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China Cracks Down on Online Poker and Betting

Government in Heave to Combat Online Poker and Betting


China in online poker clampdownThe Ministry of Public Security in China has launched a six-month campaign to clampdown on online poker and gambling according to China Daily.

Eight government departments will co-operate to target, “major and severe cases, uproot domestic and foreign groups that organize online gambling, and severely punish criminals… underground banks and third-party payment platforms that provide banking services to gambling groups," according to the paper.

China has a long history of internet purges and an even longer one of infatuation with gambling.

However not all officials in the country believe the attempts to crush an industry, which is legal in most of the rest of the world, make sense.

China Daily reports that Zhang Zhengyu, a member of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, is of the opinion that, "It’s the need of the hour to draft laws and regulations to regulate online gambling, online trade and payment, as well as to protect personal information.”