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Massachusetts Bill May Criminalize Online Poker

Bill’s Primary Purpose is to Expand Gambling in the State


Online poker may soon be criminalized in Massachusetts.A bill that is being fast-tracked through the Massachusetts legislature this month would expand gambling in the state, offering two casino licenses for at least $100 million each and four slot-machine licenses for a minimum of $15 million apiece in a move that is expected to raise in the vicinity of $200 to $600 million in annual revenue for the state.

Casinos in Massachusetts? While it may sound like a dream come true for many poker players in the state, there is unfortunately one section in the legislation that is making more than a few poker advocates extremely worried.

Section 36 (v) of the 172-page bill appears to explicitly criminalize all forms of Internet gambling, including online poker.

The Poker Players Alliance has worked with Massachusetts legislators in the past to try to remove such language from potential gambling bills, and the organization seemed confident that language would not make it into this bill, even releasing a positive public statement in preparation of the bill’s introduction.

“The Massachusetts Casino bill, which in the past contained language that would criminalize online poker play (and other online gaming), with prison time and fines of up to $25,000, was re-introduced today in the state house. Due to the great work of our State Director, MA lobbying team and the tremendous effort of our grassroots network, we successfully kept the criminalization language out of this new bill,” Bryan Spadaro of the PPA wrote on April 1 in an online forum.

Unfortunately, when the actual bill appeared, the language in question remained.

Section 36 (v) states: “Any person who knowingly transmits or receives a wager of any type by any telecommunication device, including telephone, cellular phone, Internet, local area network, including wireless local networks, or any other similar device of equipment or other medium of communication, or knowingly installs or maintains said device or equipment for the transmission or receipt of wagering information shall be punished by imprisonment in a jail of house of correction for not more than 2 years, or by a fine of not more than $25,000, or both such fine and imprisonment.”

Massachussetts' new bill may be good for live poker, but devastating for online poker.PPA Executive Director John Pappas quickly corrected the error, writing: “Well, the PPA maybe spoke too soon on this. After receiving several assurances from lawmakers that the criminalization language would not be in there, and being told by the author of the bill today that it was not, our lobbyist shared the good news.”

Pappas promised to “get to the bottom of this,” in a statement on April 1, but as of today, the organization has not yet released an official statement on the situation.

The chances of this specific gambling bill becoming law in Massachusetts are pretty favorable. Polls show that most residents in the state support expanded gambling in the state, and while there are certainly a large number of anti-gambling advocates, the need for revenue might be enough to get the necessary votes.

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo introduced the bill last week, and the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies approved the measure by a 12-2 vote. The legislation will now go to the House Ways and Means Committee before going to the Massachusetts House floor.



over 11 years ago

2 years for playin' poker? PHUCK MASSACHUSETTS


over 11 years ago

Oh the irony of it all. The great socialist state of Massachusetts opening casinos to create more revenue when studies show that gambling is essentially a tax on the poor. It's like robbing Peter to pay Peter.Someday a bright politician will say,"you know, if we regulated online poker we could tax the crap out of it." In other words, don't hold your breath.


over 11 years ago

Amen..Finally, someone realized that online poker is criminal..

Online poker is nothing but a rigged, manipulated scam that lines the pockets of the owners and the so called sponsored pros at the expense of regular Joe player who deposits into these criminal sites..

Anyone that has played real live poker for a while (besides the site's bribed pros) knows that online poker is the biggest scam of the last decade. They know that there's nothing random about the draws or the outcome of the games...It's designed to maximize the site's profits and nothing more...

Since online poker has been losing clients (suckers?)
lately, some sites , namely rigged stars, are trying to organize live events and become relevant in the brick & mortar arena 'cause they know people are catching on to their Sam Farha said, he would never accept being sponsored by an online site because 1st he does not need their dirty money (which is the reason lots of these so called pros took the bribe: need of cash) and 2nd he would be able to compromise his honesty and/or principles (which i take it to mean that he does not believe in the fairness of the online game)...

Apparently, so does Massachusetts...i say amen to that....stop playing online and perpetuate this scam.

play only B&M...


over 11 years ago

another law that says something is good enough for us to allow as long as we now everything and collect everything that goes along with it. would u tell your kids they can play baseball in the yard but not at the local little league field?


over 11 years ago

If online poker were legal and regulated then the integrity of both the sites and the games could be insured. Obviously, prohibition has not stopped people from betting.


over 11 years ago

I mean...I'm sure it's possible that THESHAM could sound stupider in his post...but highly improbable.


over 11 years ago

legalize online gambling so that the site would have to follow the rules. i agree with thesham. i have played online for years. noticed a big change in the sites after us congress changed laws against online. they know that you are not going to get barbados to listen to your claims when they bring in millions to their economy, and you are officially breakin the law in us.


over 11 years ago

Whatever THESHAM.

Only play online..... Lower rake, lower tournament fees, better bonuses and rakeback offers. Play B&M if you prefer odds that are against you at higher stakes.