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World Series of Poker -- Steve Gee Wins Event No. 13

Takes Home First Bracelet and $472,479


Steven GeeSteve Gee’s largest tournament cash before Wednesday’s final table in event No. 13 ($1,000 no-limit hold’em) was just $4,500.

However, when all the chips had settled, Gee added a $472,479 score to his poker résumé.

Gee entered the final table third in chips but never found any real traction until the end. At a time during three-handed play he was the short stack, but when heads-up action began he held a 5-1 chip advantage over Matt Vance.

Even with the big chip lead, Gee and Vance engaged in a tiring battle of almost two hours. Gee eventually prevailed, taking home the gold bracelet.

The field size of 3,042 that Gee navigated through in the $1,000 no-limit hold’em event was significantly smaller than the 4,345 players who entered event No. 3 ($1,000 no-limit hold’em).

Here are the final results:

1. Steve Gee — $472,479
2. Matt Vance — $292,232
3. David Baker — $206,813
4. Nick Heather — $149,702
5. Jeff Gross — $109,621
6. Daniel Thomas — $81,203
7. Kyung Han — $60,833
8. Jared Hamby — $46,077
9. Mats Gavatin — $35,290

Here is a look at the elimination hands as featured in Card Player’s live updates:

Mats GavatinMats Gavatin Eliminated in 9th Place ($35,290)

Mats Gavatin moved all in for 358,000 in middle position and was called Nick Heather. Gavatin exposed the ADiamond Suit9Heart Suit and Heather tabled pocket jacks. Heather spiked a jack on the flop and had Gavatin drawing dead. Heather was at 1,500,000 after the hand.

Jared Hamby Eliminated in 8th Place ($46,077)

David Baker bet 65,000 from middle position. Action was folded to Jared Hamby on the button. Hamby moved in for 431,000 and Baker made the insta-call. Hamby tabled the 9Spade Suit9Heart Suit while Baker exposed the AClub SuitASpade Suit. The board offered no help for the under pair and Hamby was gone. Baker was at 2,200,000 after the hand.

Kyung HanKyung Han Eliminated in 7th Place ($60,833)

David Baker bet 90,000 from the small blind and Kyung Han moved in for 480,000 total from the big blind. Baker tanked before finally making the call. Baker exposed the KDiamond Suit10Spade Suit and was up against the 8Spade Suit8Diamond Suit of Han. Baker flopped a king and it held to eliminate Han. Baker was at 2,260,000 after the hand.

Daniel Thomas Eliminated in 6th Place ($81,203)

Daniel Thomas opened to 140,000 on the button. Matt Vance shoved from the small blind. Thomas made the call for his tournament life and exposed the JDiamond SuitJSpade Suit and was in a coin flip against the ASpade SuitQSpade Suit of Vance. The board ran out AHeart SuitKHeart Suit5Heart SuitADiamond SuitAClub Suit, giving Vance quads and eliminating Thomas. Vance was at 2,300,000 after the hand.

Jeff Gross Eliminated in 5th Place ($109,621)

Matt Vance opened the pot to 120,000 and Jeff Gross reraised all in for 950,000 total. Vance made the call and exposed QSpade SuitQDiamond Suit. Gross tabled the AHeart SuitJDiamond Suit and was behind. The board failed to offer Gross any help and he was eliminated. Vance was at 3,900,000 after the hand.

Nick Heather Eliminated in 4th Place ($149,702)

Matt Vance limped in the small blind and Nick Heather moved all in for 1,165,000 more. Vance tanked before eventually making the call and tabling the ASpade Suit7Club Suit. Heather exposed the 2Diamond Suit2Club Suit and was racing for his tournament life. Vance spiked an ace on the flop and it held to eliminate Heather. Vance was at 5,200,000 after the hand.

Matt VanceDavid Baker Eliminated in 3rd Place ($206,813)

David Baker moved all in from the small blind for 1,200,000. Steven Gee made the call and tabled the ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit. Baker was dominated with his AClub Suit8Club Suit. The board ran out 9Diamond Suit4Club Suit4Heart Suit10Diamond Suit5Club Suit, offering no assistance to Baker. He was eliminated.

Matt Vance Eliminated in 2nd Place ($292,232), Steve Gee Wins Event No. 13 ($472,479)

Steve Gee bet 300,000 on the button and Matt Vance moved all in for 1,575,000 total. Gee made the call and exposed the AHeart SuitKHeart Suit and was ahead against the QDiamond SuitJHeart Suit of Vance. The board ran out ADiamond Suit5Club Suit2Diamond Suit7Spade Suit8Spade Suit and Vance was eliminated.