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World Series of Poker -- Jesse Rockowitz Wins Event No. 45

Rockowitz Earns $721,373 Along With His First Bracelet


Jesse RockowitzIn the early hours of Monday morning, Jesse Rockowitz accumulated all of the chips in play to win event no. 45, the $1,500 no-limit hold’em event at the 2010 World Series of Poker.

This is the California native’s seventh career cash in a major tournament and his second of this year’s Series. This was by far the biggest cash of his career, as he earned $721,373 after besting a field of 3,097. Before this tournament, his largest cash was just $13,526.

When Rockowitz got heads-up, he was facing off against Raymond Coburn, and they were just about dead even in chips. They battled back and forth for over an hour with neither gaining any real momentum. The heads-up match was a real testament to the old saying “No-limit hold’em is hours of boredom and moments of terror.”

After more than an hour of small pots being won, Rockowitz flopped two pair and got all in on the turn and had to fade Coburn’s turned straight draw. The two pair held and Rockowitz took home his first career bracelet.

Here are the final table results.

1. Jesse Rockowitz – $721,373
2. Raymond Coburn – $446,274
3. Thiago Nishijima – $315,828
4. Kevin O’Dell – $228,614
5. Michael Goldfarb – $167,405
6. Steven Brown – $124,006
7. Shaun Malough – $92,900
8. Justin Conley – $70,365
9. Johan Jakobsson – $53,892

Here are the elimination hands as seen on’s live updates.

Johan JakobssonJohan Jakobsson Eliminated ($53,892)

Johan Jakobsson raised to 100,000 under the gun and Jesse Rockowitz three-bet to 270,000 from the big blind. Jakobsson moved all in and was called by Rockowitz.

Jakobsson was in big trouble when he turned over his 10Diamond Suit 10Club Suit and was up against Rockowitz’s QDiamond Suit QClub Suit.

The board ran out 9Spade Suit 6Diamond Suit 5Spade Suit 2Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit and Rockowitz took the pot to eliminate Jakobsson from the tournament.

Justin ConleyJustin Conley Eliminated in Eighth Place ($70,365)

Michael Goldfarb raised to 150,000 from early position and Justin Conley moved all in for 640,000. Goldfarb went deep into the tank before making the call.

Goldfarb showed 5Spade Suit 5Club Suit and was way behind Conley’s JDiamond Suit JSpade Suit.

Goldfarb hit a fortunate flop as it came KDiamond Suit 5Diamond Suit 3Spade Suit, moving Goldfarb into the lead. The turn was the QClub Suit and the river was the 6Club Suit to finish off Conley in eighth place.

Shaun Malough Eliminated in Seventh Place ($92,900)

Shaun Malough moved all in from the small blind and Raymond Coburn made the call from the big blind and the hands were turned face up on the table.

Malough held the KDiamond Suit 5Spade Suit and Coburn held the 10Diamond Suit 10Heart Suit.

The board came out as bad as it could for Malough when the dealer ran the 10Club Suit 9Diamond Suit 7Club Suit 7Spade Suit JClub Suit across the middle of the table.

Coburn is up to 2,050,000 in chips and Malough is heading for the exits in seventh place.

Steven Brown Eliminated in Sixth Place ($124,006)

Kevin O’Dell raised to 150,000 on the button and Steve Brown moved all in from the small blind. After a fold, O’Dell quickly made the call and found the good news.

Brown had AHeart Suit 10Heart Suit and was dominated by O’Dell’s AClub Suit QSpade Suit.

The board brought no help for Brown as it came KClub Suit 5Spade Suit 4Heart Suit 6Club Suit 7Heart Suit to eliminate Brown and move O’Dell’s stack above 5,000,000.

Michael GoldfarbMichael Goldfarb Eliminated in Fifth Place ($167,405)

Jesse Rockowitz raised to 185,000 under the gun and Michael Goldfarb called from the big blind.

The flop came 5Heart Suit 3Diamond Suit 2Spade Suit. Goldfarb checked and called 145,000 from Rockowitz. The turn was the 3Heart Suit and now Goldfarb led for 500,000 and was called by Rockowitz.

The 6Diamond Suit fell on the river and Goldfarb announced he was all-in. Rockowitz thought for a long time before making the call and showing ADiamond Suit ASpade Suit. Goldfarb showed 8Club Suit 6Club Suit and was eliminated from the tournament in fifth place.

Rockowitz vaulted up to 6,000,000 with the win and is now the chip leader with just four left.

Kevin O’Dell Eliminated in Fourth Place (228,614)

A short stacked Kevin O’Dell got all his money in the middle with AClub Suit QSpade Suit against Thiago Nishijima’s 9Club Suit 4Diamond Suit.

O’Dell was in the lead until 9Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit came on the flop, giving Nishijima top pair and a flush draw. The turn was the 10Spade Suit and the river was the 3Diamond Suit to complete Nishijima’s flush and give him the pot, while eliminating O’Dell in fourth place.

Thiago NishijimaThiago Nishijima Eliminated in Third Place ($315,828)

Ray Coburn limped in on the button, Jesse Rockowitz folded from the small blind, and Thiago Nishijima raised to 395,000 in the big blind. Coburn made the call and the flop came 10Spade Suit 8Heart Suit 7Heart Suit.

Nishijima led out for 475,000 and after a brief pause, Coburn announced that he was all in. Nishijima re-checked his hole cards and made the call, tabling QSpade Suit QClub Suit. It was basically a coin flip when Coburn showed 9Club Suit 8Diamond Suit.

All of the drama was gone on the turn when the dealer peeled off the 6Diamond Suit, filling Coburn’s straight and making the river card meaningless. The 6Club Suit was dealt as a formality and Nishijima was eliminated in third place. Coburn now takes on Jesse Rockowitz for a bracelet.

Jesse RockowitzRaymond Coburn Eliminated in Second Place, Jesse Rockowitz Wins Event No. 45

Raymond Coburn limped in on the button and Jesse Rockowitz checked his option. The two saw the flop 8Diamond Suit 7[[suit:club] ]2Diamond Suit and Rockowitz led for 95,000.

Coburn then raised to 500,000, Rockowitz made it 1,360,000, and Coburn made the call. The turn came the 6Spade Suit and Rockowitz led for 945,000. Coburn raised all in and Rockowitz shot up from his chair and asked the dealer to pull in the bet.

He stood in silence mulling over the decision before making the call. Coburn showed KClub Suit 9Club Suit and Rockowitz was ahead with 7Heart Suit 2Heart Suit.

The 8Spade Suit fell on the river and while Rockowitz’s two pair was counterfeited, his hand stayed in the lead and took home the bracelet.

Rockowitz takes home $721,373 for his victory and Coburn will receive $446,274 for his second-place finish.