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WSOP: Jelinek Wins Event No. 41 ($1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-low Split-8 or Better)

Stops Hellmuth Short of His 12th Title


JelinekThe buzz surrounding the final table of event No. 41 ($1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-low Split-8 or Better) existed because of its potential for historic firsts.

Amidst 847 entrants, Phil Hellmuth made it to the final 9 with the hopes of winning a record 12th World Series of Poker bracelet and his first in a non-hold’em event.
Also at the table was Mandy Thomas, vying to become the first female bracelet winner in an open event at this year’s WSOP.

But flying under radar was Steve Jelinek, a man who made the final table of this same event last year. And Jelinek was still looking for a memorable first of his own. After outlasting Hellmuth, Thomas and the rest of the players at the table, Jelinek found himself in a heads up battle against John Gottlieb.

Finally, after three days of countless chops and scoops, and a year of waiting for another chance, Jelinek scooped one final pot, the biggest of his life, and won himself $245,871 along with his first WSOP title.

Here Are The Final Table Results

1. Steve Jelinek: $245,871
2. John Gottlieb: $151,884
3. Anders Taylor: $97,913
4. Michael Chappus: $71,728
5. Ben Lamb: $53,319
6. Mandy Thomas: $40,169
7. Phil Hellmuth: $30,633
8. Ryan Karp: $23,635
9. Joel Ettedgi: $18,432

Here Are The Final Table Eliminations, As Reported Live on

EttegiEttedgi Busts in 9th Place ($18,432)

Joel Ettedgi raised to 84,000 and Mandy Thomas made the call, putting herself all in. From the small blind, Ben Lamb re-raised the pot and Ettegi called, putting himself all in for the side pot. Their hands:

Thomas: AHeart Suit5Spade Suit2Heart Suit2Diamond Suit
Lamb: ASpade SuitKSpade SuitKHeart Suit4Spade Suit
Ettedgi: ADiamond SuitJDiamond Suit7Heart Suit3Diamond Suit

The flop ran 5Heart Suit3Spade Suit2Club Suit, giving Lamb a straight. The turn was the 2Spade Suit, giving quads to Thomas. The 8Club Suit finished the board.

Thomas got the high in the main pot and she and Lamb chopped the rest of the main pot, while Lamb took the side pot. Ettedgi busted in 9th place, winning $18,432.

Thomas had 117,000 after the hand and Lamb had 725,000.

KarpKarp Busts in 8th Place ($23,635)

It didn’t take long for business to pick up following the dinner break.
Shortly after the break short stack Ryan Karp moved all in and was called by Ben Lamb. Their hands:

Karp: JHeart Suit9Club Suit8Heart Suit7Club Suit
Lamb: ASpade SuitKClub Suit6Diamond Suit5Diamond Suit

Lamb hit a flush on a board of 3Club SuitJDiamond Suit3Diamond SuitADiamond SuitQHeart Suit and Karp was out in 8th place, making $34,635 for his long last few days.

With the pot Lamb started a gradual climb up the leaderboard.

HellmuthHellmuth Comes Up Short of Bracelet No. 12, Out in 7th ($30,633)

Phil Hellmuth got all in preflop with his tournament life on the line against John Gottlieb. Their hands:

Hellmuth: ASpade Suit10Heart Suit3Club Suit2Heart Suit
Gottlieb: AHeart SuitADiamond SuitQHeart Suit8Club Suit

The flop came QClub Suit9Heart Suit7Spade Suit, offering Hellmuth no help. The turn was the 10Club Suit and the river brought the 9Diamond Suit. Hellmuth’s record 12th bracelet wasn’t in the cards today, as he was the 7th place finisher, making $30,633.

ThomasThomas Gone In 6th ($40,169)

Like Hellmuth’s memorable win wasn’t meant to be tonight, neither was Mandy Thomas’s. Thomas was 5 players away from being the first woman bracelet winner of 2010, but fell short of that goal shortly after Hellmuth busted.

On that hand, Thomas put in a raise from the small blind only to have Ben Lamb re-raise from the big blind enough to put Thomas all in. She called and they showed down:

Lamb: ASpade Suit7Diamond Suit5Diamond Suit3Heart Suit
Thomas: JSpade Suit8Spade Suit3Diamond Suit2Diamond Suit

The board ran 6Diamond Suit2Spade SuitKHeart SuitJDiamond SuitADiamond Suit to give Lamb a flush and Thomas was gone in 6th place.

Thomas nearly became the first woman to win a bracelet in 2010, but ultimately had to settle for the $40,169 sixth-place prize.

LambLamb Slammed In 5th ($53,319)

After a few hours of lots of chopped pots, Ben Lamb was scooped and eliminated in 5th place. On that hand, Lamb raised to 175,000 and was called by Anders Taylor.

Lamb got all in and was called by Taylor on a flop of 7Spade Suit6Club Suit4Spade Suit. Their hands:

Taylor: ADiamond Suit4Diamond Suit3Spade Suit2Spade Suit
Lamb: AHeart Suit9Club Suit7Heart Suit5Club Suit

The board finished with the KDiamond Suit on the turn and ASpade Suit on the river, giving Taylor a flush to go along with the nut low, scooping the pot and busting Lamb, who took $53,319 of the prize pool.

ChappusChappus Forced Out in 4th Place ($71,728)

A raising war with Anders Taylor got Michael Chappus all in for his tournament life preflop. Their hands:

Chappus: AClub Suit8Spade Suit5Diamond Suit2Spade Suit
Taylor: ASpade SuitKDiamond Suit8Club Suit5Club Suit

The flop was bad for Chappus, coming KClub SuitQSpade Suit10Heart Suit to pair Taylor. The turn 4Club Suit didn’t improve his hand and when the QHeart Suit landed on the river there was no low hand and Taylor scooped it all, knocking Chappus out in 4th place, winning $71,728.

TaylorTaylor Busts in 3rd ($97,913)

Anders Taylor got all in preflop and was called by Steve Jelinek, who had him covered. Their hands:

Taylor: QHeart SuitQDiamond Suit4Club Suit2Diamond Suit
Jelinek: JSpade Suit9Diamond Suit8Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit

The flop was deadly for Taylor, coming 9Spade Suit6Heart Suit6Club Suit to give Jelinek a quick full house. The 8Club Suit turn was meaningless and the KClub Suit river made sure that Jelinek was moving on to heads up and Taylor was the 3rd-place finisher. Taylor made $97,913 for his strong finish.

Jelinek moved heads up holding a near 3-1 chip lead over John Gottlieb.

GottliebJelinek Wins Event No. 41, Gottlieb Out in 2nd ($151,884)

John Gottlieb was just slightly shy of being even in chips with chip leader Steve Jelinek when a massive preflop raising war got Gottlieb all in with Jelinek calling. Their hands:

Jetlinek: ASpade SuitAHeart SuitQDiamond Suit4Heart Suit
Gottlieb: ADiamond SuitKHeart Suit9Diamond Suit5Club Suit

The board connected with Jelinek’s hand best, running QSpade Suit10Club Suit8Diamond Suit4Diamond Suit5Spade Suit. It was enough for Jelinek to scoop the pot and eliinate Gottlieb in second place, for which he won #151,884.

Jelinek took down his first WSOP title and won $245,871.



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