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Online Poker -- Isildur1 Beats Dwan, Sahamies, and Hastings For $830,000

Isildur1 Now Up $1.6 Million in Last Two Days


Brian HastingsFor the second day in a row, mystery player Isildur1 could be found at the high-stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker. On Monday, he battled and defeated Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo and others for roughly $730,000. This time, he stepped up in limits from $200-$400 to $300-$600 and came away with another $830,000.

Isildur1’s cast of opponents also changed, as he got a chance to get some revenge against his nemesis Brian Hastings, (pictured left) who won approximately $4.2 million off the Swede in December. On Tuesday night, Isildur1 came out on top, taking about $450,000 off the young college student.

The two decided on six tables of pot-limit Omaha action, but Hastings failed to win two key hands which saw pots of $274,000 and $255,000 go Isildur1’s way. On the first hand, Isildur1 found himself all in preflop holding connectors against Hastings and his pocket kings. The river gave Hastings top set, but it also gave Isildur1 the winning straight.

Isildur1 also stepped down a bit in limits to face off against Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies. In just over 1,100 hands, Isildur1 was able to bank a $132,000 session, making his day even more profitable.

Tom DwanThe other key player in Tuesday’s action-packed evening was Tom “durrrr” Dwan (pictured right), who has started off the year on fire, taking a huge lead in the Durrrr Challenge against Patrik Antonius and generally winning at every poker variation. However, against his poker kryptonite, Isildur1, it was just the same old story.

In fact, things got a little heated in the chat box after Isildur1 took a $255,000 pot off of Dwan in pot-limit Omaha and wanted to change the game to no-limit hold’em.

durrrr: huh?
Isildur1: lets just play 6 tables 3 6 nl instead ?
durrrr: lol
durrrr: ur too annoying to deal with
durrrr: play for hours then the second u get up u want new game
durrrr: thats ridic
Isildur1: lol, like i just to quit playing
Isildur1: wtf
Isildur1: i play plo with u all even tho i dont want
durrrr: i wanna play here obv
Isildur1: i been waiting for u at nl and u say u comming but never show up
durrrr: its obv terrible timing right after u win 250k pot
Isildur1: thats annoying
durrrr: i came to play 4
durrrr: but had 4 other games
durrrr: u hav too many rules w/e
Isildur1: ye ok
durrrr: im stuck 500 ill play here
durrrr: dont wanna move tho
durrrr: i lost a lot to gus before u came
Isildur1: ok sry to hear that
durrrr: n said to friend on aim that i hoped u didnt win early or ud quit and ask me for NL
durrrr: its k we can play another time or w/e
Isildur1: i dont use to quit plo when im winning
durrrr: ok lets play then?
Isildur1: thats just bs
durrrr: lets play then?
Isildur1: i need 5 mins then i know after
Isildur1: plo
durrrr: ok

It’s no secret that the Swede is having trouble stirring up action at the high-stakes no-limit hold’em tables, but he seems content with his current situation at the pot-limit Omaha games, where he is up nearly $1.6 million in the last two days.

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