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Cake, DoylesRoom, UB, and AP Running WSOP Satellites

Sites Amongst the First to Offer Seats


The home of the 2010 World Series of PokerThe weather is warming up, and that means one thing for a lot of poker players — World Series of Poker satellites.

While many sites have not yet started their qualifiers, Cake Poker, DoylesRoom, and the Cereus Network (UB and Absolute Poker) aren’t waiting to offer their players some of the first opportunities to win their way into poker’s biggest annual tournament.

Cake Poker and DoylesRoom WSOP Satellite Details

Cake Poker and DoylesRoom are now running a five-step sit-and-go series starting at $1 for a $2,500 prize package, as well as a number of ways to win one of the site’s premiere $12,500 WSOP packages.

Every Sunday at 4 p.m., the two sites (which are both part of the Cake Poker network) will host a $350+$24 satellite wherein the winners receive a $12,500 package. If that is a tad too pricey for you to enter, fret not, because Cake has a number of qualifiers into their big Sunday satellite, starting as low as $3.

Every day at 8:40 a.m., 2:40 p.m., and 8:40 p.m., there will be a $25+$2 tournament where one player will advance to the big Sunday satellite for every $374 in the prize pool. All times are ET.

Cake Poker is now running 2010 WSOP satellitesThey will also have a couple ways to get into the $27 qualifier if you only want to spare a few bucks. Every day, Cake Poker and DoylesRoom will host $5+$0.50 freezeouts and $3+$0.30 rebuys to send a host of players into the $27 qualifier.

The network is also promoting their satellites as having “no-strings attached.” While most sites in the past have required its satellite winners to wear their gear in the WSOP, Cake Poker is not requiring that of its qualifiers.

“We will show our appreciation and reward players who choose to wear our gear, but we’re certainly not going to police it,” said Cake Poker Cardroom Manager Lee Jones. “We think our players will appreciate that we want to send them to the WSOP for the love of the game, not our corporate objectives.”

Additionally, Cake Poker and DoylesRoom both allow players to pretty much do what they want with their $12,500 satellites. If they’d prefer to play a number of more modestly priced WSOP events instead of the main event, the sites encourage them to do that.

“Our players have expressed interest in playing not just in the Main Event, but also in some of the smaller events,” said DoylesRoom spokesperson Julius Maxwell. “By giving away cash and letting the players choose the events they want to play in, we’re giving people the freedom to experience and enjoy the world’s biggest poker tournament on their own terms.”

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UB and Absolute Poker WSOP Satellite Details

UB is now running 2010 WSOP satellitesThe Cereus Network is pulling out all the stops — and a variety of promotions — to try to attract WSOP hopefuls to earn a seat to the main event on either UB or Absolute Poker.

UB and Absolute Poker are offering a ton of cash to players who are successful at the main event. For any player who might beat the odds and final table the event, the sites are offering him or her a sponsorship deal of up to $750,000, depending on where the player finishes in November.

The network has also set up a progressive bonus prize pool where players who earn their seats through UB or Absolute Poker and then wear their gear in the main event are guaranteed some extra cash and eligible for thousands of dollars. The more players who qualify through UB and Absolute Poker, the bigger the prize pool gets — with 75 percent of the money divvied up to all players who compete in the main event, and the remaining 25 percent distributed to those who cash in the main event.

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Absolute Poker is now running 2010 WSOP satellitesBut to get all this extra cash, you first need to win your seat. UB and Absolute Poker have plenty of options for you there.

Every week, the sites will run a $530 super-satellite that will put its winners into the main event. To enter that site, either pony up the $530 or win your way in through one of their $11 qualifiers or steps tournaments — starting as low as 10 cents.

Players will be especially intrigued at the big guarantee tournaments that UB and Absolute Poker are hosting. On June 6 at 4 p.m. ET, they will host a $530 satellite with 25 seats guaranteed. One June 20 at 4 p.m. ET, that number will be doubled as at least 50 players will win their $12,000 WSOP packages.

As of March 19 at 10 a.m., 13 players have qualified for the World Series through UB and Absolute Poker.

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