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Liv Boeree Wins EPT San Remo Main Event

Boeree Takes Home her First Major Title and the Top Prize of €1,250,000


Liv Boeree Courtesy of Neil Stoddart/EPTLiv Boeree (pictured right) claimed her initial fame in the poker world when she won the European Ladies Championship. She has been playing on the tournament trail as consistently as anyone in the world recently and today all of her hard work paid off. Boeree defeated a huge field of 1,239 opponents to win the PokerStars European Poker Tour San Remo €5,000 no-limit hold’em main event. She was awarded €1,250,000 and she became the third female champion of a EPT event. She came into the final table in fifth chip-position and played a strong game to take over the chip lead from Jakob Carlsson during three-handed play when she eliminated Toni Pettersson. She then defeated Carlsson in the heads-up final to claim a landmark victory. Here is a look at the chip counts when play began:

Seat 1: Claudio Piceci – 4,460,000
Seat 2: Alexey Rybin – 1,890,000
Seat 3: Atanas Gueorguiev – 2,520,000
Seat 4: Jakob Carlsson – 13,525,000
Seat 5: Giuseppe Diep – 1,830,000
Seat 6: Liv Boeree – 3,440,000
Seat 7: Toni Pettersson – 5,035,000
Seat 8: Michael Piper – 4,600,000

Atanas Gueorguiev was the first player to fall at the final table an hour into play. Toni Pettersson raised preflop and Gueorguiev reraised. Pettersson moved all in and Gueorguiev made the call. Their cards:

Gueorguiev: 9Club Suit 9Heart Suit
Pettersson: ASpade Suit QHeart Suit

Board: QClub Suit JSpade Suit 2Heart Suit JClub Suit KHeart Suit

Pettersson doubled up to 4,920,000 and Gueorguiev took a bit hit and was left with just 200,000. He moved all in on the next hand with JHeart Suit 6Heart Suit and he was up against Alexey Rybin who held KClub Suit JClub Suit. Rybin made a flush on the hand and Gueorguiev was eliminated in eighth place (€90,000). The next player to fall was Claudio Piceci in seventh place (€150,000). He was involved in an active pot with Jakob Carlsson on a board of ADiamond Suit KClub Suit 6Spade Suit QClub Suit 3Diamond Suit before moving all in for 1,610,000 on the river with 6Club Suit 5Club Suit in the hole. Carlsson made the call with A-2 and won the hand.

Action continued to march forward when Michael Piper raised to 360,000 preflop and Giuseppe Diep moved all in for 1,235,000. Piper made the call with pocket tens and Diep held 9Club Suit 8Club Suit. The board missed both players and Diep was eliminated in sixth place (€210,000). Shortly after that Carlsson scored his second elimination. He held pocket jacks on a 10-8-2 flop and Rybin was all in with A-10. The turn and river fell Q-5 and Rybin was eliminated in fifth place, good for €270,000.

Card Player Europe columnist Michael Piper was the next player to exit. He was all in preflop for 4,695,000 with QHeart Suit 10Heart Suit in the hole against the A-K of Carlsson. The board gave Carlsson a king on the flop and Piper was eliminated in fourth place (€345,000). That left things three handed and Carlsson had built a huge lead. Here is a look at the chip counts when three-handed play began:

Jakob Carlsson – 25 million
Toni Pettersson – 6 million
Liv Boeree – 5.5 million

An intense battle ensued for two hours between the final three before Pettersson raised to 650,000 on the button preflop and Jakob Carlsson made the call from the small blind. Liv Boeree raised to 1.5 million from the big blind and the flop was dealt KDiamond Suit 4Spade Suit 3Spade Suit. Boeree bet 1.5 million and Pettersson raised to 3.2 million. Boeree went into the tank for a while and then moved all in. Pettersson quickly called all in and they flipped over their cards:

Pettersson: KHeart Suit QDiamond Suit
Boeree: 3Club Suit 3Heart Suit

Turn and River: ADiamond Suit and 6Heart Suit

Boeree won the hand and Pettersson was eliminated in third place. He was awarded €420,000 in prize money.

Heads-Up Chip Counts:

Liv Boeree: 23,215,000
Jakob Carlsson: 13,965,000

During the first hour of the heads-up final Carlsson came back and shortly took the lead before Boeree reclaimed the advantage. She grew her chip lead to 28 million before the two took a one-hour dinner break. Carlsson was only able to survive for a short time after returning from dinner. Less than 20 minutes had transpired before Boeree raised to 700,000 from the button and Carlsson moved all in from the big blind for 6,350,000. Boeree made the call and they flipped over their cards:

Boeree: 5Spade Suit 5Diamond Suit
Carlsson: AHeart Suit 6Diamond Suit

Board: KSpade Suit 10Diamond Suit 8Spade Suit 7Spade Suit JClub Suit

Carlsson was eliminated on the hand in second place and he was awarded €750,000. Boeree won the EPT San Remo main event to claim her first major tournament title and €1,250,000. She also receives a seat in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, which begins in a few days on Sunday, April 25. Card Player’s live reporting team will be there to bring you all of the action from Monaco.

Final-Table Results:

1 – Liv Boeree — €1,250,000
2 – Jakob Carlsson — €750,000
3 – Toni Pettersson — €420,000
4 – Michael Piper — €345,000
5 – Alexey Rybin — €270,000
6 – Giuseppe Diep — €210,000
7 – Claudio Piceci — €150,000
8 – Atanas Gueorguiev — €90,000



almost 13 years ago

Stunningly beautiful and talented. That's a top pair to draw to.


almost 13 years ago

She's beautiful, smart, and congenial.....
Cheers Liv....


almost 13 years ago

Yeah Liv is my poker crush, vanessa is like meh