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CPPT VI - The Bicycle Casino

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Quantum $500K GTD


Steve Jun Wins 2018 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel & Casino Main Event

Steve Jun has won the 2018 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel & Casino $500,000 guaranteed $1,100 no-limit hold’em main event. The 34-year-old poker pro from Torrance, California defeated a field of 524 total entrants ...

Microgaming Poker Network Changes Way it Calculates Rake

Shift From Contributed Method to Weighted Contribution Method Mirrors Industry Move


Microgaming changes rake calculations Microgaming Poker Network yesterday confirmed it was changing the way it calculated rake for the poker rooms operating there, shifting from the “contribution” method to the “weighted contribution” method.

Currently rake is allocated between operators based on the number of players any given operator had in a hand with no consideration given to the relative contributions to the pot. It is generally considered that this system was advantageous for operators with a high number of “rakeback grinders”.

The new method will see rake apportioned according to the amount contributed to the raked pot which the company says will enable a fairer rake distribution and encourage operators to bring in players at a lower skill level.

It is also likely to discourage the practice of rakeback which has been a major concern for poker rooms which have seen much of their traffic cannibalised by other rooms on the same network who offer better deals — often in contravention of the rules.

Andrew Clucas, spokesman for the company said, “The introduction of the new Weighted Contribution will reward operators with a greater proportion of looser, fishy type players, encouraging them to target these players proactively whilst making rakeback as a practice less attractive within the Network.

“It is believed this initiative will encourage the right sort of contributing players into the Network whilst discouraging the grinding type of behaviours which can be so negative to the health of the Network.”

iPoker recently moved to the contributed rake method and has banished poker rooms such as Blondpoker in an attempt to discourage rakeback grinders and engourage more loose, casual players.