000 and both the small blind and Martin mucked. Hochman tanked for a moment and then made the call. Their cards:

Hochman: 6Spade Suit 6Club Suit
Obrestad: 7Heart Suit 2Heart Suit

Turn and River: QDiamond Suit and 7Diamond Suit

Obrestad missed a ton of outs on the turn and river and she was eliminated in 35th place ($16,993).



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