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EU to Clarify Online Gambling Laws

New Internal Commissioner Pledges to Seek Coherent Rulings


Michel BarnierNewly appointed EU Internal Markets Commissioner Michel Barnier (pictured) has announced he will seek to address the current confusion over online gambling in EU states with the prospect of a Green Paper on the issue now on the agenda.

“I want to launch a constructive dialogue [on gambling] with the Parliament and member states and concerned stakeholders,” said Barnier.

Recent contradictory rulings on online gambling have confused the issue with one stating soverign governments can restrict online gambling in some instances and another stating that national restrictions cannot override EU law.

Sigrid Ligné, Secretary General of the European Gaming and Betting Association, welcomed the move saying, “With several Member States currently reforming their gaming and betting legislation, this is an important confirmation that the Commission will not stand by while Member States introduce restrictions that go against fundamental principles of the EU.”

“We believe that the respect of Internal Market rules in our sector will promote high standards and improve the protection of players throughout the EU.”