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Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow 'Weigh In' on World Series of Poker Prop Bet

Forrest Eligible to Win Up to $2 Million


Ted ForrestA couple of years ago, Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest made a hefty weight loss bet that forced Matusow to shed 60 pounds in order to win $100,000. Now, the two high-stakes poker pros are at it again, but this time Forrest is the man who is trying to lose weight and potentially $2 million could exchange hands.

Matusow bet Forrest that he couldn’t get down to 139 pounds, without the assistance of surgery or drugs. Forrest, who is far from slovenly and out of shape, accepted the bet when he was 188 pounds. The 5’11” pro weighed in the low 170s, as of last week.

If Forrest is able to complete the task by the end of the World Series, he will win $2 million from Matusow and the other pros the Mouth convinced to take some of his action. If Forrest isn’t able to complete it by the end of the WSOP, but does get it done by Sept. 15, he will win $1 million. If he isn’t able to get to 139, Matusow will earn $150,000.

The Mouth, never one to hold back with his words, wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts with Card Player on Forrest’s chances.

“He has no chance,” said Matusow, in between hands at the Rio. “I think he might die. I had him sign a death certificate to be paid if he dies.”

Forrest doesn’t appear to be worried about any dangers associated with losing the weight.

“People have no idea, before fast food places and steroids in the food people just didn’t look like how they look now,” said Forrest. “The last time I weighed 139 was probably high school but I have been in the low 140s as a young adult. That was actually when I didn’t have enough money to eat at fast food places.”

Mike MatusowForrest is still planning on playing a full slate of events at the World Series this year, and in fact must play at least 10 in accordance with the bet. Still, he’s making sure to exercise during his days at the Rio.

“On the dinner breaks I walk about four miles, instead of eat,” said Forrest. “Sometimes I leave my car here and walk home, which is about four miles. I have aspirations to walk here, but it usually sucks because it’s too hot, so I take a cab.”

Matusow fully expects Forrest to lose a bunch of weight, but imagines he’ll have a really tough time trying to shed those final 10 pounds.

“I expect him to easily get down to 152,” said Matusow. “We calculated it with muscle mass and body weight. When he gets to 152 he will hit a plateau of just eating his organs. As soon as he eats one thing he will gain a pound. He will basically have to starve himself and reform his whole body."

According to Matusow, the two players made the bet while they were drunk.

Both players have offered to let the other one buy out for a cheaper price, but so far no deals have been reached.

Huck SeedMatusow and Forrest’s weight bet is just the latest eccentric prop bet proposed and accepted amongst professional poker players. Four-time bracelet winner Huck Seed has been involved in a number of them, although not always on the successful end. One such success came with Seed reportedly shooting four rounds of golf under 100 using just a five-iron, sand wedge, and putter on a hot Vegas day.

Seed also took prop bets that would’ve required him to stand in the ocean, up to his shoulders, for 18 hours, as well as a bet that wouldn’t allow him to shave for a year. He called it quits on both bets.

Phil Ivey has also been involved in his fair share of bets, from golf bets to bracelet bets, the latter of which he was very successful in last year. Tom Dwan is hoping to follow in his footsteps this year, making several bracelet bets of his own.

Brian Pempus and Stephen A. Murphy contributed to this article.



Hawking Paradox
over 10 years ago

They should call these PRop bets.


over 10 years ago

@bmpek "he will win $2 million from Matusow and the OTHER PROS the Mouth convinced to take some of his action"