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Under the Gun Poker TV Show Premieres with Baldwin, Mizzi

Friedberg Hosts Two of the Hottest Tourney Pros on the Circuit


Jon FriedbergIronically, in the series premiere of Card Player TV’s Under the Gun, host Jon Friedberg commented to his panel that the worst time to win $1 million was when you finish second in a tourney. Eric Baldwin and Sorel Mizzi nodded their heads in agreement to the comment in a conversation that was filmed just before the WPT championships.

Days later, Baldwin would be the recipient of his first million-dollar score thanks to his second place finish at Bellagio. He seemed to take that “worst time” rather well, smiling at his newfound riches.

Under the Gun, the new UB-sponsored show on Card Player TV, launched on Monday with an introductory episode in which Friedberg explains what he hopes to accomplish in the series over the next several weeks and the poker goals he personally has set for himself.

In what is expected to become a staple of the series, Friedberg hosted a couple people for a roundtable conversation on some poker-related topics. Baldwin and Mizzi, two of the hottest pros on tour right now, joined him to discuss the Player of the Year race, the pros and cons of the poker lifestyle, and the differences between cash-game and tourney pros.

Baldwin won the 2009 Player of the Year race, and Mizzi currently resides in second place in the 2010 race. Check out the full standings here.

Under the Gun will feature a new episode every Monday. Watch the first episode:



12 years ago

Will this series teach me how to get and use super user accounts online?
Is Mizzi associating himself with that cheating website, jeez.....