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World Series Of Poker -- Frank Kassela Wins Event No. 15

Survives Stacked Final Table To Take Home First Bracelet And $447,446


Frank Kassela Wins First BraceletThe final day of event No. 15 ($10,000 seven-card stud eight-or-better world championship) at the 2010 World Series Of Poker started with Frank Kassela (pictured right) holding the chip lead. It ended with Kassela holding his first career WSOP bracelet and $447,446.

There were 18 players who returned on the final day, still two spots away from the money. But as slow as play was to end day two, the field reached the money in under an hour, with Alexander Dovzhenko having the distinction of being the bubble boy. Toto Leonidas was then the first to cash, taking home $28,220 in 16th place.

When the final table was reached, it was clear the road to the bracelet would not be easy for Kassela. He had to navigate through the likes of Dario Minieri, Jennifer Harman, Steve Zolotow and John Juanda who owned a combined eight bracelets.

Kassela managed to survive those players and the high limits at the final table, as the chip leader never had more than 20 big bets throughout play at the final table. Surprisingly, it was Allen Kessler whom Kassela had to go through to win the bracelet. Kessler, also looking for his first bracelet, entered the final table as one of the short stacks and found himself all in numerous times, but he managed to survive each time and eventually built up the second best stack at the table.

Kassela entered heads-up play with a 4-1 chip lead and, along with the high limits, he grinded Kessler down. But the pesky Kessler did what he did best at the final table and survived elimination by doubling up twice. In the end it was not in the cards for Kessler to capture a bracelet and he finally busted when Kassela made a better two pair on the final hand of the night.

Here are the official final table results:

1. Frank Kassela — $447,446
2. Allen Kessler — $276,485
3. Jennifer Harman — $173,159
4. Steve Zolotow — $125,379
5. John Juanda — $97,989
6. Kirill Rabtsov — $78,142
7. Vladimir Schmelev — $63,456
8. Dario Minieri — $52,366

Here are all the elimination hands as reported on’s live updates:

Dario MinieriDario Minieri Flushed By Schmelev, Then Eliminated in Eighth Place ($52,366)

Dario Minieri led out betting on every street until sixth and Vladimir Schmelev called him down. On seventh, Schmelev initiated the betting with 60,000 and Minieri made the call.

Schmelev turned over (AHeart Suit 8Heart Suit 2Heart Suit) 6Club Suit 9Heart Suit 5Club Suit KHeart Suit for a heart flush and Minieri mucked his hand.

Minieri was just over 100,000 after the hand and he was eliminated later in the level by Allen Kessler’s two pair.

Vladimir Schmelev Eliminated In Seventh Place ($63,456)

Vladimir Schmelev led out with 30,000 on fourth street and Jennifer Harman made the call, as did Frank Kassela. Schmelev moved all in on fifth street for his last 16,000 and both opponents called.

Harman and Kassela both checked the last two streets and Kassela turned over 10Club Suit 10Diamond Suit 10Heart Suit, good for the high.

Harman showed a 7-5 for the low end of the pot and Schmelev was sent to the rail.

Kirill Rabtsov Eliminated in Sixth Place ($78,142)

Kirill Rabtsov was all in by fourth street against Frank Kassela. Kassela had two pair, kings and eights while Rabtsov had four cards to a flush.

The two players bricked on fifth and sixth streets, but Rabtsov got his flush on seventh street. Unfortunately for him, Kassela received another king to turn his two pair into a full house.

Rabtsov had no low hand to salvage half the pot and he was eliminated.

John JuandaJohn Juanda Eliminated in Fifth Place ($97,989)

Frank Kassela completed for 80,000 and John Juanda made the call. Kassela then checked on fourth street and Juanda bet 80,000. Kassela called again and check-called another bet of 160,000 by Juanda on fifth street.

Both players checked on sixth street and Juanda moved all in for 135,000 on seventh street. Kassela made the call and had three of a kind, AHeart Suit ASpade Suit AClub Suit.

It was better than Juanda’s two pair, KDiamond Suit KSpade Suit 7Spade Suit 7Heart Suit and Juanda was gone.

Steve Zolotow Eliminated in Fourth Place ($125,379)

Steve Zolotow completed to 80,000 and Frank Kassela raised it to 160,000. Zolotow put in a third bet for all of his chips. Kassela made the call and here is how there boards ran out:

Zolotow: (QClub Suit 7Spade Suit JSpade Suit) QDiamond Suit AHeart Suit 6Spade Suit 10Club Suit
Kassela: (9Spade Suit 3Spade Suit 4Club Suit) 9Heart Suit 7Club Suit 6Heart Suit 9Diamond Suit

Zolotow made a pair of queens while Kassela hit three nines and knocked out Zolotow in third place.

Kassela expanded his chip lead over the table with that elimination and Zolotow took home $125,379.

Jennifer HarmanJennifer Harman Eliminated in Third Place ($173,159)

Allen Kessler completed to 80,000 and Jennifer Harman made the call. Both players checked fourth street and Harman check-called a bet of 160,000 by Kessler on fifth street.

Kessler then bet another 160,000 on sixth street and Harman made the call, putting herself all in.

By the time seventh street was dealt, Harman had absolutely nothing as she missed her 6-low draw and failed to pair up. Kessler caught a pair of fours and it was enough to scoop the pot and knock out Harman in third place.

Allen KesslerAllen Kessler Eliminated in Second Place ($276,485), Frank Kassela Wins Event No. 15 ($447,446)

Frank Kassela completed to 100,000 and Allen Kessler raised to 200,000. Kassela would have none of that as he three-bet to 300,000. Kessler made the call and was all in. Here is how their boards ran out:

Kessler: (10Heart Suit 8Diamond Suit QClub Suit) 9Club Suit 8Heart Suit KClub Suit 10Spade Suit
Kassela: (7Diamond Suit 7Club Suit JHeart Suit) QDiamond Suit 2Heart Suit QHeart Suit 3

Kassela made queens and sevens to best Kessler’s tens and eights. Kassela took the pot and won his first career WSOP bracelet.