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CPPT VI - The Bicycle Casino

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Quantum $500K GTD


Steve Jun Wins 2018 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel & Casino Main Event

Steve Jun has won the 2018 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel & Casino $500,000 guaranteed $1,100 no-limit hold’em main event. The 34-year-old poker pro from Torrance, California defeated a field of 524 total entrants ...

World Series of Poker -- Matt Keikoan Wins Event No. 29

Keikoan Comes Back From Almost Nothing To Win Second Bracelet in Grueling Heads-Up Battle


Matt KeikoanMatt Keikoan was heads-up with Daniel Idema and was down to his last 300,000 with a big blind of 240,000. He jokingly made the remark to his supporters on the rail, “Greatest comeback in history right here.”

Although it was a joke when he said it, Keikoan parlayed that last 300,000 into all of the 5,100,000 chips in play to earn his second career bracelet and $425,969. He made one of the most historic comebacks in WSOP history, by winning event No. 29, the $10,000 limit hold’em championship.

Keikoan entered heads-up play at nearly a 3-1 chip disadvantage against Idema. The heads-up battle was fierce and although it seemed like Idema was in control, he could never put away the California native.

Several times, Keikoan seemed to get the chips back to even and then Idema would pull away again. This happened many times over the course of the four-and-a-half hour battle before Keikoan was crippled after a succession of pots that didn’t go his way.

After being down to just a little bit more than a big blind, Keikoan went on a kind of rush that you only see once in a blue moon.

Every showdown seemed to go Keikoan’s way and he doubled up several times in a row. Finally, Keikoan flopped bottom two pair against Idema’s top pair, and that sealed the deal on his massive comeback.

Keikoan’s first bracelet came in 2008 in a no-limit hold’em event, but now he can add some limit hold’em hardware to his trophy case.

Keikoan came out on top of a final table that included top pros Michael Mizrachi, David Chiu, and Brock Parker. Here are a look at the final table results.

1. Matt Keikoan — $425,969
2. Daniel Idema — $263,244
3. Kyle Ray — $190,702
4. Jameson Painter — $140,760
5. Brock Parker — $105,783
6. Zvi Groysman — $80,884
7. Simon Morris — $62,898
8. Michael Mizrachi — $49,733
9. David Chiu — $39,760

Here are a look at the elimination hands as seen on’s live updates:

David ChiuDavid Chiu Eliminated in Ninth Place ($39,760)

Matt Keikoan raised and David Chiu three-bet, leaving very little behind. Keikoan set him in and showed KSpade Suit KDiamond Suit. Chiu showed 6Spade Suit 6Diamond Suit. The flop was KHeart Suit JClub Suit 9Diamond Suit and that left Chiu drawing nearly dead. There was no miracle for Chiu on the turn or river and he was the first casualty of the final table, taking home just under $40,000 for his efforts.

Michael Mizrachi Eliminated in Eighth Place ($49,732)

Simon Morris raised from the button and Michael Mizrachi three-bet all-in for 65,000 and Morris made the call.

Morris had the 9Heart Suit 8Heart Suit and was crushed by Mizrachi’s KHeart Suit KClub Suit. The flop was JClub Suit 10Diamond Suit 3Club Suit, giving Morris a straight draw which was filled on the turn when the dealer peeled off the 7Heart Suit.

That left Mizrachi drawing dead, he was eliminated in eighth place and will take home $49,732.

Simon MorrisSimon Morris Eliminated in Seventh Place ($62,897)

Simon Morris and Matt Keikoan put in enough raises preflop for Morris to get his last 110,000 chips in the middle. Morris held the KDiamond Suit 8Diamond Suit and needed some serious help against Keikoan’s AClub Suit KClub Suit.

The board ran out 10Spade Suit 7Spade Suit 4Heart Suit 10Heart Suit 6Diamond Suit and that sent the pot to Keikoan. Simon Morris was sent out of the tournament area. Morris picked up $62,897 for his seventh-place finish.

Zvi GroysmanZvi Groysman Eliminated in Sixth Place ($80,884)

This hand happened at the end of level 23. Zvi Groysman raised and Daniel Idema called from the big blind. The flop came QClub Suit JSpade Suit 8Heart Suit and Groysman called a bet from Idema.

The turn was the QSpade Suit and Groysman called his last 60,000. Idema turned up JDiamond Suit 9Club Suit, giving him a pair of jacks, and leaving Groysman with just three outs as he showed the AHeart Suit 9Heart Suit. The river was the 6Heart Suit, a brick for Groysman and he was eliminated in sixth place and took home just over $80,000 for his efforts.

Brock Parker Eliminated in Fifth Place ($105,783)

Brock Parker raised from the button and Jameson Painter three-bet from the big blind. Parker committed the rest of his chips as a fourth bet and Painter made the call.

Parker tabled KDiamond Suit 3Diamond Suit and was up against Painter’s ADiamond Suit QClub Suit. The board was 8Spade Suit 6Heart Suit 2Heart Suit 5Diamond Suit 9Club Suit, which didn’t improve Parker’s hand and he was eliminated in fifth place, taking home $105,783 for his time.

Jameson PainterJameson Painter Eliminated in Fourth Place ($140,760)

Matt Keikoan raised, Jameson Painter three-bet, and was called by Keikoan. The flop was AClub Suit 10Club Suit 3Heart Suit and Keikoan check-raised Painter’s bet. Painter got the rest of his chips in and saw the world of pain he was in.

Painter showed the ADiamond Suit 7Club Suit, but Keikoan had the 3Diamond Suit and the 3Spade Suit.

The turn was the 6Spade Suit, meaning Painter was drawing dead and he was eliminated in fourth place, taking home $140,760 for his efforts.

Kyle Ray Eliminated in Third Place ($190,702)

Kyle Ray raised from the button and it ended up being capped preflop between Ray and Matt Keikoan. Ray only had 20,000 left for the flop and it was in the middle in the dark.

Ray had the QSpade Suit 8Club Suit and was up against Keikoan’s ADiamond Suit JDiamond Suit.

The board came out JHeart Suit 9Club Suit 3Club Suit KSpade Suit 4Diamond Suit, giving the pot to Keikoan and leaving him heads up with Daniel Idema for the bracelet. Ray will take home $190,702 for his third-place finish.

Daniel IdemaDaniel Idema Eliminated in Second Place ($263,244), Matt Keikoan Wins Event No. 29 ($425,969)

Daniel Idema was all in for 145,000 in the big blind. Matt Keikoan was dealt the AHeart Suit 7Heart Suit and Idema had the 4Diamond Suit 2Club Suit.

The board came out QHeart Suit QClub Suit JHeart Suit KDiamond Suit QDiamond Suit, keeping Keikoan in front and completing an epic comeback.

Idema takes home $263,244 for his second-place finish and Keikoan takes home the bracelet along with $425,969.