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Under The Gun Poker Q & A -- Vicky Coren

Coren Answers Quickfire Questions at Launch of Book


Vicky CorenVicky Coren has been front stage of late with the launch of her new book, For Richer, For Poorer. After a detailed interview with the London lady about the book Card Player Europe threw some alternative quickfire questions at her, to get to better grips with the EPT London champ.

Rebecca McAdam: Do you listen to an iPod when you play?

Vicky Coren: I never do.

RM: Why?

VC: Because I want to hear the conversation at the table. I don’t wear sunglasses either, unless I’ve got a seat a long way at the end of the table and I might need my prescription ones to see the flop. But generally I don’t want to blunt any of my senses, I want to be able to hear and see as well as possible.

RM: Most fun ever had at a poker table?

VC: That would be the Christmas game at the Vic [Grosvenor Victoria]. Once a year, the poker players get a free Christmas dinner at the Vic, it’s usually around the 20th of December. We go and have a big Christmas dinner and everyone gets a bit drunk and then we go back and sit in the cash game with party hats on and that’s always the most fun night of the year.

RM: Have you ever had an embarrassing moment at the poker table?

VC: I’m almost constantly embarrassed. If you asked me did I ever have a game where no embarrassing moments took place, I’d have trouble thinking of one. I’m embarrassed all the time, that’s my natural thing.

RM: What was the most embarrassing thing to happen you?

VC: The most embarrassing thing — and this happens to be now seven times a year probably — is I have to go and play in a TV tournament and they interview me first and they ask me to look into the lens and say what a great player I am. I want to sink into the floor every time that happens, it’s not a very British thing to do.

RM: What’s your favourite hand?

VC: I thought my favourite hand was JClub Suit 10Club Suit but I got knocked out with that hand from one of the side events just off the money, so I’m looking for a new one at the moment.

RM: What do you think is the worst thing about being a poker player?

VC: I never get enough sleep.

RM: And the best thing?

VC: I’m not wasting my life asleep.

RM: Can you tell me something that you’ve never told anyone in an interview before?

VC: No, I put it all in the book and I’ve no secrets left.

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