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Doyle Brunson Begins High Stakes Poker Comeback

Doyle Doubles Up on Final Hand of the Episode


Gabe Kaplan delivered more than a few dry one-liners in this week's episode of High Stakes Poker.Depending on your point of view (and your sense of humor), the big winner on Sunday’s episode of High Stakes Poker was not Tom Dwan or Doyle Brunson. Nor was it Daniel Negreanu or Mike Matusow.

The big winner was High Stakes Poker commentator Gabe Kaplan, who delivered a number of memorable lines at the expense of the competitors of the big game.

“Nit alert, nit alert, nit alert,” Kaplan cried out, after Matusow threw away king-queen suited before the flop in lieu of playing against Bertand Grospellier, who had opened betting with a modest raise of $3,000 and suited connectors.

And when Phil Galfond sent a large portion of his stack over to Negreanu after calling two big bets on the turn and river that were designed to look like bluffs, Kaplan quipped, “Oh my God, Clay Aiken went for it,” parodying the online pro’s OMGClayAiken handle.

Kaplan’s one-liners were about as much entertainment as viewers could find, as the most recent episode of High Stakes Poker failed to really produce any monster hands or jaw-dropping action.

Negreanu won the biggest pot of the night in the aforementioned hand against Galfond for $272,800 in a hand that Galfond probably wishes he could redo. Dwan and Grospellier also played an interesting pot, but ultimately chopped it up when they discovered they were holding identical hands.

Phil Galfond didn't have a great performance on High Stakes Poker.OMGClayAiken vs. Daniel Negreanu

In Negreanu’s hand, Brunson opened up the action preflop to $4,500 with AClub Suit 2Heart Suit. Grospellier called with AHeart Suit 3Heart Suit, as did Galfond with 9Diamond Suit 7Diamond Suit and Negreanu with 10Club Suit 7Spade Suit from the straddle position.

Negreanu flopped the nuts when the board came out 10Heart Suit 10Spade Suit 7Heart Suit. The action checked around, and the turn was a 6Club Suit. Grospellier gave it the old college try and attempted to steal the pot with an $11,000 bet, but he quickly saw that wasn’t going to work after Galfond called with his two pair. Negreanu declined to slow-play his monster, check-raising it to $41,000.

Brunson and Grospellier got out of the way, but Galfond didn’t give Negreanu credit and made the call. A KSpade Suit river didn’t complete any draws, and Galfond checked the action over to Negreanu, who fired out a hefty $80,200 bet into the $112,400 pot.

That definitely confused Galfond, who muttered, “I thought you were going to give up on the river.” Galfond thought about it and then made the crying call, sending the quarter-million-plus dollar pot over to Negreanu.

Tom Dwandurrrr vs. ElkY

In arguably the most interesting hand of the night, Dwan almost pushed Grospellier off the same hand when the two players both held pocket tens in the hole.

On a Dwan straddle, Brunson opened to $5,500 with 9Diamond Suit 8Diamond Suit from under the gun, and Benyamine called with pocket fives. Grospellier, perhaps concerned about the strength of Texas Dolly’s hand, decided to play it safe and just called with his pocket tens in position. When the action came around to Dwan and he discovered two tens, he didn’t hesitate to re-pop it to $24,800. Brunson was in a gambling mood, and he made the call. With so much money out there, Benyamine and Grospellier soon followed, producing a $101,800 pot before the flop.

An AHeart Suit ASpade Suit 3Spade Suit flop came out, and Dwan — first to act — fired a probe bet of $22,800, just a little more than one-fifth the pot. Brunson and Benyamine threw their cards into the muck, but Grospellier made the call.

“It’d be great if another 10 came up, then we’d really see some action,” Kaplan said, delivering the dry line while knowing that at least a few amateur viewers out there would probably not realize that hypothetical was impossible with a legitimate deck.

A 9Heart Suit came on the turn. Dwan checked, and Grospellier checked.

A third ace came on the river, and Matusow, seemingly thinking at least one if not both players needed to have an ace to be involved in such a massive encounter, burst out, “Now that card I didn’t expect to see.”

Dwan bet $58,400 into the $147,400 pot and Grospellier thought for a bit before making the call.

“He has to have an ace, doesn’t he,” Matusow could be heard whispering, after Grospellier made the call. Whether Matusow was talking about Dwan or Grospellier, it didn’t matter because neither had an ace and they wound up taking their money back when they saw that they both held the same hand.

The hand was perhaps more interesting for the reactions it caused amongst the players rather than the action that occurred on the felt. After Matusow saw both hands face-up, he proclaimed loudly and sincerely, “Wow, what a call.”

But neither Dwan, nor Eli Elezra was impressed.

“How can you fold?” Dwan asked. “People must be playing a different game than I am.”

And Elezra piped in: “ElkY, I’m sorry, but I would call faster.”

Doyle BrunsonMatusow Leaves, Doyle Doubles Up, and Higher Stakes

Matusow packed up his belongings and left the table a few hands later, leaving this season of High Stakes Poker as one of the tightest players on the show — but, more importantly to him, he also left as one of this season’s biggest winners.

In the final hand of the night, Brunson won a sizable pot to give himself a chance of escaping this season with a small profit. He check-raised a flop of 6Diamond Suit 4Heart Suit 3Diamond Suit all in for just shy of $70,000 total after Negreanu bet out $10,500 with top pair and a backdoor flush draw, JHeart Suit 6Heart Suit. Negreanu called and was surprised to see Brunson holding the nuts, 7Spade Suit 5Spade Suit. The players decided to run it twice, but it didn’t change anything.

Brunson doubled up, but he is still down overall for the season, so he’ll need to do some work if he wants to keep his televised cash-game profit streak alive. Luckily for him, the stakes are going up next week.

Check back to every Monday for a recap of the newest episode of High Stakes Poker.



11 years ago

Like Gabe's comments.


11 years ago

Matusow was so nitty because he was clearly playing with other people's money and simply wanted to avoid any chance of spewing back his share of the profit.


11 years ago

how is it that HSP has not had farha and dwan at the same table? add in ivey, antonius, jamie gold, hellmuth, silent bob, guy liberante ... exclude brunson, laak, esfiandiari, harmon, etc ...


11 years ago

Don't forget Varkony and Moneymaker


11 years ago

Good question about Farha not being there that would be entertaining. The reality is that Farha is broke, Jamie Gold is broker. They are not very good players and play too many hands. They also can't lay down good second best hands.

Dwann plays the same if not even more hand than them, but he has shown that he knows when to lay it down or lay off the pedal.

This Dwann guy is really good. Eli Ezra has him off of his game though. Tom Dwann's style does not work against calling stations. Ezra is making him basically "check it down"


11 years ago

Matusow is obviously broke again. He is heavily in debt.

He basically only played 3 hands.

The pocket KK hand, the AQ hand and when he had JJ and lost. Its in some ways sad to see a player with his public status play like that. He's a degenerate unfortunately and he discusses his bad beats too much. We all know that no one cares about your bad beats accept for you so keep it inside loser.


11 years ago

Man, PL2000, how do you get so much insight into these guys bankrolls? Oh, you mean your just blowing smoke? Yeah, I think so.

Sammy doesn't play because he thinks it gives away too much of his game. It has been discussed before. Besides, he's mainly a Omaha player.


11 years ago

Yea, Gabe owned everyone hard that episode.

"Nit alert, nit alert, nit alert!" was gold.Then Kaplan made a big ass pause and said "Let me get back to the fact that Mike Matusow in the small blind with 400 dollars already in there threw away the KQ of diamonds for 3000.Now in Texas you can go to jail for that.I think it might be a captical offense"
Funny as hell.
And then "And Mike Matusow is tired of running it twice so he's just gonna run.Probably be arrested by Chuck Norris as soon as he leaves the building.
-Sir, I believe you had the KQ of diamonds, you had 400 in there already someone raises to 3000, you went out, is that correct, sir?Can you come with me?"

Kaplan is just beastly


11 years ago

yeah sammy said he doesn't play cuz there's really no value to play against the best when you have no sponsor